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SS I-26
Imperial Japanese Navy submarine
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why
Ocu-gata . .
. . 1944/10/25
TTD differences from class:

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
41/12       off Strait of Juan de Fuca, Seattle   66 
41/12/08       sinking steamship Cynthia Olson (33-42N, 145-29W)   85 
42/05 42/06   D5/AleFor/SubDet/SubRon1/SubDiv4 xMidway  
42/06/07     D5/AleFor/SubDet/SubRon1/SubDiv4 sinking AK Coast Trader 35 nm SW of Cape Flattery, Wash. (48-19N, 125-40W)   85 
42/06/20       shell Estevan Point, Vancouver Is. British Columbia   85 
42/08 42/09 KI AdvSubFor/SubRon1 patro: Solomons   103 
42/08/31   KI AdvSubFor/SubRon1 disabling Saratoga off San Cristobal (10-34S, 164-18E)   85 
42/10       serving as seaplane tender off Shortland  
42/11/13       sinking Juneau in Indispensable Sound  
43/03       patro: sail from Truk to Eastern coast of Australia  
43/03/0?       Bismarck Sea - rescue (with I-17) survivors after x Bismarck Sea   99 
43/12/28       sinking AK Robert F. Hoke en route from Adadan, Iran to Mombasa, Kenya (20-05N, 59-58E)   85 
44/01/02       sinking AK Albert Gallatin 60 nm of Arabian coast (21-21N, 59-58E)   85 
44/03/13       sinking AO H.D. Collier 200 nm SSW of Karaci, India (21-30N, 66-11E)   85 
44/03/29       sinking AK Richard Hovey 500nm WSW of Karaci, India (16-40N, 64-30E)   85 
44/10/25       MIA  
44/11/17       sunk/prob(Lawrence C. Taylor, Anzio) E of Samar (12-44N, 130-42E)   85 

Ship status, hull number changes...: 1944/11/21 presumed lost
Ship score (awards, enemy ships credited...): 10/58950 Juneau