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CL Katori
Imperial Japanese Navy light cruiser
Class Laid down, Shipyard LaunchedCommissioned Disabled and Why
Katori 1938/08/24
Micubishi Jokohama
1939/06/17 1940/04/20 1944/02/17
Namesake: A river, and shrine (svatyně) founded by Jimmu Tenno, the divine (božským) first emperor
TTD differences from class:

WW II combat actions:
From Till Operation Force Action Source
41     3rdFlt/DesRon5    
42/02     WestFor xJavaS  
42/05 42/06   E/SubForAdv/FF xMidway-Kwajalein  
43/03/21 43/03/26     sail from Truk to Jokosuka   99 
43/05/05 43/05/11     sail from Jokosuka to Truk   99 
44/02/17       damage(Yorktown II, Intrepid, Bunker Hill, Cowpens) off Truk en route to Jokosuka   99  85 
44/02/17       sunk(TG 50.9) NW of Truk (07-45N, 151-20E)   85 

Ship status, hull number changes...: sunk 07-45N, 151-20E
Ship score (awards, enemy ships credited...):