Task Force 54
"ICEBERG" - Gunfire & Covering Force

CTF RADm Richmond Kelly Turner
TG 54.4 - Makin LST Group One
LtCdr Charles W. Aldrich
DD Dale/GF
TG 54.5 - Tarawa LST Group One
LTCdr Ray M. Pitts
DD Bancroft
TG 54.6 - Makin LST Group Two
TG 54.7 - Tarawa LST Group Two
LtCdr Benjamin B. Cheatham
DD Coghlan
TG 54.8 - Makin Garrison Group
TG 54.9 - Tarawa Garrison Group
H.O. Roesch
DE William C. Miller
TG 54.10 - Apamama Garrison Group One
Cdr Carl E. Anderson
TG 54.11 - Apamama Garrison Group Two
P.A. Walker

44/10/19 54.9 departed San Francisco
44/11/15 54.8, 54.9 departed P.H.
44/11/18 54.4 attacked by planes
44/12/0? 54.9 start patrol off Tarawa
44/12/24 54.9 departed Tarawa
44/12/30 54.9 arrived P.H.

DD Johnston

44/02/01 Johnston shell Kwajalein

DD Johnston

44/02/17 Johnston commenced Eniwetok bombardement
44/02/22 Johnston end Eniwetok bombardement

CTF RAdm Bertram J. Rodgers
BB 6: Tennessee, Idaho, Nevada, Texas, New York, Arkansas
BatDiv4 (from 02/19): West Virginia
CA CruDiv5: Tuscaloosa, Chester, Pensacola, Salt Lake City
CL CruDiv5: Vicksburg
DD Cummings, Leutze, Terry (from 02/19), Mullany, Newcomb, Howorth, Heywood L. Edwards, Richard P. Leary, Bryant, Guest, Izard?
DesRon50/DesDiv99: Clarence K. Bronson (from 03/04), Cotten (from 03/04), Dortch (from 03/04), Gatling (from 03/04?), Healy (03/04-03/27)
DesRon51: Hall (02/15-?), Halligan, Paul Hamilton, Twiggs
DM Henry A. Wiley
APD Waters, Gilmer
TG 54.1
TU 54.1.18 - 45/02/21-22
CA San Francisco, Boston
CL CruDiv17: Astoria II, WIlkes-Barre, Pasadena
DD DesDiv106: Yarnall, Twining, Stockham, Wedderburn
TG 54.9
TU 54.9.2 - movement Group "Baker"
BB Nevada, Idaho
CA Chester, Pensacola
CL CruDiv5: Vicksburg

45/02/12 commenced rehearsals off Marianas
45/02/14 departed Marianas
45/02/15 Hall, Howorth joined
45/02/16 arrived Iwojima area
45/02/17 shell Iwojima
Tennessee (24-44N, 141-19E), Pensacola (24-46N, 141-19E) and Leutze (24-46N, 141-19E) damaged by coastal battery
45/02/18 shell Iwojima
45/02/19 shell Iwojima, Terry joined
North Carolina, Washington + 3 CA/CL temporarily joined from TF 58
Chester damaged in collision with AGC Estes off Iwojima (24-13N, 141-25E)
Salt Lake City damaged in collision with AKA Starr off Iwojima (24-46N, 141-19E)
45/02/21 Pensacola damaged in collision with AKA Yancey off Iwojima (24-46N, 141-19E)
54.1.18 created from TG 58.2, 58.3 ships
45/02/22 West Virginia hit by small callibre from coastal battery
54.1.18 dissolved
45/02/24 Gilmer disjoined
Heywood L. Edwards and Bryant damaged in collision off Iwojima (24-47N, 141-25E)
45/02/26 Salt Lake City damaged in collision with AKA Muliphen (24-46N, 141-19E)
45/02/27 Heywood L. Edwards disjoined for Saipan
45/02/28 West Virginia replenish
Terry damaged(coastal battery) off Iwojima (24-47N, 141-21E)
45/03/01 Terry damaged by shore battery off Iwojima (24-47N, 141-21E)
45/03/03 Pensacola disjoined for Ulithi
45/03/04 Clarence K. Bronson joined from TF 58
45/03/05 Pensacola arrived Ulithi
departed for Ulithi
Waters detached for Guam
45/03/07 Nevada, Arkansas, Idaho, Tennessee departed Iwojima area for Ulithi
45/03/09 Henry A. Wiley departed Iwojima for Saipan
45/03/10 Twiggs retired to Ulithi
45/03/12 Twiggs arrived Ulithi
45/03/14 Cotten + Dortch sinking guardboats Futa Maru, Kaiko Maru #17 off Bonins (30-58N, 144-54E)

