Task Force 17

Wake Reinforce 1941/12
Jaluit & Makin Raid
Revenge Raid 3 - Lae-Salamaua
x Coral Sea
x Midway
from 1942/08
1942/09 - 1942/10
x Santa Cruz

Supporting Submarines Pacific Fleet:
"FORAGER" - Supporting Submarines Pacific Fleet
"STALEMATE II." - "ZOO" Flotilla
1944/10 - 44/12
1944/12 - 45/02
"BARNEY" Hydeman's Hellcats 45/05 - 45/07

Wake Reinforce 1941/12
CTF RAdm Frank Jack Fletcher
CV Saratoga
DD DesDiv50 (until 12/14): Talbot, Waters, Dent
AV Tangier
AO Neches

41/12/08 departed from San Diego
41/12/14 arrived P.H. - Talbot disjoined

CV Saratoga (VMF-221 onboard)
CA CruDiv6: Minneapolis , San Francisco, Astoria
DD DesRon4: Selfridge/SF
DesDiv7: Bagley, Blue/DF, Henley, Helm
DesDiv8: Mugford/DF, Ralph Talbot, Patterson, Jarvis
AV Tangier
AO Neches

41/12/15 sail from P.H. to reinforce Wake - Minneapolis & San Francisco joined
41/12/21 600 Miles of Wake
41/12/21 refuel
41/12/22 refuel
41/12/23 refuel - 425 miles of Wake - recalled
41/12/25 off Midway - VMF-221 landed om Midway
41/12/26 Tangier land troops and VMF-221 ground echelon on Midway
41/12/27 back in P.H.

Jaluit & Makin Raid
CTF RAdm Frank Jack Fletcher
CV Yorktown
CA Louisville
CL St. Louis
DD DesRon2: DesDiv3: Hughes, Sims
DesDiv4: Russell (from 01/25), Walke

41/12/30 arrived San Diego
42/01/06 departed San Diego escorting convoy (APs Lurline, Monterey and Matsonia, AK Jupiter, AE Lassen)
42/01/09 escort convoy San Diego Samoa (reinforcements for Tatuila & Pago Pago)
42/01/11 ordered to strike Jaluit, Mili, Makin
42/01/20 convoy arrived Pago Pago
42/01/23 arrived Samoa
42/01/25 departed Samoa for Jaluit & Makin
42/01/28 attacked by lone plane
42/02/01? strike AK Kanto Maru at Jaluit and PG Nagata Maru at Makin
DDs attacked by Jokohama kokutai while searching for downed TBD
42/02/07 back in P. H.

Revenge Raid 3 - Lae-Salamaua
CTF RAdm F.J Fletcher
CV Yorktown
CA Astoria, Louisville, Pensacola (03/16-04/08)
DD DesRon2 Morris (from 03/16)
DesDiv3: Anderson, Hammann, Sims
DesDiv4: Walke, Russell
AO Gaudalupe

42/02/16 departed P.H. to strike Wake
42/02/27 off Canton Is - order to join TF 11 (by request from CTF 11)
42/03/06 off Noumea - joined TF 11 - task : Rabaul raid
42/03/08 VAdm Brown changed target to attack Lae and Salamaua
42/03/09? Astoria, Louisville, Anderson, Hammann detached to TF TF 44 (see in) - RAdm Crace
42/03/10 S of Port Moresby - strike landing forces off Lae & Salamaua:
sinking: Kongo Maru, Tenjo Maru, Jokohama Maru
damaging: CL Jubari, AV Kijokawa Maru, DD Asanagi, Junagi, minelayer Cugaru, Kokai Maru
42/03/14 Astoria, Louisville, Anderson, Hammann rejoined
42/03/16 after refuel sail for New Hebrides to cover communication line USA <-> Australia
Pensacola and Morris joined
42/03/27 departed New Caledonia to Coral Sea
42/03/30 Astoria, Portland, Hughes, Walke detached to Noumea for replenish
42/04/02 Astoria, Portland, Hughes, Walke rejoined
42/04 cover communication line USA Australia
42/04/08 Pensacola disjoined
42/04/20 arrived Tongatabu

