US Navy Submarine Wolfpacks
Blair's Blasters 1944/05-44/06
Whitaker's Wolves 1944/06/21-44/08
Wilkin's Wildcats 1944/06/22 - ?
Mickey's Finns 1944/06/25 - 44/07
Parks' Pirates 1944/06-44/07
Donk's Devils 1944/07 - 44/10
Ben's Busters 1944/08 - 44/09
Ed's Eradicators 1944/08/-44/09
Ben's Busters 1944/10 - 44/12
Ramage 1944/10-44/12
Fennomints 44/10 - 45/01
Loughlin's Loopers 1944/10/2? - 44/12
Underwood's Urchins 44/11-44/12 - TG 17.13 - see in
Post's Panzers 1944/12/08 - 45/01
Loughlin's Loopers 1944/12/29 - 45/01
Joe's Jugheads 1944/12/30 - 45/02
Clyde's Canninbals 1945/01-45/03
Underwood's Urchins 1945/01-45/03
Latta's Lances 1945/02/07 - 45/03
Mac's Mops 1945/01/25 - 45/03
Post's Panzers 1945/03? - 45/04
Bennet's Blazers 1945/03 - 45/04
"Texas League" - lifeguard pack off Honshu 1945/07

Blair's Blasters 1944/05-44/06
Cap Leon N. Blair
SS Shark II, Pilotfish, Pintado

44/05/31 Shark - found convoy N of Marianas
44/06/01 Shark found convoy Nr. 3530 N of Marianas
Pintado sinking Toho Maru (4716 BRT)
44/06/02 Shark sinking transport Chijo Maru (4700 BRT - JANAC) N of Marianas
44/06/04 Shark sinking transport Kacukawa M. (6889 BRT-JANAC) N of Marianas
44/06/05 Shark sinking cargo Takaoka M.(7006 BRT - JANAC), Tamahime M.(3080 BRT - JANAC)
44/06/06 Pintado sinking Kashimasan M. (2825 BRT),Haire M. (5652 BRT) N of Marianas
44/06/07 Shark hunting rests of convoy Nr. 3530 N of Marianas

Whitaker's Wolves 1944/06/21-44/08
LtCdr Reuben Whitaker
SS Flasher, Crevalle, Angler

44/06/21 departed Fremantle
44/06/24 Angler damaged(uncharted obstruction) in Exmouth Gulf - refuel
44/06/28 Flasher sinking AK Nippo Maru (6079 BRT) (00-43N, 105-31'E), disabling AP
44/06/29 Crevalle sinking sampan in Lomboc Strait
Flasher attacking convoy 125 nm SE of Singapore - disabling AO Notoro (00-44N, 105-45E), sinking AK Niho Maru (6079 BRT) (00-43N, 105-31E)
44/07/07 Flasher sinking AK Koto Maru #2 (9557 BRT) 12 nm N of Cape Varella, French Indochina (13-02N, 109-26E)
44/07/19 Flasher sinking Oi 280 nm E of Cape Varella, Indochina (12-45N, 114-20E)
44/07/20 departed for Luzon
44/07/26 attacking convoy W of N Luzon:
Angler damaging AP Kijokawa Maru 140 nm WNW of Vigan, Luzon (18-15N, 118-00E)
Flasher sinking AO Otorijama Maru (5280 BRT) 130 nm W of Vigan, Luzon (18-10N, 117-56E)
Flasher and Crevalle sinking AK Tozan M. (8666 BRT) 140 nm WNW of Vigan, Luzon (18-24N, 118-02E)
Crevalle sinking AK Aki Maru (11409 BRT) 145 nm WNW of Vigan, Luzon (18-26N, 118-02E)
44/07/28 Crevalle sinking AK Hakubasan Maru (6650 BRT) 15 nm W of Cape Bolinao, Luzon (16-23N, 119-40E)

Wilkin's Wildcats 44/06/22 - 44/08 = TG 17.3

Mickey's Finns 1944/06/25 - 44/07 = TG 17.16

Parks' Pirates 1944/06-44/07 = TG 17.15

44/06/17 17.15 departed Midway
44/06/29 17.15 - Hammerhead attacking coastal AO - attacked by planes
44/07/20 17.15 found convoy in Luzon Strait
44/07/29 17.15 - Parche sinking AK Manko M. (4471 BRT) AO Koei M. (10238 BRT)
Perch II sinking guardboat Kannon Maru I-Go E of Dinagat Is. (10-46N, 127-13E)
44/07/31 17.15 attacking convoy in Luzon Strait - sinking 2 AO's, 2 transports
44/08/16 17.15 - Steelhead arrived P.H.

