Last update: 22.02.2001

Personel List - Letter w
Name, RankUnitScoreKIASource
w, Kijoshi; Ens, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai   37
W.G., Andrews; Cap, RN CO Formidable/Iceber   86
Waci, Cunezo; Cdr, IJN Iwojima   19
Wacudo, Kusho; , IJN CO I-29   
Wada, Haruto; SgtMaj, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   53
Wada, Joshiro; Cdr, IJN LO CombFlt   01,
Wada, Mucuo; LtCdr, IJN CO RO-42 44/01, CO I-33 44/06  44/06/13 86,81
Wada, S.; Cap, IJN CO Kure kokutai 41/12-?   114
Wada, Tecujiro; Cdr, IJN CAG Shokaku 41/12-?   114,104
Wade, H.; 1Lt, USAF 7.BG   53
Wadel, R.P.; Cdr, USN CO APA Bolivar   25
Wadzima, Joshio; WO, IJN pil. Citose kokutai   34
Wagner, Boyd D. "Buzz"; 2Lt-LtCol, USAF pil. 17.FS, FighterCommand5 8 kills 43 20,61
8 kills
Wagner, Daniel J.; LtCdr, USN CO Elliot 42/08   81
Wagner, Frank D.; Cap-RAdm, USN ComAirAsia & ComPatWing10 41/12-?, ComAir7thFlt 44/07   16,66,114
Wagner, Frank W.; Cap, USN Badoeng Command   53
Wahl, Eugene A.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 35.FS   61
Waite, Stephen; MM, USN Laffey II/Iceber   81
Waite, Steve; MM1/c, USN Laffey II /Iceber   81
Wakabajashi, Kazuo; Cdr, IJN CO Kawakaze 41/12-42/11/28   38,81,99,114
Wakamacu, ; 1Lt, IJAAF 84.cutai   53
Wakao, ; Lt, IJNAF pil. Tainan kokutai   20
Wakasugi, J.; LtCdr, IJN CO Minekaze 41/12-?   114
Wakefield, Ellis Kerr; Cdr, USN CO Twinning 43/12/01-Forage   25,66
Wakefield, J.A.; Ens, USN pil. VF-15  43/09/18 29
Wakeford, W.; Cdr, USN CO AS Pellas 41/12   114
Wakeham, ; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-10(B-1)/xSCruz   79
Wakida, Kiiciro; Cdr-Cap, IJN ComDesDiv1 43/01/12-43/08/20, ComDesDiv21 43/08/20-?, ComDesDiv41 44/11  44/11/25 99
KIA onboard Shimocuki
Wakita, K.; Cdr, IJN ComMTBDiv21 41/12-?   114
Walden, H.T.; Lt, USN CO LST-128   25
Waldo, ; 2Lt, USAF pil. 501.BS   31
Waldron, ; Cdr?, USN CO Macomb/Iceber   110
Waldron, A.L.C.; Lt, USN CO Hopkins   25
Waldron, John Charles; LtCdr, USN CVT-8(T-16)  42/06/04MIA 01,65
DD-699 Waldron named to his honor
Waldrop, L.E.; Ltjg, USN pil. TBM VC-65/King2   70
Waldrup, Leonard E.; Lt, USN pil. VT-?/VC-? (St.Lo)   19
Waldschmidt, Theodore M.; Cap, USN CO Raleigh 43/02-43/06   85
Walker, Carleton; ARM, USN VB-9   28
Walker, Francis D.; Lt-LtCdr, USN XO Searaven 42, XO Crevalle 43/09-44/03/16, CO Crevalle 44/03/16-44/12/23 (patrol 3-5) 2xNC, GS  6,81,66