x Coral Sea
CTF RAdm Frank Jack Fletcher
Carrier Group
CV Yorktown/FF (CVG-5:
CA Astoria, Chester (DANFS)
DD Russell, Morris
05/07 detached to TG 17.3: Farragut, Walke
TG 17.3 = TF 44 - see in

as joined from TF 17 and TF 11:
TG 17.5 - Carrier Group
CV Lexington, Yorktown
DD Morris, Anderson, Hammann, Russell
TG 17.2 - Attack Group
CTG RAdm Thomas C. Kinkaid
CA Minneapolis, New Orleans, Astoria, Chester, Portland
DD Phelps, Dewey, Farragut, Aylwin, Monaghan
TG 17.3 - Support Group
CTG RAdm J.G. Crace (RN)
CA Australia/GF, Chicago
CL Hobart
DD Perkins, Walke
TG 17.6 - Fleet Train
CTG Cap John S. Phillips
DD Sims, Worden
AO Tippecanoe, Neosho
TG 17.9 - Search Group
CTG Cdr George H. DeBaun
AV Tangier (12 PBY)
42/04/16 departed P.H.
42/04/27 departed Tongatabu
42/05/01 W of Espiritu Santo - join TF 11 - refuel
42/05/02 attacking I-24 in Coral Sea
42/05/03 sail for Tulagi
42/05/04 strike Tulagi:
sinking DD Kikuzuki, AM Tama Maru, Wa.1, Wa.2
damaging Okinoshima, Juzuki, AP Azumasan Maru, AK Kozui Maru
42/05/04 Minneapolis, New Orleans send to finish damaged ships - evening recalled
42/05/05 B A T T L E started
42/05/07 carrier strikes - sinking/share Shoho off Misima Is. (10-29S, 152-55E) - TG 17.3 detached
42/05/08 B A T T L E ended - disabled Yorktown
42/05/12 cruisers reached Noumea
42/05/15 arrived Tongatabu
42/05/27 arrived P.H.

x Midway
CTF RAdm Frank Jack Fletcher
DD Mustin (from 06/05)
TG 17.5 - Carrier Group
CTG Cap Elliot T. Buckmaster
CV Yorktown/FF
TG 17.2 - Cruiser Group
CTG RAdm William W. Smith
CA Astoria(FF from 06/05?), Portland
TG 17.4 - Screen
CTG Cap Gilbert C. Hoover
DD DesRon2: Anderson, Hammann, Morris, Russell
Gwin, Hughes

42/05/30 departed P.H.
42/06/02 meet TF 16 350 nm NE of Midway
42/06/04 B A T T L E - fight with StrFor1: disabled Yorktown
42/06/05 searching for IJN
42/06/06 fight with IJN CruDiv7
42/06/07 I-168 sinking Yorktown & Hammann
42/06/10 ordered back to P.H..
42/06/13 back in P.H..

from 1942/08
CTF RAdm George D. Murray
CV Hornet
CA Northampton, Salt Lake City, Pensacola
CL San Diego, Juneau (from 09/17)
DD 6: DesRon2: Anderson, Mustin, Russell, O'Brien
Smith (42/06-42/07)

42/08/17 P.H. - sail to Solomons
42/08/24 refuel
42/08/29 in Solomons - join TF 18 -> created TF 61
42/09/15 O'Brien disabled by I-15
42/09/17 Juneau joined
42/09/27 sail to Noumea
42/10/02 sail to strike Buin - Faisi area -
Anderson detached to pick up downed pilot - to far from rest of TF -> sail to Noumea
42/10/03 off Guadalcanal
42/10/05 strike Buin - Faisi area
42/10/06 SW of Guadalcanal
42/10/08 Noumea - Anderson rejoined
42/10/05 strike Shortland - bad weather
42/10/13 launch VMF-? for Henderson Field
42/10/14 refuel

1942/09 - 1942/10
BB Washington
CL Atlanta
DD Walke, Benham

42/09/24 sail to Tongatabu
42/09/26 arrived Tongatabu
42/10/07 departed Tongatabu to sea
42/10/11 start escort Guadalcanal bound convoy
42/10/14 end escort convoy
>42/10/15 arrived Esp. Santo

x Santa Cruz
CTF RAdm George D. Murray
Carrier Group
RAdm Murray
CV Hornet/FF
RAdm H.H. Good (ComCruDiv5)
CA Northampton, Pensacola
CL San Diego, Juneau
DD DesRon2 (Cdr A. E. True): Morris/SF
DesDiv3: Anderson, Hughes
DesDiv4: Mustin, Russell

