Task Force 31
"TOENAILS" - New Georgia Landing
Munda Bombardment 1943/07/24
x Vella Lavella
Vella Lavella landing 1943/08
"SHOESTRING II." - Cape Torokina Landing 1943/11
Green Islands Attack Group 1944/02
Emirau Landing 1944/03/20
"STALEMATE II." - Ulithi & Yap Landing Force
"ICEBERG" - Joint Expeditionary Force
Homeland Occupation

"TOENAILS" - New Georgia Landing
DD Taylor (till 07/12), Conway
TG 31.1 - Western Landing Force
CTG RAdm Richmond Kelly Turner
TU 31.1.1 - Onaiavisi Occupation Unit
DD Lang
APD TransDiv12: Talbot, Ward
DMS Zane
TU 31.1.2
APD Dent, Waters
TG 31.2 - Transport Screen
CTG Cap Ryan
TU 31.2.1
DD Buchanan, Farenholt/UF, McCalla, Ralph Talbot
TU 31.2.2
DD Gwin, Radford, Woodworth
TG 31.3 - Eastern Landing Force
CTG RAdm George H. Fort
TU 31.3.11
DD Woodworth, McCalla
DMS Hopkins/UF
APD Crosby, Kilty
TransDiv22: Schley, McKean
TU 31.3.31
DMS Trever/GF,UF
TG 31.4 - Reserve MTB Group
43/06/21 31.1.2 land USMC raiders at Segi Point, New Georgia
43/06/25 31.1.2 - start amphib. training at Guadalcanal
43/06/26 31.2.1 departed Efate
43/06/29 31.3 departed Russell Islands
43/06/30 D-DAY Rendova Island
31.1.1 - Zane ran aground (08-30S, 157-25E)
31.2.2 - Gwin - hit by coastal batteries
31.3.11 - land troops at Wickham Anchorage (SW end of Vangunu)
43/07/05 31.3.11 landed troops at Rice Anchorage, New Georgia
Strong sunk by aerial torpedo off Rice Anchorage
43/07/08 31.2.1 departed Tulagi
43/07/09 31.2.1 arrived Tulagi
43/07/11 Rice Anchorage reinforce
43/07/12 Taylor detached to TG 36.1
43/07/14 Taylor rejoined from TG 36.1
43/07/23 land Enogai Inlet
43/07/23 Ellet, Taylor, Conway and Patterson escort Kilty, Talbot, Crosby, Waters to Rice Anchorage, Kula Gulf:
    - APDs unload troops
    - Ellet and Taylor shell Bairoko Harbor
    - Conway and Patterson shell Kolombangara shore batteries
43/07/23 Ellet, Taylor, Conway Patterson, Kilty, Talbot, Crosby, Waters arrived Tulagi

Munda Bombardment 1943/07/24
maybe different TF
OTC Cap Arleigh Burke
DD Taylor, Gridley, Conway, Wilson, Ellet, Maury, Patterson

43/07/24 departed Tulagi for munda
43/07/25 cca 0630-0700 AM shell Munda, then departed back for Tulagi
arrived Tulagi

x Vella Lavella
TG 31.2
CTG Cap F Moosbrugger
DD DesRon6: DesDiv11 (Cap F. Moosbrugger): Craven, Maury
DesDiv12: Dunlap
DesRon8: DesDiv15 (Cdr W.R Simpson): Lang, Sterett, Stack

43/08/06 x Vella Lavella: TG 31.2 sinking Kawakaze, Arashi, Hagikaze (0750' s., 15647' E.)

Vella Lavella landing 43/08
CTF RAdm Theodore S. Wilkinson
DD Chevalier, Waller, Taylor, O'Bannon, Pringle, Philip, Conway, Cony, Eaton
APD Stringham
TG 31.?
CTG Cap T. J. Ryan
DD Nicholas, O'Bannon & Taylor, Chevalier
TG 31.5 - Northern Landing Force Advance Transport Group
APD Talbot, Waters, Dent, Kilty
TU 31.5.1
DD Nicholas

43/08/14 31.5 departed Guadalcanal to Vella Lavella
43/08/15 D-Day Vella Lavella
31.5 land troops at Vella Lavella - attacked by planes
43/08/17 Philip collided with Waller
31.5.1 back at Tulagi
43/08/18 31.? - attack DesRon3 reinforcement convoy off Kolombangara

TG 31.2 - Vella Lavella Reinforcement
DD Selfridge/GF, Patterson, McCalla, Ralph Talbot, Radford, Jenkins, Converse

43/09/23 departed Tulagi to engage barges reported evacuating Kolombangara
43/09/24 ordered to screen LST and APD group heading to reinforce Vella Lavella
43/09/25 LSTs and APDs arrived Vella Lavella, APDs unloaded and DDs escorted them for Rendova Is.
DDs returned to Vella Lavella to repel air attack on LSTs
DDs escorted LSTs and APDs to Guadalcanal
43/09/26 arrived Tulagi