Walker, Frank R.; Cdr-Cap, USN CO Patterson/Watch, ComDesDiv /xVelLav2, CTG 74.2 43/11   11,99,85
Walker, Homer E., Jr.; RM3/c, USN VT-6/xMid   65
Walker, J.P.; Cap, USN CO Sitkoh Bay/Iceber   70
Walker, Jim; SM?, USN Hornet   63
Walker, K.; gen, USAF ComBombingCommand5   41
Walker, L.M.; Lt, USN CO SC-1272   25
Walker, P.A.; , USN CTG 54.11/Galvan   25
Walker, Warren; , USN mount captain Laffey II /Iceber   81
Walker, William R.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 33.FS   53
Walker, William W.; LtCdr, USN CO Snapper 44/10   86
Wall, Doyle E.; RM3/c, USN VT-6/xMid   65
Wall, Robert W.; ??, USAF air machinist WIA 42/04/18  63
Wallace, B.H.; Lt, USN CO LST-723   25
Wallace, D.J., Jr.; LtCdr, USN CVF-31/King2   80
Wallace, J.B.; Lt-LtCdr, USN CVC-92 Mike1 - Iceber   70
Wallace, Lewis; LtCdr, USN CO Tarpon 41/12-42   27,81
Wallace, Ralph G.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 345.BG   41/3
Wallace, William J.; Col, USMC CMAG-23/xEasSol   8,104
Waller, Hector M.L.; Cap, RAN CO Perth 41/10/24-42/03/01 DSO  7,108
Wallin, Homer N.; Cap, USN ChiefBattleshipIngeneer P.H.   13
Walling, J.F.; Cdr, USN CO Snook 45/03-45/04 (patrol 9), wolfpack  45/04/08MIA 81
Walsh, J.A.; Cdr, RAN XO Canberra   8
Walsh, John F.; Cdr, USN CO Wadsworth /Forage, ComDesDiv90 from 44/05/31-07/05   25,66
Walsh, Kenneth Ambrose; 2Lt-Cap, USMC pil. VMF-124, instructor NAS Jacksonville, AssOpOf MAG14 21 kills, CMH  48
CMH for "Action in air combat at VellaLavella; 15 and 30 Aug 1943"
Walsh, Thomas M.; ARM3/c, USN VB-8/xMid   65
Walter, John P.; Ens, USN pil. VB-15  43/11/01 29
Walters, Bucky; Ltjg, USN pil. VS-6   37
Walters, W.G. "Bucky"; ARM1/c, USN VB-12/Detach   84
Ward, D.J.; Ens, USN pil. VT-15  42/02/11 29
Ward, Earl; ARM, USN VB-9   28
Ward, Frank T.; Cap, USN CO Shamrock Bay 44/03/15 - 45/05/20   70,66
Ward, James H.; Cdr, USN CO Conyngham 1942/43 SS,BS  66
Ward, James Richard; S1/c, USN Oklahoma 41/12/07 CMH 41/12/07 81
DE-243 J. Richard Ward named to his honorCMH: "For conspicuous devotion to duty, extraordinary courage and completedisregard of his life, above and beyond the call of duty, during the attack onthe Fleet in Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces on 7 December 1941. When it wasseen that the U.S.S. Oklahoma was going to capsize and the order was given toabandon ship, Ward remained in a turret holding a flashlight so the remainderof the turret crew could see to escape, thereby sacrificing his own life."
