Task Force 8
41/11 - 41/12 Wake Reinforce
41/12 Wake Reinforce attempt
Revenge Raid - ?? from 42/02/14 TF 16 ??
North Pacific Force - from 42/05/21, x Midway
"FIREPLACE" - Adak Landing 42/08/30
1942/09 - 1942/12
Amchitka Landing 1943/01/12
Attu Bombardment 1943/02/18

41/11 - 41/12 Wake Reinforce
CTF VAdm William F Halsey
CV Enterprise
CA Salt Lake City, Northampton, Chester
DD DesRon6 Balch/SF
DesDiv11: Gridley, Craven, McCall, Maury
DesDiv12: Dunlap. Fanning, Benham, Ellet

41/11/28 departed P.H. for Wake Is.
41/12/04 off Wake Is. - bring VMF-211 (12xF4F-3)
41/12/07 200 Miles from Oahu
41/12/10 entered P.H.

41/12 Wake Reinforce Attempt
CTF VAdm William F Halsey
CV Enterprise
CA Salt Lake City, Northampton
DD DesRon6: DesDiv11: McCall, Maury, Craven
DesDiv12: Fanning, Ellet

41/12/14 start operate N of P.H. to cover Wake Is. reinforcement - Northampton and Craven damaged by collision during refueling N of Oahu
41/12/19 departed P.H. to area W of Johnston Is. and S of Midway to cover TF 11 & TF 17
41/12/20 VB-6 and VS-6 attacking Pompano twice (at 20-10N, 165-28W and 20-15N, 165-40W)
41/12/2? back in P.H. after Wake Is. falls

Revenge Raid - ?? from 42/02/14 TF 16 ??
CTF VAdm William F Halsey
CV Enterprise
CA Northampton, Salt Lake City, Chester, San Francisco (till 01/24)
DD Ralph Talbot, Blue, Drayton (till 02/24),
DesRon6: Balch/SF
DesDiv11: Maury/DF, Gridley, Craven, McCall
DesDiv12: Dunlap, Fanning
TG 8.1
CTG RAdm Raymond A Spruance
CA Northampton, Salt Lake City
DD Dunlap
TG 8.2
CA Chester
DD Balch, Maury
TG 8.3
CTG VAdm William F Halsey
CV Enterprise
DD Ralph Talbot, Blue, McCalla

42/01/09 ordered for Samoa, to join TF 17 - en route escort transports
42/01/11 created (on paper) TG 8.1/8.3
42/01/22 150 miles NW of American Samoa - Gridley and Fanning damaged by collision
42/01/24 San Francisco detached to continue escort transports
42/01/25 sail from Samoa
42/01/31 formed TGs & detached by tasks
42/02/01 8.1 shell Votje - sinking PG Tojocu Maru, PC Shonan Maru #10
8.2 shell Tarawa, Maloelap - Chester slightly damaged (Citose kokutai - 08-45N, 171-33E)
8.3 strike Wotje, Maloelap, Kwajalein: sinking Bordeaux Maru, & PC, damaging Katori, I-23, AM Tokiwa, AN Kashima Maru, PC Shonan Maru #2, AS Jasukuni Maru, AOs Toa Maru, Hojo Maru, AK Shinhei Maru
42/02/05 back at P.H.

North Pacific Force - from 42/05/21x Midway
CTF RAdm Robert A. Theobald
DD Monaghan (07/27), Aylwin (06/17-07/10)
DMS Long (07/07?-07/27), Chandler, Lamberton
AO Kaskaskia (06/17-07/10)
TG 8.1 Air Scout Group
PatWing4 20xPBY
AVD Gillis (at Dutch Harbor), Williamson (at Sand Point)
AVP Casco (at Cold Bay)
TG 8.2 - Patrol Group (Surface Search Group)
YP 14 (converted tuna boats)
ATO Oriole
PG Charleston
WPG Haida, Onondaga
WPC Cyane, Aurora, Bonham
TG 8.3 - Striking Air Force (U.S.A.A.F.) (Air Striking Group)
bombers 43
attack planes 4
fighters 109:
Ft Randall 21 P-40, 12 B-26, 2 B-18 (after 42/06/04: 25 P-40, 12 B-26, 5 B-17, 1 LB-30)
Ft Glenn, Umnak 12 P-40
Kodiak 15 P-39, 17 P-40, 5 B-17, 2 LB-30
Anchorage 25 P-38, 15 P-39, 4 P-36, 7 B-17, 5 B-18, 12 B-26, 2 LB-30
TG 8.4 - Destroyer Striking Group
CTG Cdr Wyatt Craig (ComDesDiv6)
DD Case, Reid, Brooks, Sands, Kane, Dent, Talbot, King, Waters
TG 8.5 - Submarine Group
SS SubDiv41: S-18, S-23, S-27, S-28, S-34, S-35
TU 8.5.15
SS Tuna (from 07/13)
TG 8.6 - Main Force (Main Body)
CA Indianapolis (from 07/18), Louisville (from 06/06 ?)
CL Nashville/FF, St Louis (from 05/31), Honolulu
DD DesDiv11 (Cdr Frederick Moosbrugger): Gridley/DF (from 06/05), McCall
Case(from 05/31), Reid(from 05/29?), Gilmer, Humphreys
TG 8.9 - Oiler Group
AO Sabine, Brazos
s/s Comet