42/10/15 ordered to proceed to the Guadalcanal area
42/10/16 95 miles from Guadalcanal - search for IJN, then attacking seaplane base at Rekata Bay, Santa Isabel
42/10/16 PM - sail back
42/10/24 N from New Hebrides -> joined with TF 16 to reform TF 61
42/10/26 B A T T L E - disabling Shokaku, Cikuma
disabled Hornet - at night sunk

"FORAGER" - Supporting Submarines Pacific Fleet
CTF VAdm Charles A. Lockwood
SS Plunger, Gar, Archerfish, Plaice, Swordfish, Pintado, Pilotfish, Tunny, Albacore, Seawolf, Bang, Finback, Stingray, Flying Fish, Muskallunge, Seahorse, Pipefish, Cavalla, Growler
TG 17.3 - Wilkin's Wildcats
CTG Cdr W.D. Wilkins (ComSubDiv42)
SS Tilefish/F, Sawfish, Rock
TG 17.12 - Blair's Blasters
Cap Leon P. Blair
SS Pintado, Pilotfish, Shark II, Tunny (from 06/08)
TG 17.15 - Parks' Pirates
CTG Cdr Lewis S. Parks
SS Parche/GF, Steelhead, Hammerhead, Perch II
TG 17.16 - Mickey's Finns
CTG Cap W.V. O'Regan
SS Guardfish/GF, Thresher, Piranha, Apogon (till 07/11)
Cap George E. Patterson
SS Bang, Growler, Seahorse

