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P331 Trenchant
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why

Chatham Royal Dockyard
1944/02/26 1963
TTD differences from class:

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
44/08/09       sinking fishing bat Hijoshi Maru #2 off S Sumatra coast, 190 nm NW of Sunda Strait (04-26S, 102-54E)   85 
44/10/28       launched swimmer vehicles which sunk AP Sumatra Maru at Phuket Harbor (07-54N, 98-28E)   85 
44/12/25       sinking/share(Terrapin) AM Reisui M., AK Hinode M. #23, sailing vessel Wakamija M. in Malacca Strait   85 
44/II       joinInd  
45/02/25       sinking AK Akijama Maru #9 from convoy in S Malacca Strait (03-07N, 99-56E)   85 
45/03/04       sinking/share(Terrapin) PC Ch-8 off Penang (04-04N, 110-35E)   85 
45/05/25       sinking AM Wa-105 off Tandjung Bugel (06-45S, 112-31E)   85 
45/06       patro: Java Sea  
45/06/08       sinking Ashigara 14 nm WSW of Muntok, N entrance to Bangka Strait (02-00S, 104-56E)   85 
45/07/13       sinking schooner W of Celebes (03-10S, 118-50E)   85 
45/07/18       sinking shuttle vessel Hajabusa Maru from convoy NW of Lomboc Is. (08-22S, 116-02E)   85 
45/07/18       damaging AK Taikjo M. #3, Nichei M. #3, Saiwai M. #2 from convoy NW of Lomboc Is. (08-22S, 116-02E)   85 

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