"ICEBERG" - Gunfire & Covering Force
CTF RAdm Morton L. Deyo

not recognized assignment:
BB from 05/06 Mississippi
CA from 45/05/?? Louisville, New Orleans (from 04/23)
CL Vincennes (from 05/17), Vicksburg (from 05/17), Mobile
DD Anthony, William D. Porter (04/01-05/05), Picking (from 04/01), English (04/01-04/1?), Compton (04/23?-05/14?)
DM Defense
DE Wesson, Foreman
TG 54.1 - Gunfire Support Group
CTG RAdm Morton L. Deyo
FSU 1 - SouthernEast Shore
CTU RAdm P.K. Fishler
BB Texas, Maryland (till 45/04/07)
CA Tuscaloosa
DD Williamson (till 04/01)
DesRon55/DesDiv110: Laws, Longshaw (sunk 05/18), Morrison, Pritchett
FSU 2 - Naha City
CTU RAdm C. Turner Joy
BB Arkansas, Colorado
CA Minneapolis, San Francisco/FF
DD Laffey II
DesRon51: Hall, Halligan (sunk 03/26), Paul Hamilton, Twiggs
FSU 3 - Hagushi Beaches
CTU RAdm Bertram J. Rodgers
BB Tennessee/FF, Nevada
CA Wichita
CL Birmingham/UF, St. Louis
DD Barton, Zellars (till 04/11), Mannert L. Abele, Bryant, O'Brien II
FSU 4 - Hagushi Beaches
CTU RAdm Lynde D. McCormick
BB Idaho, West Virginia
CA Pensacola, Portland
CL Biloxi
DD DesRon55/DesDiv109: Porterfield, Callaghan, Irwin, Cassin Young (till 04/12), Preston II
FSU 5 - Hagushi Beaches
CTU RAdm Allen E. Smith (ComCruDiv5)
BB New Mexico, New York
CA Indianapolis, Salt Lake City
DD Newcomb, Heywood L. Edwards, Leutze, Richard P. Leary, Bennion
CTU Cdr W.B. Hinds
DE Foreman, Samuel S. Miles, Wesson, Whitehurst, England, Witter, Bowers, Willmarth
TG 54.2
APD Waters (till 04/09)
TU 54.2.3 - 45/03/25
CA Wichita
TG 54.3
TU 54.3.2 - Night Retirement Unit 45/04/01
BB Idaho
DE Willmarth
TG 54.5 - Battle Line
BB Idaho, New Mexico, Tennessee, West Virginia, Maryland, Colorado
TG 54.6 - Right Flank Forces
CA-L 3
DD 11
TG 54.7 - Left Flank Forces
CA-L 4
DD 10