44/05/16 17.12 departed P.H.
44/05/20 17.12 - Midway - refuel
44/05/31 17.12 - Shark II found convoy
44/06/01 17.12 - found convoy #3530 - Pintado sinking Toho Maru (4716 BRT) 250 nm NW of Saipan (18-08N, 141-14E)
44/06/02 17.12 attacking convoy #3530 - Shark II sinking transport Chijo Maru (4700 BRT - JANAC) N of Marianas (21-00N, 140-20E)
44/06/04 17.12 attacking convoy #3530 - Shark II sinking AP Kacukawa M. (6889 BRT-JANAC) 475 nm NW of Saipan (19-45N, 138-15E)
44/06/05 17.12 attacking convoy #3530 - Shark II sinking cargo Takaoka M.(7006 BRT - JANAC), Tamahime M.(3080 BRT - JANAC) W of Marianas (17-37N, 140-32E)
44/06/06 17.12 attacking convoy #3530 - Pintado sinking AK Kashimasan M./2825, AP Havre M./5652 WNW of Marianas (16-28N, 142-16E)
44/06/07 17.12 - hunting rests of convoy Nr. 3530 N of Marianas
44/06/08 17.12 - Tunny joined
44/06/14 17.12 - Balintang Channel
17.16 departed P.H.
44/06/17 17.15 departed Midway
44/06/18 Finback reports IJN forces
44/06/22 17.3 departed Majuro to Luzon Strait via Batan Island Bashi Channel
44/06/25 17.16 Thresher joined
Patterson Bang damaging AO Miri Maru and AO s/s Sarawak Maru W of Luzon (17-13N, 118-22E)
Growler sinking AP Katori Maru (1920 BRT - JANAC) in Luzon Strait (19-00N, 121-42E)
17.15 - Hammerhead attacking coastal AO - attacked by planes
44/06/30 Plaice sinking PG Hajafuku Maru NW of Cicijima (28-20N, 141-23E)
44/07/01 17.12 - Pintado arrived Majuro
44/07/04 17.12 - Pilotfish arrived Majuro
44/07/05 Plaice sinking AN Kogi Maru 75 nm NW of Cicijima (27-43N, 141-02E)
44/07/11 17.16 located convoy off Formosa:
44/07/12 17.16 attacking convoy N of Luzon:
        Apogon attacking AK Niciran Maru but is rammed by Majasan Maru (19-51N, 123-04E)
        Piranha sinking AK Nichiran M. (6504 BRT) (18-50N, 122-40E)
44/07/16 17.16 attacking convoy off Cape Bojeador, Luzon Strait:
Guardfish -sinking Mantai Maru(5863), cargo Hizan M.(2838), cargo Jinsan M.(5215)
Piranha sinking AP Seattle Maru (5773 BRT) (19-17N, 120-15E)
Thresher sinking AK Shozan Maru (2838 ) (18-23N, 119-06E), damaging AKs Sainei M.(4916 BRT), Nissan M. (18-23N, 119-32E) - both sunk following day
44/07/17 17.16 attacking shipping W of Luzon:
Guardfish sinking AK Hijama Maru (2838 BRT) W of Luzon (18-21N, 119-49E)
sinking AK Nichizan Maru near Luzon Strait - out of torpedoes > sail to base
44/07/18 17.3 - attacking 7-ship convoy - Sawfish torpedoes AO Harima Maru (21-56N, 119-50E), Tilefish torpedoes corvette #17
17.16 - Guardfish - damaging freighter
44/07/19 17.16 - Guardfish - sinking Teirju Maru (5872 BRT) SW of Formosa (20-07N, 118-20E)
44/07/20 17.3 - Rock attacking 6-ship convoy
44/07/26 17.3 - Sawfish sinking I-29 15 nm S of Batan Is., Luzon Strait (20-10N, 121-55E)
44/07/27 17.3 - Rock departed for P.H.
44/07/29 17.15 - Parche sinking AK Manko M. (4471 BRT) AO Koei M. (10238 BRT)
              Perch II sinking guardboat Kannon Maru I-Go E of Dinagat Is. (10-46N, 127-13E)
17.3 - Sawfish reported convoy contact off Luzon
17.15 attacking convoy in Luzon Strait:
- Parche sinking AP Manko Maru 20 nm W of Dalupiri Is. (19-08N, 120-51E) and AO Koei Maru 55 nm E of Camiguin Is. (19-00N, 122-55E), damaging AK Ogura Maru #1 15 nm WNW of Dalupiri Is.(19-10N, 120-58E) and AK Fuso Maru
- Parche and Steelhead sinking AK Yoshino Maru (8990 BRT) 17 nm W of Dalupiri Is. (19-05N, 120-50E)
- Steelhead sinking Fus? Maru 17 nm WSW of Dalupiri Is. (19-00N, 120-55E), damaging AK Dakar Maru 20 nm W of Dalupiri Is. (19-08N, 120-51E)
17.16 back at Midway
44/08/08 17.16 - Piranha arrived Majuro
44/08/15 17.3 - Sawfish, Tilefish terminate patrol at P.H.
44/08/16 17.15 - Steelhead arrived P.H.

"STALEMATE II." - "ZOO" Flotilla
"ZOO" Flotilla
Cap Charles W. Wilkins
SS 9 - 3 wolfpacks: Seahorse/GF, Whale, Segundo, Barbero (from 09/08), Cavalla, Piranha, Razorback
Wilkins' Bears
SS Seahorse/GF, Whale, Segundo, Barbero (from 09/08)
44/08/24 Bears departed P.H.
44/09/03 Bears refueled at Saipan
44/09/08 Bears start patrol 45 miles from Samar Is. - Barbero joined
44/09/17 Bears start patrol SE of Formosa
44/09/24 Bears - Barbero shell radar installation on Batag Is., off N Samar
44/10/06 Bears start patrol Luzon Strait - Whale sinking AO Akane Maru, AP Kinugasa Maru from convoy W of Balintang Channel (19-40N,118-05E)
44/10/21 Bears - Segundo arrived Majuro
44/10/29 Bears - Whale arrived Midway

"KING II." - Supporting Submarines Pacific Fleet
CTF VAdm Charles A. Lockwood
SS 22: 7 wolfpacks
Wogan's Wolfs
SS Gabilan, Besugo
Roach's Riders
SS Haddock, Tuna, Halibut
Clarey's Crushers
LtCdr Bernard A. Clarey
SS Pintado/F, Jallao, Atule
Blakely's Hellcats
SS Shark II, Blackfish, Seadragon
Millican's Marauders
SS Escolar, Croaker, Perch II
TG 17.15 - Banister's Beagles
Cdr Alan B. Banister
SS Sawfish/GF, Icefish, Drum


