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P317 Tally-Ho
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why

Vickers Armstrong
1943/04/11 1967
TTD differences from class:

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
43/10       joinInd  
43/11/10       sinking water tender Kisogawa Maru in northern Malacca Strait (06-12N, 99-25E)   85 
44/01/11       sinking Kuma 10 nm NW of Penang (06-00N, 39-00E)   85 
44/01/15       sinking AK Ry?k? Maru s of Port Blair, Andaman Is. (10-03N, 93-05E)   85 
44/01/21       sinking AK Daigen Maru #67 in Malacca Strait 130nm S of Pinang Is., Malaya (03-15N, 100-40E)   85 
44/02/14       sinking UIT-23 (ex-Italian Reginaldo Giuliani) off Penang, Malaya (04-25N, 100-09E)   85 
44/02/21       sinking AK Taigen Maru #6 in Malacca Strait (04-00N, 101-00E)   85 
44/02/24       damaging Kari in Malacca Strait   85 
44/07/10       damaging sailing vessel Choun Maru #3 off Bernam River, Malaya   85 
44/10/06       sinking PC Cha-2 110 nm W of Penang, Malaya (04-20N, 98-24E)   85 
44/11/20       sinking minelayer Ma-4 30 nm E of S tip of Great Nicobar Is. (06-55N, 94-15E)   85 
44/12       leftInd  

Ship status, hull number changes...:
Ship score (awards, enemy ships credited...):