"SHOESTRING II." - Cape Torokina Landing 1943/11
CTF RAdm Theodore S. Wilkinson
DD Eaton
DD DesRon22: DesDiv43: Waller/DF, Pringle, Renshaw, Saufley
DesDiv44: Sigourney, Conway, Bennett
DesRon45: DesDiv89: Fullam, Hudson, Guest, Bennett
DesDiv90: Terry, Braine, Wadsworth, Anthony
DMS MineRon2: Hopkins/SF
MineDiv4: Trever
MineDiv5: Southard, Hovey
MineDiv6: Dorsey
DM MineRon1: Gamble, Breese, Sicard
APD Dent, Dorsey
AP President Jackson
APA George Clymer/FF, Hunter Liggett, Fuller, President Jackson
TG 31.5
DD DesRon45: DesDiv89: Fullam, Hudson, Guest, Bennett
DesDiv90: Terry, Braine, Wadsworth, Anthony
DesRon22: Sigourney, Conway, Renshaw
AP 12
TU 31.5.1
DD Bennett
TG 31.6
DD DesRon22: DesDiv43: Waller/DF, Pringle, Renshaw, Saufley
DesDiv44: Sigourney, Conway
APD 8: McKean, Crosby, Talbot
TG 31.7 - 3rd Empress Augusta Bay Echelon
DD Pringle
TG 31.7 - 43/12
DD Braine
TG 31.? - 2nd Empress Augusta Bay Echelon
DD DesRon45: DesDiv89: Guest, Hudson, Fullam, Bennett
DesDiv90: Anthony, Wadsworth

43/10/28 departed Efate
43/11/01 D-Day Cape Torokina
31.5 arrived Cape Torokina
43/11/03 31.5 arrived Port Purvis, Tulagi
43/11/05 31.? departed Tulagi for Cape Torokina
43/11/08 APAs Fuller, President Jackson damaged by aircraft
31.? - Anthony and Hudson fight with PT-170, PT-169 off Empres Augusta Inlet
43/11/09 31.7 departed Tulagi for Empress Augusta Bay covered by TG 39.1
43/11/11 31.7 arrived Empress Augusta Bay - start unloading
43/11/12 31.7 departed Empress Augusta Bay covered by TG 39.1
43/11/14 31.5.1 - Bennett assigned to assist damaged Denver
43/11/15 31.6 departed Tulagi
43/11/17 31.6 arrived Empress Augusta Inlet - McKean sunk by aerial torpedo
43/12 - 44/01 31.7 - convoy escort duty to Bougainville
43/12/03 Braine and Bennet enroute from Tulagi to Bougainville escorting convoy - attacked by planes off Treasury Islands

Green Islands Landing 1944/02
CTF RAdm Theodore S. Wilkinson
DD Eaton, Warrington
DesRon22: DesDiv43: Pringle
DesDiv44: Sigourney, Conway
DesRon45: DesDiv89: Halford, Bennett, Guest, Fullam, Hudson
DesDiv90 (Cdr Edmund B. Taylor): Anthony, Wadsworth, Terry, Braine
APD Talbot, Stringham, Waters, Kilty, Dickerson, Crosby, Noa
TG 31.1
TU 31.1.4
DD DesRon45/DesDiv89: Halford/FF, Fullam, Guest, Hudson
APD Ward
TG 31.8
DD DesRon45/DesDiv89: Fullam, Bennet, Guest, Hudson
APD Talbot, Waters, Dickerson
PT 2

44/01/30 31.8 land 30th Battalion (New Zealand) on Green Island to locate areas suitable for airstrips and landing beaches - recovered later that day
44/01/31 31.8 - Fullam found I-171 off Green Is.
44/02/01 31.8 - Guest and Hudson sinking I-171 15 nm W of Buka Is. (05-37S, 154-14E)
44/02/13 departed Guadalcanal for Green Islands
44/02/14 land Pakonian Plantation, west side of Green Island
31.1.4 departed Vella Lavella
44/02/15 D-Day Green Islands - 3rd Infantry Division (New Zealand)
attacked by aircraft - LST-486 damaged by near-miss
44/02/16 APDs back at Florida Is
44/02/20 reinforcement convoy arrived Green Islands
44/02/23 DesRon45 departed Tulagi for antishipping sweep in St. George Channel
44/02/24 DesRon45 refueled at Treasury Islands
44/02/25 DesRon45 shell Rabaul and Kavieng - Bennett and Halford sinking 2 coastal ships W of New Ireland
44/02/26 DesRon45 commenced sweep E and W of Buka / Rabaul area awaiting possible evacuating efforts
44/02/29 DesRon22 + DesRon45 shell Rabaul
44/03/0? DesRon45 finished sweep, return to base

Emirau Landing 1944/03/20
DD Braine
TG 31.2
CTG Commo Lawrence F. Reifsnider
DD Dyson (03/?-03/26)
DesRon22: DesDiv43: Pringle
DesDiv44: Sigourney
TG 31.6
DD Anthony
DE Wintle
AK Adhara, Carine
PC PC-584
AT Pawnee