Ward, Jerrold R.; ARM3/c, USN VT-51   02
Ward, Lesle J.; Ltjg, USN pil. VS-10(S-18)/xSCruz   37,79
Ward, Norvell G.; LtCdr, USN CO Guardfish 44/02   86
Ward, R.D.; Lt, USN Becuna from 44/05 BS  81
Ward, R.L.; Lt, USN CO ATF Molala   25
Ward, Robert E.M.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN XO S-26, CO Sailfish 43/12-?   19,82,89
Ward, Samuel; PM?/c, USN Yorktown   30
Ward, T.D.; ACMM, USN VBF-12 45/01   84
Warden, William Howard; Mach-Ltjg, USN pil. VF-6(F-12)/xMid, Red5 VF-6   65,37
Wardenga, Henry; Ens, USN pil. FM-2 VC-84/Iceber   70
Warder, Frederick B.; Lt-Cdr, USN CO Seawolf 39/12-43/02 (patrol 1-7), wlfpack   16,81,82,6
Ware, Charles Rollins; Lt, USN pil. VS-6(S-4)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 01,65,81
DD-864 Charles R. Ware named to his honor
Ware, Robert L.; Lt, USN pil. VS-72   37
Warfield, T.G.; Lt, USN CO AM Bittern 41/12   81
Waring, Kenneth; Cap, USAF pil. 500.BS   31
Warlick, William W.; Cap, USN ComDesDiv15/xEasSol, CO Massachusetts/King2   81
Warner, Everett; Cap, USN BuShips   
Warner, Thomas D.; Cap, USN CO AP? American Legion   67
Warrack, R.C.; Cap, USN CO Kwajalein 44/06/07-Mindoro   39,70
Washburn, G.A.T.; Cap, USN CO Lunga Point 44/05/14 - Iceber   70,66
Washimi, Goro; Lt, IJNAF CO cutai B5N Shokaku/xSCruz   37
Watanabe, Chuzo; Ens, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai  42/02/30 37
Watanabe, Jasudzi; Cdr-Cap, IJN OpOf CombFlt   01,
Watanabe, Jasumasu; LtCdr-Cdr, IJN CO Arashi 41-42/11/15, CO Hacukaze 42/12/28-43/07/01, ComDesDiv1 43/08/20-43/12/18  43/12/18 13,99
Watanabe, Joshiro; Lt, IJN CO Uzuki 43/05/25-xCaStGe   99,104
Watanabe, Kozo; Ens, IJN kaiten I-47 44/11/20  44/11/20 19,81
Watanabe, Masaki; LtCdr, IJN CO I-177 44/10  44/10/03 81
Watanabe, Masao; svob, IJNAF pil. Tainan kokutai  42/05/25 37
Watanabe, Masaru; LtCdr, IJN CO I-40 44/02  44/02/21MIA 81
Watanabe, S.; Cap, IJN CO Cokai 41/12   114
Waterhouse, J.W.; Cdr, USN CO Luce/Iceber   86
Waters, Francis M.; Ltjg, USN pil. VT-51   02
Watkin, R.C.; LtCdr, RN CO Wager   
Watkins, ; MM, USN Astoria   8
Watkins, Frank T.; Cap, USN C/S ComSubPac, CO Flying Fish 43/06/02-43/07/27 (patrol 6)   81,66
Watkins, James Charles; CSM, USN Cushing /xGuadal   81
Watkins, James Charles; CSM, USN Cushing 42/11   81
Watson, E.B.; Lt, USN CO LST-277   25
Watson, Frank; PO, RAN Perth   19
Watson, P.W.; Cap, USN CO Coral Sea/Forage   70
Watson, William; , USN pil. VB-9   28
Watt, J.C.; Lt, USN CO LSM-323   25
Wattenberger, R.C.; Ltjg, USN pil. VF(N)-90/Detach   80
Wattles, Thomas L.; Cap, USN CO Topeka 44/12/23-?   38,66
Watts, Charles. E. "Billy"; Ens, USN pil. VF-18 43/11 8.75 kills  50,80
Watts, Thomas; ARM1/c, USN VT(N)-90/Detach   106
Wawell, Archibald; Marsh, RArm ABDACOM   16
Weatherford, Fred G.; Lt, USN Yorktown II   28
Weatherholt, Robert E.; Ltjg, USN pil. TBM VC-10/King2   70
Weathorup, Robert "Doe"; , USN pil. VF-6   59