44/09/09 17.15 departed P.H.
44/09/18 Marauders departed P.H.
44/09/23 Marauders departed Midway for Yellow Sea
44/10/08 Riders departed P.H.
44/10/09 17.15- Sawfish sinking AO Tachibana Maru (6521 BRT) (19-33N, 116-38E)
Crushers departed P.H.
Marauders - Croaker sinking AK Shinki Maru W of Kjushu (32-08N, 129-51E)
44/10/15 Wogan off Bungo strait - found StrFor2
44/10/16 Wogan - Besugo damaging Suzucuki off Toizaki W of Bungo Strait (32-30N, 132-36E)
44/10/19 Hellcats patrol between Hainan & W end of Bashi Canal
44/10/21 Hellcats found StrFor2 off Pescadores
Crushers arrived Saipan
44/10/23 17.15- Sawfish sinking Kimikawa Maru
Marauders - Croaker sinking AK Hakuran Maru W of Korea 44 nm NNW of Mookpo, Korea (35-29N, 126-05E)
44/10/24 Crushers, Riders departed Saipan for Luzon

Hellcats - Seadragon sinking AP Eiko Maru, AK Daiten Maru (20-31N, 118-33E) and AP/AK Kokuryu Maru (20-27N, 118-31E) from convoy 165-170 nm NW of Cape Bojeador
Shark II sunk (depth charge) by Harukaze 177 nm NW of Cape Bojeador, Luzon (20-41N, 119-27E)

17.15 - W of Luzon Strait: Drum sinking AK Shikishan Maru (4725 BRT) 165 nm NW of Cape Bojeador, Luzon (20-27N, 118-34E), Icefish sinking AK Tenshin Maru (4236 BRT) 150 nm WNW of Cape Bojeador, Luzon (19-31N, 118-10E)

Wolfs - Besugo damaging corvette #132 S of Ashizuri Saki, Shikoku (30-19N, 132-49E)

Marauders - Croaker sinking AK Mikage Maru, AP/AK Gassan Maru SW of Quelpart Is. (33-00N, 125-49E)
44/10/25 Crushers - Jallao sinking Tama
44/10/26 17.15: Drum sinking sinking AK Taisho Maru (6886 BRT), AK/AP Taihaku Maru (6886 BRT) N of Luzon (19-21N, 120-50E), AP Tats?ra Maru (6886 BRT) N of Luzon (19-00N, 120-45E)
Icefish sinking AK Taijo Maru (4168 BRT) off Luzon (19-04N, 120-36E) - damaged by depth charges > terminate patrol
44/11/01 Crushers - Atule sinking AP Asama Maru (16975 BRT) in Luzon Strait (20-09N, 117-38E)
44/11/03 Crushers - Pintado sinking Akikaze W of Cape Bolinao
44/11/08 17.15arrived Majuro
44/11/13 Crushers hunting 1st Diversion Attack Force S of Mako - Jallao attacked
44/11/14 Riders - Halibut damaged(plane) attacking convoy 20 nm NW of Batan Is., Luzon Strait (20-56N, 121-33E)
44/11/25 Crushers - Atule sinking AK Santos Maru (7266 BRT) off Sabtang Is., Luzon (20-12N, 121-51E)

1944/10 - 44/12
TG 17.13 Underwood's Urchins 44/10-44/12
Cdr Gordon W. Underwood
SS Spadefish/F, Peto, Sunfish

44/10/23 17.13 departed P.H.
44/10/27 17.13 departed Midway
44/11/09 17.13 arrived assigned area
44/11/12 17.13 attacking convoy - Peto sinking Tatsuaki Maru (2766 BRT) from convoy MOMA-07 205 nm E of Shanghai (31-18N, 125-30E)
44/11/14 17.13 - Spadefish sinking AK Gyokujo Maru from convoy MOMA-07 130 nm E of Shanghai (31-04N, 123-56E)
44/11/17 17.13 attacking convoy NE of Shanghai:
Spadefish sinking Shinjo damaging landing ship Shinshu Maru 140nm NE of Shanghai (33-02N, 123-33E)
Sunfish sinking Edogawa Maru 115 nm SW of Mokpo, Korea (33-40N, 124-30E)
44/11/18 17.13 attacking convoy in East China Sea: Peto sinking AKs Aisakasan Maru 100 nm SW of Mokpo, Korea (33-50N, 124-44E), Chinkai Maru (2827 BRT) 120 nm SW of Mokpo, Korea (33-39N, 124-26E)
Spadefish sinking PC Cha-156 185nm SW of Mokpo, Korea (33-07N, 123-19E)
Sunfish sinking AP Seisho Maru from convoy 125 nm SW of Mokpo, Korea (33-36N, 124-18E)
44/11/29 17.13 - Spadefish sinking Daiboshi Maru #6 (3925 BRT) 70 nm WSW of Inchon, Korea (37-17N, 125-11E)
44/11/30 17.13 - Sunfish sinking AP Dairen Maru off Korea coast 105 nm NW of Inchon (38-08N, 124-35E)
44/12/08 17.13 - Peto arrived Guam
44/12/19 17.13 - Sunfish arrived Majuro