44/03/20 D-Day Emirau (4th Marines)
44/03/26 Dyson transferred to TG 58.4
44/04/02 31.6 departed for Emirau
44/04/04 31.6 arrived Emirau - commenced unloading
44/04/10 31.6 - Wintle and AKs departed Emirau for Guadalcanal
44/04/14 31.6 - Wintle and AKs arrived Guadalcanal

"STALEMATE II." - Joint Expeditionary Force
CTF VAdm Theodore S. Wilkinson
CA Louisville, Portland
CL Honolulu, Helena, Denver
DD Gillespie, Ross (from 09/20), McDermut (from 09/21)
APD Rathburne (from 09/19), Sands
DM Montgomery
APA Bolivar, Fremont
TG 31.1 Fire Support Group
CTU RAdm Jesse B. Oldendorf
TG 31.2
CTU RAdm Ralph A. Oftsie (ComCarDiv26)
CVE CarDiv26:
Kitkun Bay/GF,UF,DF (VC-5), White Plains (VC-4), Gambier Bay (VC-10)
DD Claxton, Aulick, Cony, Sigourney
TG 31.4 - Western Garrison Group
DE CortDiv32:: Kyne
CortDiv49: Reynolds, Donaldson, Lake, Lyman, Crowley
ARB Oceanus
ARB Oceanus
AK 2
SS 14: Cape Isabel, Yugoslavia Victory
TU 31.4.2
DE Kyne, Crowley
ARB Oceanus
TU 31.4.4
DE Reynolds
TG 31.? - Ulithi Garrison Group - UliGarGrp
DE Rall

44/08/20 31.4.4 departed P.H.
44/09/10 31.4.2 departed Russell Islands for Manus
44/09/14 31.4.2 arrived Manus
44/09/15 31.4 departed Manus for Palau Islands
44/09/19 Rathburne joined from TG 32.5
44/09/20 Ross joined from TG 32.5
31.4 arrived Kossol Roads, Palau
44/09/21 McDermut joined from TF 32
44/09/23 D-Day Ulithi
44/09/24 Ross departed to Peleliu
44/09/25 Sands departed for Hollandia
44/09/26 Ross transferred back to TF 32
44/09/28 Sands arrived Hollandia
44/10/05 31.4.4 - Reynolds disjoined
44/10/08 UliGarGrp arrived Ulithi

"ICEBERG" - Joint Expeditionary Force
TG 31.5 - Transport Screen
CTG Commo Frederick C. Moosbrugger (ComDesFlot5)
DD Moale (06/06-06/28), Boyd, Fullam, Guest (till 06/06), Ammen, Aulick, Anthony (till 06/24), Callaghan (sunk 07/28), William D. Porter (sunk 06/10)
Filling of Radar Picket Stations
RP1 45/06/07 Anthony (damaged)
RP5 45/05/2?-06/01 Fullam, Ammen
45/06/01-04, 06/05-06 Guest
45/06/06 Aulick
RP7 45/07/28 Callaghan (sunk)
RP13 45/05/12-13 Guest
RP15 45/06/10 William D. Porter (sunk)
TG 31.11
TU 31.11.2
AK Alkes
TG 31.29
TU 31.29.1
DE McClelland
AP Elizabeth C. Stanton
TU 31.29.8
DE Abercrombie
TU 31.29.29
ARL Endymion

45/05/28 TF 51 > TF 31
31.11.1 arrived Kerama Retto
45/06/06 31.5 Moale joined, Guest transferred to TF 34
45/06/07 31.29.29 departed for Saipan
45/06/08 31.29.1 departed Okinawa for Saipan
45/06/12 31.29.1 arrived Saipan
45/06/14 31.29.8 departed for Saipan
45/06/18 31.29.8 arrived Saipan
45/06/28 31.5 - Moale disjoined

Homeland Occupation
CTF RAdm Oscar C. Badger

CL San Diego/FF
DD Yarnall, Halsey Powell, Southerland?
APD Runels
TG 31.2 - Minesweeping Group
DM Thomas E. Fraser, Gwin
DMS Ellyson, Gherardi, Hambleton, Fitch, Hopkins, Jeffers, Macomb
YMS YMS-426, YMS-415, YMS-467, YMS-390, YMS-461, YMS-441
probably YMS-177, YMS-268, YMS-276, YMS-343, YMS-262
AMS Revenge, Token, Tumult, Pochard
PGM 2: PGM-32
ACM Picket
TG 31.5
DD Yarnall, Halsey Powell

45/08/20 formed to assume responsibility for the occupation of Yokosuka naval base
45/08/2? Runels joined
45/08/25 31.2 departed Okinawa for Tokio Bay
45/08/26 31.5 Yarnall, Halsey Powell joined
45/08/27 Runels arrived Sagami Wan
31.2 swept entrances to Sagami Wan