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SS-420 Tirante
United States Navy submarine
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
1944/11/06 1974/03
TTD differences from class:45/06: 1x127/25, 2x40, Ms 32/9SS

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
45/02       joinPac  
45/03/25       patro01: sinking AN Fuji Maru off Tori Jima, Japan (31-08N, 130-30E)   85 
45/03/28       patro01: sinking fishing boat Nase Maru W of Oniki cape SW Kjushu (32-15N, 29-55E)   85 
45/03/30       patro01: sinking guardboat Eikici Maru off Kagoshima (31-11N, 130-09E)   85 
45/04 45/06???     patro01: Yellow Sea, East China Sea - with Sea Owl, Puffer   66 
45/04/07       patro01: sinking PC Tama Maru 53 nm WSW of Mokpo, Korea (34-35N, 125-20E)   85 
45/04/09       patro01: attacking convoy TAMO-53 135 nm WSW of Inchon, Korea:   85 
45/04/09       patro01: sinking AO Nikko Maru, damging corv. #102 from (36-50N, 123-55E)   85 
45/04/14       patro01: sinking AP Juzan M., PF Nomi, #31 from convoy MOSI-02 W of Queipart Is, (33-25N, 126-15E)   85 
45/06/11       patro: sinking AK Hakuju Maru off Hashima (off Nagasaki) (42-37N, 129-45E)   85 
45/06/23       patro: sinking sailing junk Antung Maru #293 E of Korea   85 
45/06/24       patro: sinking sailing junk Antung Maru #284 E of Korea   85 
45/07/04       patro: sinking guardboats? Koshe Maru, Mashuje Maru 160 nm WSW of Inchon, Korea (37-15N, 123-19E)   85 
45/07/08       patro: sinking AK/AP Saitsu Maru off Dairen, Korea (38-48N, 121-25E)   85 

Ship status, hull number changes...:
Ship score (awards, enemy ships credited...): 6/14186 freg.Nomi,korv.31