Weaver, Edwin R.; Cap, USAF pil. 431.FS   24
Weaver, Charles W.; LtCdr, USN AssOpOfPhibFor5   25
Weaver, Sydney Kay; ARM3/c, USN VB-3/xMid   65
Webb, Andrew F.; 2Lt, USAF pil. 3.FS   53
Webb, E.N.; LtCdr, USN CVC-88/Mike1-45/01/15  45/01/15 70
Webb, Henry G.; Lt, USMC pil. VMF-211 41/12   81
WIA 41/12/08
Webb, Charles D.; Lt, USN pil. VT-15   29
Webb, R.C.; Cdr, USN CTU 53.5.12   25
Webb, Thomas Sherman; Cdr?, USN NO Indiana 1944/08/14-45/11/06   112
Webb, Wilbur B. "Spider"; Ens, USN pil. VF-2/Forage-King2 7 kills  20,80
Weber, Alban; Lt-LtCdr, USN CO Dempsey 43/12/13-45/02/11   81
Weber, Frederick Thomas; Ens, USN pil. VB-6(B-3)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 01,37,65,81
APD-75 Weber named to his honor
Weber, William G.; Ens, USN Hammann   01,
Weddle, R.V.; Ltjg, USN CO SC-1315   25
Weeden, Carl Alfred; Ens, USN Arizona 41/12/07  41/12/07 66
DE-797 Weeden named to his honor
Wegener, Harold W.; Ens, USN pil. VB-12/Detach   84
Wegforth, J.F.; Cap, USN CO Langley II/King2   81
Weiber, Charles W.; Cap, USN CO Enterprise 43/04/07-43/04/16, CO Essex 44/08/10-King2   29,81
Weiland, Charles Patrick; , USMC pil. VMO-251 42/12   81
Weir, Frank E.; LtCol, USMC AssOpOf(Air)PhibForSoPac   25
Weis, Werner Innocenz; RE, USN spare pilot VT-3/xMid   65
Weise, George K.; SM, USN Yorktown   01,
Weiss, Herman; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-37/King2   70
Weissenberger, G.J.; Maj, USMC CVMF-213   48
Weissenborn, ; Lt, USN pil. VT-3(T-7)/xEasSol   79
Weitzel, Charles W.; Cdr, USN CO APA President Jackson   67
Welch, Claude H.; Maj, USMC CVMF-121 (45/05/26-45/06)   48
Welch, George S.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 47.FS, 36.FS, 80.FS 16 kills  41/1
16 kills
Welch, P.B.; Lt, USN CO LST-684   25
Welch, Vivian W.; Lt, USN XO VB-10(B-13)/xSCruz   8,37,79
Well Groeneveld, C. A. J. van; LtCdr, KM CO K-XIV 41/12/15-42/01/04, K-XVIII 42/01/04-42/03/02   16
Wellborn, Charles, Jr.; Cap, USN CO Iowa 45/07-45/11   81
Weller, Oscar A. "Tex"; Cap, USN CO White Plains 43/11/15 - 07/16, CTU 52.14.2/Forage, CO Wasp II 44/07/22-45/06/07   26,70,81,66
Welles, George; Ltjg, USN pil. VT-10/xSCruz   37
Welles, R.C.; Cap, USN CO APA Hendry   25
Wellings, ; Cdr, USN CO Strong   11
Wellings, J.H.; Cap, USN ComDesDiv120 44/??-44/11/26, CTG 53.6/Iceber   86,105
Wells, Alfred D.; ARM3/c, USN VB-8/xMid   65
Wells, Benjamin O.; Cdr, USN IO PhibFor5   25
Wells, John K.; LtCdr, USN CO Humphreys xMid-42/08/20?   81
Wells, K.P.; Lt, USN CO LST-240   25
Wells, Maurice E.; Lt, USN pil. VC-41   70
Wells, Travis D.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 68.FS   61
Wells, W.P.; Ens, USN pil. FM-2 VC-92/Mike1   70
Wellwood, R.E.; 1Lt, USMC pil. VMF(N)-533/Iceber 3 kills  80
Welty, Robert; Ens, USN pil. VF-12/Iceber  45/05/14 84
Wendelburg, G.; Cdr, USN CO Caldwell   25
Wendorf, Edward George "Wendy"; pil. VF-16 Galvan-44/07, pil. VC-? (Savo Island 45/08) 3 kills  81
