Last update: 22.02.2001

Personel List - Letter Y
Name, RankUnitScoreKIASource
Yagemann, William; , USN Pompanito 44/08-44/09 (patrol 3) NM  81
Yates, Frank; Ens, USN pil. FM-2 VC-41 45/08   70
Yeager, Robert L.; MoMM1/c, USN Crevalle 44/09 (patrol 5) SS  81
Yentzer, R.V.B.; Ltjg, USN pil. FM-2 VOC-1/Iceber   70
Yeomans, Elmer E.; LtCdr, USN ComSubDiv53   27
Yett, Frank A.; Ltjg, USN Bryant BS  81
Yewonishon, Joseph; ARM2/c, USN VB-8/xMid   65
York, Edward; 2Lt, USAF pil. 17.BG   12
Yost, Donald K.; Maj-LtCol, USMC pil. VMF-121, od 42/12 CVMF-121, CMCVG-4 1945 6 kills  48,52,72
6 kills
Youmans, T.S.; Ltjg, USN CO LCI-438   25
Young, Andrew L., Jr.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Hull 43/05-Galvan, CO Rowe 44/03/13-?   25,85,66
Young, Cassin; Cdr-Cap, USN CO AR Vestal 41/12/07, CO San Francisco/xGuad CMH 42/11/12 8,81
DD-793 Cassin Young named to his honorCMH: "Comdr. Young proceeded to the bridge and later took personal command ofthe 3-inch antiaircraft gun. When blown overboard by the blast of the forwardmagazine explosion of the U.S.S. Arizona, to which the U.S.S. Vestal wasmoored, he swam back to his ship. The entire forward part of the U.S.S.Arizona was a blazing inferno with oil afire on the water between the 2 ships;as a result of several bomb hits, the U.S.S. Vestal was afire in severalplaces, was settling and taking on a list. Despite severe enemy bombing andstrafing at the time, and his shocking experience of having been blownoverboard, Comdr. Young, with extreme coolness and calmness, moved his ship toan anchorage distant from the U.S.S. Arizona, and subsequently beached theU.S.S. Vestal upon determining that such action was required to save hisship."
Young, E.W.; Cap, USN CTG 55.6/Iceber   86
Young, Howard L. "Brigham"; Cdr - Cap, CAG-6 41/12/07-42/03/10, CO Ommaney Bay 44/02/11-Mike1   37,39,70,66
Young, Charles Robert; ARM3/c, USN VB-6/xMid  42/06/04MIA 65
Young, J.; , USN Astoria   8
Young, Owen Dewitt; Lt, USN pil. VF(N)-90/Detach 5 kills  80
YOung, R.C.; Cdr, USN CO Dortch/Hailst   104
Yunck, Michael R.; 1Lt, USMC pil. VMO-251 5 kills  52
5 kills