1944/12 - 45/02
TG 17.10
DE Seid (45/05/21-45/09)
TG 17.16 Joe's Jugheads
SS Archerfish/GF, Blackfish, Batfish
TG 17.19
SS Sea Fox, Blueback, Puffer

44/12/16 Blueback departed P.H.
44/12/20 Sea Fox departed Majuro
44/12/28 17.19 departed Saipan after refuel
45/01/01 Sea Fox arrived Nansei Shoto
45/01/10 Puffer sinking corvette #42, damaging corvette #30 W of Okinawa (20-01N, 126-34E)
45/02/05 Sea Fox returned to base

TG 17.21 - Loughlin's Loopers 44/12 - 45/02
Cdr Charles E. Loughlin
SS Queenfish/F, Barb, Picuda

44/12/29 departed Guam for Formosa Strait
45/01/07 Barb - found convoy S part of East China Sea:
Picuda damaging AO Munikata M. 28 miles NW of Fukikaku, Formosa (25-42N, 121-08E)
45/01/08 attacking another convoy off NW coast of Formosa, 70 nm NE of Mako, Pescadores:
- Barb sinking AK Anyo Maru (9256 BRT) (24-34N, 120-37E), Shinyo Maru (24-55N, 120-26E) and AO Sanyo Maru (2854 BRT) (24-37N, 120-31E), AE Tacujo M.(6892 BRT - unconfirmed); damaging AK Meiho Maru (24-25N, 120-29E)
- Picuda damaging AK Rashin Maru (24-41N, 120-40E), Hisagawa M.(6600 BRT), AO Manju M. (6516 BRT)
- Queenfish damaging AO Manju Maru (24-25N, 120-28E)
- AO Hikoshima Maru runs aground in Tungshiao Bay.
45/01/23 Barb sinking transport Taike M. in Nankwan Harbor (24-04N, 120-27E)
45/01/29 Picuda sinking AP Clyde Maru (5497 BRT) from convoy 50 nm NW of Keelung, Formosa (25-20N, 121-06E)
45/01/30 Queenfish arrived P.H. 17.16 - BAtfish reconn. Yulin Bay and Gaalong Bay, Hainan Is.
45/02/05 Picuda refuel at Saipan
45/02/15 Picuda arrived P.H.

"BARNEY" Hydeman's Hellcats 45/05 - 45/07
TG 17.21
Cdr Earl T. Hydeman
Hydeman's Hepcats
Cdr Earl T. Hydeman
SS Sea Dog/UF, Crevalle, Spadefish
Pierce's Polecats
Cdr G. E. Pierce
SS Tunny/UF, Skate, Bonefish
Risser's Bobcats
Cdr R.D. Risser
SS Flying Fish/UF, Bowfin, Tinosa