Wenglein, George H.; Lt, USN pil. VB-5/Iceber   84
Wenige, Arthur E.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 431.FS/475.FG 43/11 6 kills  81
Wesel, ; Ens, USN pil. VC-93/Iceber   81
WIA 45/06/29
Weselowski, John M.; Ens-Lt, USN pil. VF-5, pil. VBF-9 7 kills  20-33
7 kills
Wessman, Everett; 1Lt, USAF pil. 92.BS   01,
Wesson, ; LtCdr, USN CO Hickox   19
Wesson, Morgan; Ltjg, USN Atlanta 41/12-42/11/13  42/11/13 66
DE-184 Wesson named to his honor
West, Douglas H.; Ltjg, USN pil. VT-51   02
West, E.B.; Lt, USN pil. VF-15   29
West, Frank R.; Ens, USN pil. VF-15/VB-15   29
West, John Norman; Ltjg, USN pil. VS-6(S-16)/xMid   65
West, Richard L.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 35.FS/8.FG 43/11 12 kills  81
ace status from 43/11/15
West, Waldo; Ens, USN pil. VF(N)-90/Detach   80
West, Wilbur F.; Ltjg, USN pil. FM-2 VC-76/Mindoro   70
Westbrook, Edwin M.; LtCdr, USN CO Cod 45/06-45/08   81
Westbrook, Robert B.; Maj, USAF pil. 44.FS/18.FG 20 kills  54
20 kills
Westholm, R.E.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Bush 44/05/27-Iceber   81,86
Weston, R.B.; ARM1/c, USN VB-12 45/01   84
Wethe, Wallace G.; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMF-121 DFC  52
Wetmore, Irving E.; CRM, USN Nautilus   01,
Wev, Basquet N.; Cdr, USN CO Evans 44/11/01-45/03/12   81
Weyler, George L.; RAdm, USN CTF 78, CTG 77.2, CTU 52.10.7, ComBatDiv4/King2   9,86
Weymouth, Ralph; Lt-LtCdr, USN pil. VS-3/xEasSol, CVB-16/xPhil   37,79
Whalen, Robert E.; AMM1/c, USN VT-51   02
Whaley, W.B.; Cap, USN CO Makin Island 44/05/09- 45/06/16   70,66
Whalin, R.C.; Lt, USN CO LSM-70   25
Wharton, Whit; , USN pil. VF-17   50
Wheatley, C.H.; Lt, USN CTU 53.5.7   25
Wheeler, ; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-87 45/07   81
Wheeler, B.; LtCdr, USN CTU 53.5.5   25
Wheeler, Charles J.; Cap, USN CO Mobile 43/03/24-Hailst   38,66,104
Wheeler, R.E.; LtCdr, USN CO Stack/Hailst   104
Wheeler, R.V.; LtCdr, USN CO Long, CTG 51.5/Flint   25
Whelan, R.M.; Ltjg, USN pil. VT-12 45/01   84
Wheland, K.R.; Lt-Cdr, USN CO ASR Chewink, CO Gabilan from 43/12/28   66,114
Wheless, H.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 14.BS DSC  41/1
Wheless, Hewitt T.; Cap, USAF 14.BS   53
Whitaker, Narce; Cap, USAF pil. 92.BS   01,
Whitaker, Reuben; LtCdr, USN CO S-44 42/08-42/10 ,XO Flying Fish,CO Flasher 43/06/20-44/10,CO Whitaker's Wolves   82,86
Whitaker, T.H.; LtCdr, USN CO AK Jupiter   25
Whitby, Stanley N.; ?AOM?, USN VB-15  44/10/13 29
White, ; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-8/VS-8/xSCruz   37
White, A.F.; LtCdr, USN CO Patterson   25
White, C.L.; Ens, USN pil. VF-12/Iceber  45/05/18 84
White, Carleton; Lt, USN pil. VF-15   29
White, D.C.; LtCdr, USN CO Plunger 41/12-?   30,114
White, E.H.; AMM2/c, USN VT-12/Iceber   84
White, George; , USN Chaplain Yorktown II   27
White, Harold H.; Ens, USN pil. VS-8/xMid   65
White, Charles E.; Lt, USN pil. CVG-22/King2   81