45/03/05 commenced training E Ulithi
45/03/17 Maryland joined
45/03/21 end training E Ulithi - sail to Okinawa
45/03/25 arrived Okinawa area
54.2 overtake cover 52.3
54.2.3 - cover minesweeping in fire support sectors
45/03/26 Arkansas - shell Kerama Retto
off Okinawa - shell coast, Halligan sunk by mine (26-10N, 127-30E)
FSU 3 - attacked by IJN SS, attacked by kamikaze - Nevada damaged (26-20N, 127-18E)
FSU 4 -kami.- damaged Biloxi (26-20N, 127-18E), Porterfield (26-20N, 127-18E), Porterfield - share for sunk midget SS
FSU 6 -kami.- damaged Foreman (26-20N, 127-18E)
45/03/28 shell Okinawa
45/03/29 shell Okinawa
45/03/30 shell Okinawa
45/03/31 shell Okinawa
PEnsacola damaged in collision with LST-277 off Okinawa (26-10N, 127-19E)
Morrisonn and Stockton (TG 50.8) sinking I-8 65 nm SE of Okinawa (25-29N, 128-35E)
45/04/01 D-Day Okinawa - Fire Support for TF 53, TF 55
William D. Porter joined
kami - West Virginia damaged (26-20N, 127-40E)
Tennessee damged by shell fragments, Pritchett damaged by dive bombers (26-38N, 127-25E)
45/04/02 Pritchett damaged by bomb 65 nm N of Naha, Okinawa (27-17N, 127-51E)
Foreman damaged by bomb - no KIA (26-10N, 127-11E)
45/04/05 Nevada damaged by coastal battery 3 nm NW of Naha, Okinawa (26-13N, 127-40E)
Maryland, Arkansas, Tuscaloosa, Wichita detached to TG 51.19 (only for this day)
45/04/06 attacked by kamikaze:
disabled Leutze and Newcomb 18 nm NW of Zampa Misaki, Okinawa (26-38N, 127-28E)
damaged Witter S of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-04N, 127-52E)
Heywood L. Edwards damaging Hutchins (TG 53.6) by AA fire during air attack 18 nm SE of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-00N,128-00E)
San Francisco refuel, rearm in Kerama Retto
45/04/07 San Francisco detached to TF 51 (at afternoon rejoined)
54.5, 54.6, 54.7 NW Okinawa training battle tactic
attacked by kamikaze
- Maryland damage by bomb 18 nm NW of Zampa Misaki, Okinawa (26-40N, 127-29E)
- Longshaw damaged 3 nm NW of Zampa Misaki, Okinawa (26-29N, 127-41E)
- Wesson damaged 9 nm NE of Ie-Shima, Okinawa Gunto (26-48N, 127-55E)
45/04/09 Porterfield damaged by friendly fire 40 nm NE of Nakagusuku Wan, Okinawa (26-34N, 128-28E)
54.1.1 - Longshaw damaged by kami
45/04/10 Porterfield damaged by own gunfire
45/04/11 kami.- disabled Zellars (26-00N, 128-00E), damage Tennessee (26-00N, 128-00E), damaged Samuel S. Miles at Kerama Retto (26-12N, 127-20E)
45/04/12 attacked by kamikaze - damaged Tennessee, Zellars 15 nm SE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-00N, 128-00E), Idaho 10 nm W of Zampa Misaki, Okinawa (26-26N, 127-32E)
damaged by friendly fire : New Mexico 7 nm NW of Zampa Misaki, Okinawa (26-31N, 127-37E), Bennion
54.1.2 - Minneapolis detached for overhaul
45/04/13 San Francisco detached to TF 51
45/04/14 kami - New York damaged 15 nm SE of Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa (26-00N, 128-00E)
Maryland disjoined for repairs escorting retiring transports
45/04/15 San Francisco rejoined
Laffey II disabled by kamikaze - (5 kamikaze, 4 bombs) Okinawa/RP1 (27-16N, 127-50E)
45/04/16 Bryant disabled by kamikaze at RP2, Okinawa (27-05N, 128-13E)
45/04/17 shell Machinato Field
45/04/19 support landing in S part of Okinawa - Bryant disabled (27-05N, 128-13E)
45/04/20 Colorado damaged by ammunition explosion at Kerama Retto (26-10N, 127-20)
45/04/21 shell Naha Field
45/04/24 shell Naha Field - San Francisco detached to Ulithi
45/04/26? West Virginia detached to Ulithi
45/04/27 England damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa (26-40N, 127-40E)
Wichita damged by coastal battery off Okinawa (26-14N, 127-50E)
45/04/28 Twiggs disabled by kami. (27-12N, 128-16E)
45/04/30 Bennion damaged by kamikaze off Okinawa (27-26N, 127-51E)
45/05? West Virginia joined
45/05/01 Tennessee disjoined to Ulithi
45/05/03 New Mexico damaging by accidental 40mm fire AK Sea Flasher off Okinawa
45/05/05 William D. Porter transferred to RP duty
45/05/06 Mississippi joined
45/05/10 Arkansas detached to Guam
45/05/12 New Mexico (26-22N, 127-43E) and Wichita (26-22N, 127-43E) damaged by friendly fire
45/05/13 San Francisco rejoined
45/05/17 Twiggs rejoined after repairs
45/05/18 54.1.1 - Longshaw damaged by coastal battery - scuttled by Heywood L. Edwards and Picking 4 nm WSW of Naha, Okinawa (26-11N, 127-37E)
45/05/24 Heywood L. Edwards damaged(friendly fire) in Hagushi Bay, Okinawa (26-20N, 127-43E)
45/05/28 TF 54 > TF 34- New Mexico disjoined to Leyte for repairs escortrd by Hall