Donk's Devils 1944/07 - 44/10
Cdr Glynn R. Donahoe
SS Picuda/F, Redfish, Spadefish

44/07/23 departed P.H. for Luzon Strait
44/08/18 attacking convoy NA-71: Redfish damaging AP Eijo Maru 50 nm SW of Batan Is., Luzon Strait (20-28N, 121-04E)
44/08/19 Spadefish sinking landing craft depot ship Tamacu Maru (9589 BRT) 50 nm WNW of Cape Bojeador (18-48N, 119-47E)
44/08/22 Spadefish sinking AO Hakko Maru Nr.2, damaging AO Nijo Maru 17 nm NE of Cape Bojeador, Luzon (18-48N, 120-46E)
44/08/25 Redfish disabling AK Batopaha Maru (5953 BRT) NNE of Cape Bojeador (18-31N, 120-32E)
Picuda sinking Junagi (18-46N, 120-46E), Kotoku Maru
44/08/31 Redfish land supplies, embark evacuees at Palawan
44/09/08 Spadefish sinking AKs Nichiman Maru, Nichian Maru Shinten Maru, Shokei Maru (all four - 11930 BRT) off Ishigaki
44/09/16 Redfish sinking AO Ogura Maru Nr.2 (7311 BRT) in Bashi Channel, Luzon Strait (21-24N, 121-14E)
Picuda sinking AK Tokushima Maru (5975 BRT) in Bashi Channel, Luzon Strait (21-27N, 121-35E)
44/09/21 Redfish sinking AP Mizuho Maru (8506 BRT) 7 nm NE of Cape Bojeador, Luzon (18-37N, 120-43E)
Picuda sinking AP Awaji Maru (1948 BRT) 17 nm NE of Cape Bojeador, Luzon (18-43N, 120-53E)
44/09/24 Spadefish arrived P.H.
44/10/02 arrived Midway

Ben's Busters 1944/08 - 44/09
Cdr T.B. Oakley
SS Growler/FF, Sealion II, Pampanito

44/08 - 44/09 Formosa Strait
44/08/31 attacking convoy in Luzon Strait - Sealion II sinking AM Shirataka (21-05N, 121-26E)
44/09/09 ordered to rendezvous and attack convoy
44/09/12 attacking convoy S of Hongkong:
Growler sinking Shikinami 240 nm S of Hongkong (18-25N, 114-30E), PF Hirado 250 nm E of Hainan Is. (17-54N, 114-49E)
Pampanito sinking AP/AK Kocidaki Maru, AO Zuiho Maru 180 nm SSW of Macao (19-25N, 112-27E)
44/09/15 rescued 127 allied POW from sunk Rakujo Maru
44/09/18 Pampanito or Sealion II recieved doctor and PhmM from Case to treat wounded ex-POW 700 nm W of Saipan

Ed's Eradicators 1944/08/-44/09
Cap Edwin R. Swineburne
SS Barb/F, Queenfish, Tunny

44/08/04 departed P.H.
44/08/25 arrived South China Sea
44/08/30 attacking convoy with Ben's Busters
44/08/31 attacking convoy S of Formosa:
    Queenfish sinking AO Chijoda Maru (4700 BRT) (21-21N, 121-06E), damaging AO Rikke Maru (21-30N, 121-19E)
    Barb sinking AK Okouni Maru (5633 BRT) (21-14N, 121-22E), AM Hinode M. #20 (21-21N, 121-11E)
44/09/01 Tunny disabled by planes
44/09/09 Queenfish sinking APs Manshu M.(3054 BRT), Toyooka M., damaging Manazuru 60 nm ENE of Babuyan Is. (19-45N, 120-56E)
44/09/17 rescued 32 Allied POW from Rakujo Maru sunk by Ben's Busters - Barb 14, Queenfish 18
Barb sinking Unjo & AO Adzusa Maru 220 nm SE Hongkong (19-18N, 116-26E)
Tunny arrived P.H.
44/10/03 Queenfish arrived Majuro