White, Charles M.; LtCdr, USN CVF-11   52
White, Kenneth B.; Ens, USN GO/pil. Div2 VB-8/xMid - xScruz WIA 42/10/26  65
White, O.C.; Lt, USN staff CVG-12 45/01   84
White, Philip; Cap, USMC pil. VMF-221   01,
White, Tom H.; 2Lt, USAF Doolittle group doctor   63
White, Varian K.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 20.FS   53
White, W.; Lt, USN AssDCO West Virginia 41/12   81
White, William Gardner; Ltjg, USN OrdnanceOf VT-51   02
Whitehead, Ennis C.; MajGen, USAF ComAirFor5   19
Whitehead, Richard F.; Cap, USN ComHeadqSupAircraft,ComAirSupContrUnitsPhibFor,CTG 51.1,CSA Forager,King2, CTG 51.10/Deta   39,70,25
Whitehurst, Henry Purefoy; Ens, USN Division Officer Astoria 42/01/18-42/08/09  42/08/09 66
Whiteman, Roy W.; YM1/c, USN VT-51   02
Whitemore, William F.; RM3/c, USN S-44 43/10   81
POW 43/10/07
Whiteside, W.S.; Cdr, USN CTU 52.2.6, 51.3/Flint   25
Whiting, Francis E.M.; Cap-RAdm, USN CO Massachussetts 42/05/12-?, ComNavDistr17 44/04/15-?, ComCruDiv14 44/08/11-Detach, CTU 38.2.5 44/10, Marcus Is. surrender   66,85
Whiting, George H.; Lt, USN Triton 41-42/06, XO Grenadier 43-43/04/22   81
Whiting, J.B.; Lt, USN pil. VB-12/Iceber   84
Whitley, Stanley; AOM, USN VB-15   29
Whitmore, William F.; RM3/c, USN S-44 43/10   82,66
43/10/07 POW
Whitney, Courtney; Col, USArm Staff SoWePacArea   19
Whitney, J.P.; Cap, USN CO Kitkun Bay 43/12/15-King2   25,70
Whitney, Laurens Adin; Lt, USN pil./MO VS-8/xMid   65
Whittemore, J.B.; Ens, USN pil. VC-93 45/01/16-?   81
Whitten, Sumner; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMSB-241   01,
Whitthaus, G.D.; AMMH2/c, USN VBF-12 45/01   84
Whittier, M.T.; LtCdr, USN CVC-97/Iceber   70
Whitting, W.G.; Lt, RAN CO Vendetta 41/12-? DSC  108
Whitworth, R.G.; Ens, USN pil. VF-31/Forage   80
Wickendoll, ; Ltjg, USN pil. Reaper4 VF-10/xSCruz   37
Wickham, J.E.; AEM1/c, USN VT-12 45/01   84
Widhelm, William John; Lt-LtCdr, USN XO VS-8/xMid, CVS-8/xSCruz   01,37,65
Wieck, Max R.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 33.FS   53
Wielert, P.T.; Ltjg, USN pilot VF-12 45/01   84
Wiesniewski, Francis W.; MoMM1/c, USN Crevalle 43/06-46/07 (patrols 1-7)   81
Wiezorek, Ed; , USN pil. VB-9   28
Wilber, D.T.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Colahan 43/08/23-?   66
Wilcox, Donald E.; Cap, USN CO Thetis Bay 44/04/21-?   66
Wilcox, Walter V.; 2Lt, USAF pil. 17.FS   53
Wilde, ; 1Lt, USAF pil. 35.FS  42/05/12MIA 61
Wildner, ; , USAF navig. ?.BS(M)   27
Wileman, William Wolfe; Ens-Lt, USN pil. VF-6(F-19)/xMid, VF-2   65,37
DE-22 Wileman named to his honor
Wiley, Delmar; ARM?, USN VT-3/xEasSol   37
Wiley, H.V.; Cap, USN ComDesAsia & ComDesRon29 41/12-42/02/27  42/02/27 7,114
Wilfong, John L.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Wasmuth 41/12, CO Lang/Watch-xEasSol, CO Wedderburn 44/03/09-?   8,66
Wilger, D.T.; Cdr, USN CO Colahan   25
Wilger, Harold J.; ARM3/c, USN VB-5/xMid (temporary duty from VS-5)   65