42/05/17 created
42/05/21 formed in northern waters
42/05/22 King departed Mare Island with AP President Fillmore for Dutch Harbor
42/05/29? 8.6 - Reid joined
42/05/31 8.6 - St. Louis, Case joined
42/06/01 8.6 SE of Dutch Harbor
42/06/03 King & President Fillmore reach Dutch Harbor
Dutch Harbor attacked by StrFor2 planes - ships present:
DD King,Talbot, AVD Gillis, SS S-27, WPG Onondaga
8.6 - Gulf of Alaska, E of Dutch Harbor - too far to engage enemy forces
42/06/04 8.6 - Nashiville detached with CTF onboard to Kodiak
42/06/05 8.6 - Gridley joined
42/06/06 8.3 crossing off Dutch Harbor
8.4 Makushin Bay
8.6 - Nashville rejoined, Louisville joined
42/06/08 Hulbert joined
42/06/16 Aylwin and AO Kaskaskia joined
42/06/22 8.6 shell Kiska
42/07/07? Long joined
42/07/10 Aylwin and AO Kaskaskia disjoined
42/07/18 Indianapolis joined - became Force Flagship
42/07/21 refuel at sea - cruise off Kiska - bad weather
42/07/27 off Kiska - again bad weather
Lamberton collided with Chandler Long collided with Monaghan

CTF RAdm Robert A. Theobald
TG 8.1 Air Search Unit
CTG Cap Leslie E. Gehres
VP-41, VP-43,
VP-51, VP-62
11 PBY, 20 PBY-5A
AVP Avocet, Casco, Teal
AVD Gillis, Hulbert
DD Kane
TG 8.2 - Escort & Patrol Group
CTG RAdm John W. Reeves, Jr.
PG Charleston
AM Oriole
DD Dent, Gilmer, Humphreys, Sands, Talbot
USCG vessels, patrol vessels
TG 8.3 - Striking Air Force (U.S.A.A.F.) (Air Striking Group)
CTG: BGEN William O Butler, USAF
Bombardment: 28.CG, 30.BG - 11 heavy bombers, 23 medium bombers
Reconnaissance: 406.BS, 8.Sq (RCAF) - 21 medium bombers
Fighters: 98 fighters - 11.FS, 18.FS, 42.FS, 54.FS, 57.FS, 111.Sq(RCAF)
TG 8.5 - Submarine Group
CTG Cdr Oswald S. Colclough
SS Finback, Grunnion (till 42/07/30), Trigger, Triton, Tuna
TG 8.6 - Main Body
CTG RAdm William W. Smith
CA Indianapolis/FF,GF, Louisville
CL Nashville, St Louis, Honolulu
DD DesDiv11: Gridley, McCall
Case, Reid
DMS Elliot
TG 8.9 - Refuel Group
AO Ramapo
DD Brooks, King

42/07/30 8.5 - Grunnion sunk
42/08/03 8.1 - Kane attacked by planes
8.6 departed Kodiak
42/08/07 8.6 - shell Kiska (including King), attacked by subs
42/08/11 8.6 - back at Kodiak
42/08/20 Lawrence, Wasmuth joined
42/08/30 Thornton joined
8.1 - Hulbert search for Japan radio station at Seguam Is

"FIREPLACE" - Adak Landing 42/08/30
Escort Group - EscGrp
Cap Francis S. Craven
CL Nashville/GF, St. Louis
DD Brooks, Dent, Kane
TG 8.5 - Submarine Group
TU 8.5.12
SS Tuna
TG 8.6
RAdm Willian W. Smith
CA Indianapolis/GF, Louisville
CL Honolulu
DD DesDiv11: Gridley, McCall
Reid, Case
TG 8.8 - Transport Group - TranGrp
Cap Herbert J Grassie
DD Humphreys, King, Lawrence, Sands
AP John Franklin Bell, St. Mihiel, Thomas Jefferson
North Coast (U.S. Army)
s/s Branch, Stanley Griffith
42/08/30 D-Day Adak
42/08/31 8.6 - Reid sinking RO-61

1942/09 - 1942/12
42/09/22 Ramsay, Montgomery joined
42/09/17 Bancroft joined
42/09/2? 8.6 - Caldwell joined
42/09/27 Long rejoined after repairs
42/10/04 Hulbert detached
42/10/05 Chandler joined
42/10/12 8.6 - Louisville disjoined
42/10/13 Coghlan joined
42/11 Ramsay detached for overhaul

RAdm Robert A. Theobald
CL Detroit, Raleigh
DD Bailey, Bancroft, Caldwell, Coghlan
42/12/1? Hulbert rejoined

Amchitka Landing 1943/01/12
CTF RAdm Thomas C. Konkaid
A) Transport Group - TranGrp
Cap Paul K. Perry, (USCG)
DD Dewey, Gillespie, Kalk
APA Arthur Middleton
AK Vega
AP Delarof (US Army)
s/s Lakona
B) Alaskan Sector Escort Group
RAdm John W. Reeves
PG 1
AM 1
DMS 3: Long
TG 8.6 Striking Group
RAdm Charles H. McMorris
CA Indianapolis
CL Detroit/GF, Raleigh
DD 4: Worden, Dale (from 01/15?), Bailey, Caldwell, Coghlan

43/01/01 8.6 Worden joined
43/01/09 Kalk joined
43/01/12 D-Day Amcitka - landing in Constantine Harbor
Worden wrecked off Amcitka - Dewey make rescue work
43/01/13 Dale, Aylwin, Bancroft joined
Attu Bombardment 1943/02/18
TG 8.6
CTG RAdm Charles H. McMorris
CA Indianapolis
CL Richmond/GF
DD Gillespie, Coghlan, Bancroft, Caldwell
TU 8.6.2
CA Indianapolis
DD Coghlan, Gillespie

43/02/03 Richmond became CTG 8.6
43/02/13 departed to destroy enemy supply shipping W of Attu
43/02/18 Indianapolis, Richmond, Gillespie, Coghlan shell Attu (Holtz Bay, Chichagof Harbor)
8.6.2 commenced antishipping patrol SW of Attu
43/02/19 8.6.2 sinking AE Akagane Maru (3100 BRT)