Ben's Busters 1944/10 - 44/12
Cdr T.B. Oakley
SS Growler/FF, Hake, Hardhead

44/10/20 sail out from Fremantle
44/11/08 attacking convoy - last message about Growler
Hardhead sinking Manei Maru (5236 BRT) from convoy 90nm SW of Manila (13-30N, 119-25E)
44/11/19 Hake damaging Isuzu 55nm W of Corregidor (14-22N, 119-38E)
44/11/25 Hardhead sinking corv. #38 60 nm W of Manila (14-33N, 119-51E)

Ramage 1944/10-44/12
Cdr Lawson Peterson Ramage
SS Parche/F, Pomfret, Sailfish
44/11/02 Pomfret sinking AP Hamburg Maru, damaging AP Atlas Maru in Luzon Strait (20-20N, 121-30E)
44/11/25 Pomfret sinking AK Shoho Maru (1356 BRT) and patrol #38 in Luzon Strait (20-18N, 121-34E)

Fennomints 44/10 - 45/01
Cap Frank Wesley "Mike" Fenno Jr.
SS Pampanito/F(till 12/18), Sea Cat/F (from 12/18), Pipefish, Searaven

44/10/28 departed P.H. to Hainan Is < > Hongkong area
44/11/17 arrived patrol area
44/11/18 attacking 3 ships convoy:
Pampanito sinking AK Shino Maru #1 (1200 BRT) and depot ship Banshu Maru #17 E of Hainan Is. (19-12N, 110-51E)
44/11/30 attacking convoy
Pipefish damaged by aerial bomb off Hainan Is. (18-07N, 111-35E)
44/12/03 attacking convoy SE of Hainan Is. - Searaven reports sinking ship, Sea Cat sunk 2 ships
Pampanito torpedoes AK Seishin Maru 130 nm E of S tip of Hainan Is. (18-20N, 111-52E)
Pipefish sinking corvette #64 135 nm ENE of S tip of Hainan Is. (18-36N, 111-54E)
Sea Cat and Searaven torpedoed AO Harima Maru
44/12/04 Searaven out of torpedoes > departed for Midway
44/12/14 Pipefish unsuccessfully hunting freighter off Hainan
44/12/18 Pampanito departed for Fremantle - McGreggor (Sea Cat) assumed command of the pack
44/12/28 Sea Cat arrived Guam

Loughlin's Loopers 1944/10/2? - 44/12
Cdr Charles Loughlin
SS Queenfish/F, Barb, Picuda

44/10/2? departed Majuro
44/11/08 Queenfish sinking PC Rjusei Maru, Hakko Maru (1948 BRT) off Uji Gunto (31-10N, 129-39E)
44/11/09 Queenfish sinking Chojusan Maru (2131 BRT)
44/11/10 Barb sinking ex-CL Gokoku M.(10438) 7 nm off Koshiki Jima, E Kjushu (33-23N,129-03E)
44/11/11 Queenfish damaging AP Miho Maru from convoy MOMA-07 off Miike Harbor (32-20N, 128-00E)
44/11/12 Barb sinking AK Naruo M. (4823 BRT), damaging AK Gjokujo M. from convoy MOMA-07 220 nm E of Shanghai (31-29N,125-19E)
44/11/15 Queenfish sinking Akicu M. in Korean Strait
44/11/17 Picuda sinking transport Majasan M. in Yellow & E. China Sea
44/11/23 Picuda sinking AK Shujo M. (6933) 45 nm S of Pusan, Korea (34-19N, 128-58E) and AK Fukuju M.(5296) 66 nm SW of Pusan, Korea (34-19N, 128-05E)
44/12/02 arrived Guam for refit, rearm