45/05/27 Hepcats - departed Guam - shooting prohibited until 06/09 to allow all boats reach assigned stations
45/05/29 departed Guam for Sea of Japan
45/06/02 Bobcats - lifeguard: Tinosa rescued B-29 crew
Polecats - Tunny passed Nansei Shoto
45/06/04 entered Sea of Japan
45/06/05 Polecats - Tunny passed Korea Strait
45/06/09 Hepcats: Sea Dog sinking AKs Sojo Maru and Sagawa Maru NW of Honshu (38-10N, 138-20E)
Crevalle sinking AK Hokuto Maru (2215 BRT) W of Tsugaru Strait (40-54N, 139-48E)
Polecats: Tunny attacked cargo - dud torpedo
Bobcats: Tinosa sinking AK Wakatama Maru (2211 BRT) E of Korea (37-32N, 129-10E)
45/06/10 Polecats: Skate sinking I-122 6 nm off Cape Rokugo light (37-29N, 137-25E)
Hepcats: - Spadefish - sinking AK Taigen Maru #2 (4273 BRT) off Otaru (43-23N, 140-39E), AK Jintsu Maru (994 BRT) (43-28N, 140-28E), AP Unkai Maru #8 (1293 BRT) off Shakotan Mizaki (43-55N, 141-13E)
- Crevalle sinking AK Daiki Maru (2217 BRT) in W approaches to Tsugaru Strait (40-44N, 139-48E)
Bobcats: Flying Fish sinking AK Taga Maru (2220 BRT) off Sishin, NW Korea (41-42N, 129-34E)
45/06/11 Bobcats: Bowfin sinking AK Shinjo Maru #3 (1898 BRT) off Genzan, Korea (39-24N, 128-59E)
Flying Fish sinking AK Meisei Maru (1893 BRT) off Rashin, Korea (41-47N, 131-44E)
Hepcats: Crevalle sinking PG Hakusan Maru #5 off Henashi Zaki, Honshu (40-43N, 139-51E)
Sea Dog sinking AK Kofuhu Maru (753 BRT) 20 nm NW of Noshiro, Honshu (40-28N, 139-47E)
45/06/12 Hepcats: Sea Dog sinking AK Shinsen Maru (880 BRT) and Kaiwa Maru 12 nm W of Noshiro, Honshu (40-11N, 139-46E)
Spadefish sinking guardboat Daido Maru W of Wakkanai, Hokkaido (45-08N, 141-10E)
Polecats: Skate sinking AKs Yozan M. (1227 BRT), Kenjo M.(3142 BRT), Zuiko M.(887 BRT) and damaging AK Kankjo Maru in Togi Harbor, Honshu (37-08N, 136-42E)
Bobcats: Tinosa sinking AK Keito Maru (880 BRT) (37-30N, 129-20E)
45/06/13 Hepcats: Spadefish sinking Russian AK Transbalt (10000 BRT) (45-44N, 140-48E)
Polecats: Bonefish sinking AK Oshikasan Maru (6892 BRT - JANAC) in Japan Sea (38-30N, 136-58E)
Skate sinking AK Hattenzan Maru (37-20N, 134-28E)
Bobcats: Bowfin sinking AK Meiho Maru (39-00N, 128-05E)
45/06/14 Hepcats: Spadefish sinking AK Seizan Maru (2018 BRT) W of Sakhalin (47-03N, 142-01E)
45/06/15 Hepcats: Sea Dog sinking AK Koan Maru (884 BRT) (39-53N, 139-40E)
45/06/17 Hepcats - Spadefish sinking AM Eidzo Maru (2274) from convoy off Matsuta Misaki, Hokkaido (42-38N, 139-49E)
45/06/18 Polecats: Bonefish sinking AK Konzan Maru (5488 BRT - JANAC) 30 nm N of Tojama, Honshu (37-13N, 137-18E), then sunk by DE Okinawa, corv. #63, #75, #158, #207) 45 nm NE of Tojama, Honshu (37-18N, 137-25E)
Bobcats: Tinosa sinking Wakae Maru 70 nm SE of Wonsan, Korea (38-25N, 128-34E)
45/06/19 Hepcats: Sea Dog sinking AKs Kokai M. (1272 BRT), Shinhei M. #3 and damaging s/s Naga Maru off Kawashira, Hokkaido (43-12N, 140-19E)
45/06/20 Bobcats: Tinosa sinking AK Taito Maru (2726 BRT) 90 nm NE of Pusan, Korea (36-04N, 130-26E), Kaisei Maru (884 BRT) 80 nm NE of Pusan, Korea (35-39N, 130-29E)
45/06/22 Hepcats: Crevalle damaging DE Kasado 25 nm WNW of Kamui-misaki, Hokkaido (43-23N, 139-47E)
45/06/24 rendezvous before exit Sea of Japan through La Perouse Strait
45/07/04 entered P.H.