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DD-227 Pillsbury
United States Navy destroyer
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why
Clemson 1919/10/23
William Cramp & Sons Shipbuilding, Philadelphia,
1920/08/03 1920/12/15 1942/03/01
Namesake: RAdm John E. Pillsbury, *1848/12/15, +1919/12/30 Chief BuNav, president of National Geographic Society
TTD differences from class:

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
41/12/08     AsiaFlt/DesDiv59 Manila Bay - repairs   81 
41/12/10       damaged by planes (Takao kokutai, 1st kokutai) in Cavite Navy Yard   85 
41/12/24       patrol S of Manila Bay   81 
42/01 42/02/03   5/DesRon29/DesDiv59 Java Sea  
42/02/03 42/02/20   CombStrFor    
42/02/20     CombStrFor send to Australia  
42/03/02       sunk(Atago, Takao) in Bali Strait (15-38S, 113-13E)   89 

Ship status, hull number changes...:
Ship score (awards, enemy ships credited...): 2 Battle Stars