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SS-222 Bluefish
United States Navy submarine
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why
Gato 1942/06/05
Electric Boat Co., Groton, Conn.
1943/02/21 1943/05/24 1960/06/08
Namesake: Bluefish is a fish of the Atlantic coast of the United States.
TTD differences from class:44: 1x102/50 cal, ?1?x20/Mk10

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
43/08       joinPac  
43/08/21     72 Brisbane   66 
43/09/09       patro01  
43/09/25       patro01: damaging AK Akashi Maru 370 nm ENE of Surabaya (06-23S, 118-55E), attacked by AM Wa-4   85 
43/09/27       patro01: sinking Kasasagi 25 nm S of Flores Sea (05-50S, 121-57E)   66  85 
43/09/29       patro01: sinking AK Akashi Maru ENE of Surabaya (06-11S, 126-00E)   85 
43/11     Fremantle Base    
43/11/08       patro: sinking AO Kjokuei Maru 210 nm WNW of Cape Bolinao, Luzon (17-00N, 116-19E)   85 
43/11/18       patro: sinking Sanae, damaging AO Ondo 90 nm S of Basilan Is. (04-52N,122-07E)   66  85 
43/12/30       patro: sinking AO Iciju Maru in Karimata Strait betw. Belitung Is. and Borneo (02-45S, 109-10E)   85 
44/01/03       patro: lay mines off E Malayan coast   85 
44/01/04       patro: sinking AO Hakko Maru from convoy off French Indochina 240 nm SSE of Saigon (07-10N, 108-28E)   85 
44/03/04       patro: sinking AO Ominesan Maru 300 nm W of Miri, Sarawak (05-29N, 108-46E) > depth charged   85 
44/05/30       sighted Biak reinforce covering group leaving Tawi Tawi   99 
44/06 44/07 Forage 71     86 
44/06/16   Forage 71 patro: sinking AK Nanshin Maru from convoy SW of Tarakan, Borneo (02-22N, 118-24)   85 
44/06/21   Forage 71 patro: sinking AK Kanan Maru S of Makassar Strait (03-58S, 116-35E)   85 
44/08       patro: sail to South China Sea Fremanlte  
44/08/08       patro: join Hoe > sail to Luzon coast  
44/08/14       patro: sinking damged(Puffer) AO Shinpo Maru off Golo Is., NW of Mindoro (13-39N, 120-22E)   85 
44/08/19       patro: sinking AO/AV Hajasui from convoy NI-71 80 nm NW of Cape Bolinao, Luzon (17-34N, 119-23E)   85 
44/08/19       patro: damaging AH Awa Maru 75 nm NNW of Cape Bolinao (17-36N, 119-38E)   85 
45/03/19       patro: damaging guardboat Shinja Maru #1 150 nm SE of Shiono-misaki, Honshu (31-35N, 137-50E)   85 
45/07/09       patro: sinking PC Cha-50 105 nm ESE of Endau, Malaya (02-13N, 105-03E)   85 
45/07/15       patro: sinking I-351 100 nm ESE Natuna Besar, Borneo (05-44N, 110-06E)   81  85 

Ship status, hull number changes...: 1959/06/01 struck from Navy List
Ship score (awards, enemy ships credited...): 10 Battle Stars, 9 patrols 9/46774,or 12/50839 (DANFS - ??including warships??) Sanae, Kasanagi, PC Nr.2, I-351