Underwood's Urchins 44/11-44/12 - TG 17.13 - see in
Post's Panzers 1944/12/08 - 45/01
Cdr W.S. Post
SS Spot/F, Icefish, Balao

44/12/04 departed P.H.
44/12/15 arrived Saipan
44/12/17 departed Saipan
45/01/07 Spot sinking PG Niciei Maru #2 in Inland Sea (31-20N, 123-40E)
45/01/11 Spot sinking (guns) small AK
45/01/13 Spot sinking (guns) 2 trawlers off Shanghai
45/01/18 Spot damaging AK & AO off Elliott Islands
45/01/19 Spot sinking AK Usa Maru (39-07N, 122-51E)
45/01/20 Spot sinking fishing boat Tokiwa Maru (34-45N, 124-10E)
45/01/30 Spot returned to Midway

Loughlin's Loopers 1944/12/29 - 45/01 = TG 17.21 (see in)

Joe's Jugheads 1944/12/30 - 45/02
Cdr Joseph H. Enright
SS Archerfish/F, Blackfish, Batfish
44/12/30 departed P.H.
45/01/16 arrived patrol area
45/01/30 Batfish reconnaisance Yulin Bay and Gaalong Bay, Hainan Is.
45/02/01 ordered to assist Clyde's Canninbals to depress enemy evacuation off Aparri
45/02/04 Batfish attacking barge heading from Aparri to Formosa
45/02/05 Batfish start patrol between Babuyan and Calayan Is.
45/02/09 Batfish sinking RO-55 in Luzon Strait (18-50N, 121-40E)
ordered back to original patrol area
45/02/11 Batfish sinking RO-112 off Camiguin (18-53N, 121-50E)
45/02/13 Batfish sinking RO-113 off Babuyan Is., Luzon Strait (19-10N, 121-23E)
45/02/16 Batfish and Blackfish departed for Guam
45/02/21 Batfish and Blackfish arrived Guam
45/02/22 Batfish and Archerfish departed Guam for P.H.
45/03/03 Batfish and Archerfish arrived P.H.

Clyde's Canninbals 1945/01-45/03
Clyde Stevens, Jr.
SS Plaice/F, Sea Poacher, Scabbardfish
45/01/23 Scabbardfish departed Saipan
45/02/01 ordered to depress enemy evacuation of Aparri, Luzon

Underwood's Urchins 1945/01-45/03
LtCdr Gordon W. Underwood
SS Spadefish/F, Bang, Devilfish, Atule, Pompon (from 01/20)

45/01/06 Spadefish departed Majuro
45/01/24 Atule sinking AK Taiman Maru Nr.1 (6888 BRT) in central Yellow Sea (36-47N, 123-29E)
45/01/28 Pompon and Spadefish attacking convoy S of Shanghai:
Spadefish sinking AV Sanuki Maru (7158 BRT) (34-02N, 123-00E), PF Kume (33-50N, 122-55E)
45/01/29 Pompon damaged - flooded via failed conning tower hatch
45/01/31 Spadefish attacking Nanshin Maru (34-14N, 122-36E)
45/02/04 Spadefish sinking Tairai Maru (4273 BRT) 62 nm WSW of Inchon, Korea (37-18N, 125-22E)
45/02/06 Spadefish sinking AP/AK Shohei Maru (1092 BRT) off Port Arthur, Korea (38-46N, 121-28E)
45/02/22 Atule departed for Saipan
45/02/28 Atule refuel at Saipan
45/02/13 Spadefish arrived Guam
45/03/07 Atule arrived P.H.

Latta's Lances 1945/02/07 - 45/03
Cdr Frank D. Latta
SS Lagarto/F, Haddock, Sennet

45/02/07 departed P.H.
45/02/13 Sennet damaged by guardboat Kotoshiro Maru #8, Showa Maru #3 S of Japan
Lagarto and Haddock damaging Kotoshiro Maru #8, Sennet finishing her (30-00N, 136-30E)
Lagarto and Sennet damaging Showa Maru #3, Haddock finishing her (30-00N, 136-30E)
45/02/14 damaging/share guardboat Kanno Maru #3 S of Japan (29-50N, 135-31E)*
45/02/24 Lagarto sinking RO-49 (32-40N, 132-33E), cargo Taksumomo Maru
45/03/09 Sennet arrived Guam

Mac's Mops 1945/01/25 - 45/03
Cdr Bernard F. McMahon
SS Piper/F, Bowfin, Pomfret, Trepang, Sterlet

45/01/25 departed P.H.
45/02/08 departed Saipan
45/02/10 assigned area S of Iwojima
45/02/17 lifeguard off Tokio during TF 58 strikes - 12 days
Bowfin sinking corv. No.56 5 nm E of Mikurajima, Honshu (33-53N, 139-43E), with aircraft sinking guardboat Nanshin Maru #26 SW of Mikimoto light (30-05N, 135-15E)
45/02/24 Trepang sinking AK Usuki Maru (875 BRT) NNE of Mikazaki (32-40N, 132-33)
45/02/25 Piper sinking AK Koho Maru (2000 BRT) and guardboat Hosen Maru #3 (20-04N, 111-22E)
45/03/01 Sterlet sinking AK Tatejama Maru (34-11N, 139-44E)
45/03/02 Bowfin sinking AP Chokai Maru NE of Mijake Shima (33-50N, 139-22E)
45/03/03 Trepang sinking guardboat Nissho Maru #2 off Mijake-jima (34-05N, 139-54E)
45/03/10 Pomfret attacking DD
45/03/14 Trepang sinking guardboat Kaiko Maru off Inubosaki (35-40N, 141-00E)
45/03/23 Pomfret departed patrol area
45/03/30 Pomfret, Piper arrived Midway
45/04/04 Sterlet arrived Midway

Post's Panzers 1945/03? - 45/04
Cdr W.S. Post
SS Spot/F, Queenfish, Sea Fox

45/02/24 Spot departed Midway
45/03/08 Sea Fox departed base for South China Sea and Formosa area
45/03/17 Spot attacking convoy TAMO-49: sinking AP Nanking Maru (3005 BRT) off Jushijama (25-28N, 120-10E), share(USN planes) AK Iokmasan M.(3173) (25-34N, 120-01E)
45/03/24 Spot reload at Saipan
45/04/01 Sea Fox damaging AK, Queenfish sinking AH Awa Maru
45/04/17 Sea Fox departed for Saipan >P.H.
45/04/25 Spot shell oil storage area at Kokuzan To
45/05/06 Sea Fox arrived P.H.
45/05/04 Spot arrived Marianas

Bennet's Blazers 1945/03 - 45/04
Cdr Carter L. Bennett
SS Sea Owl/F, Piranha, Puffer, Thresher, Pampanito (45/04/10? - 45/04/17?)

45/04 off Marshalls
45/04/10? Pampanito joined
45/04/17? Pampanito disjoined
45/04/18 Sea Owl
45/04/21 Sea Owl arrived Midway

"Texas League" - lifeguard pack off Honshu 1945/07
SS Batfish, Sand Lance, Spikefish, Pomfret (from 07/21)

45/07/12 Batfish departed Guam for Honshu coast
45/07/21 Batfish start cover Sennet and Pogy entering Tsushima Strait
45/07/24 Spikefish shell Surveyor Is., Pomfret shell Kuskaki Jima, Batfish shell Nagata Village on NW coast of Yaju Shima
45/07/29 Batfish rescued 3 fliers
45/08/04 Batfish disembark rescued flyers at Iwojima
45/08/06 Batfish back on station halfway between Iwojima and Tokio
45/08/08 Pomfret rescued 5 men from B-25
45/08/11 Spikefish sinking (guns) small ship
45/08/14 Spikefish sinking I-373 190 nm SE of Shanghai (29-02N, 123-53E)
45/08/16 Sand Lance departed Japan coast for Midway, Pomfret for Guam
45/08/17 Batfish reileved by Tigrone ad departed for Midway
45/08/26 Batfish arrived Midway