Wilhelm, R.A.; LtCdr, USN CO Dent   
Wilhide, R.M.; 1Lt, USN pil. VMF(N)-533/Iceber  45/05/17 80
Wilkes, J.; Cap, USN CO Birmingham 1943/01/29-?   38,66
Wilkes, John; Cap, USN ComSubAsFlt from 41/12/10   6,81
Wilkins, Charles W. "Weary"; LtCdr-Cap, USN CO Narwhal 41/12-xMid (patrol 1-3), CO "ZOO" Flotilla/Stale2   27,81,66,114
1957 - RAdm - ComSubAtl
Wilkins, Raymond H.; Maj, USAF CO 8.BS(L)/3.BG CMH 43/11/02 41/3,81
Wilkins, W.D.; Cdr, USN ComSubDiv42, CO WilkinŽs Wildcats (44/06)   81
Wilkinson, Edwin R.; Cdr, USN CO OŽBannon 42/06/26-43   8,66
Wilkinson, Eugen P.; Cdr, USN CO wolfpack   5
Wilkinson, T.; Lt, RN CO aux.patrol ship Li-Wo VC 42/02/14 16
Wilkinson, Theodore Stark "Ping"; ComONI, ComBatDiv? from 42/08, C/S 3rdFlt from 43/01, CTF 79, 43/07 - ComPhibFor3   11,81
Will, C.R.; Cap, USN CO Flint 43/12/28-?   38,66
Williams, Augustus E.; 2Lt, USAF pil. 21.FS   53
Williams, Bruce W. "Willy Mohawk"; Lt, pil. VF-19/King2 7 kills  80
Williams, Clem C.; Ens, USN De Haven 43/02   81
Williams, Dwight "Brad"; Lt, USN RadarOf Enterprise   8,37
Williams, Elgie P.; AMM, USN VS-10/xSCruz   8,37
Williams, F.P.; Cap, USN CO LSV Ozark   25
Williams, George F.; CEM, USN Crevalle 43/06-46/07 (patrols 1-7)   81
Williams, Harold N.; Cdr, USN CO Blue xMid-Watch   38
Williams, Henry, Jr; LtCdr, USN CO Ammen/Cotta   85
Williams, Herman C.; CPhM, USN pharmacist Gunnel (patrol03)   81
Williams, Joseph W., Jr.; Cdr, USN CO Bumper 44/12/09-?   81
Williams, M.W.; Ens, USN pil. TBM VC-93 44/12   81
Williams, P.D.; Cdr, USN CO Duncan II 45/02-46/07   81
Williams, R.B.; Ens, USN pil. VF-29/King2   80
downed 44/10/14
Williams, Richard C.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO DM Pruitt 43/05-Cotta, CO Harry F. Bauer 44/09/22-?   85,66
Williams, Richard T.; Ltjg, USN doctor Randolph 45/02   84
Williams, Robert A.; 2Lt, USN SupplyOfPhibForSoPac   25
Williams, Robert P.; Ltjg-Lt, USN pil. VB-2, CVC-13/Iceber   37,70
Williams, Robert R. Jr; Cdr, USN CO Finback   02
Williams, Roger F.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 17.FS   53
Williams, W.; Maj, USAF pil. 70.FS  43/04/07 61
Williams, W.R.; Ltjg, USN pil. VF(N)-90/Detach   80
Williamson, Francis T.; Cdr, USN CO Morris, CO Lyman K. Swenson 44/05/02-?   25,66
Williamson, H.H.; LtCol, USMC CVMF-215 do 43/12/05   48
Williamson, John Leon; SM1/C, USN gunner San Francisco NC, named DE-370 42/11/12 66
NC, named DE-370 John L. Williamson
Williamson, L.; Cdr, USN CO Highbee 45/01/27-46/09   81
Williamson, Leon M.; Cap, USMC pil. VMSB-241 xMidway   81
Williamson, T.B.; Cap, USN CO Kalinin Bay/King2   39,70
Williamson, W.W.; Cdr, USN CO AKA Muliphen   25
Williman, R.D.; Ens, USN pil. VT-8  42/05/29MIA 63
Willingham, Joseph Harris; Lt-Cdr, USN CO Tautog 40/07/03-42/11 (patrols 1-4), CO Bowfin from 1943/05/01 2x NC  38,66,81
Willis, A.N.; RAdm, RN Com EastFlt   13
Willis, James S.; Cdr, USN ComDesDiv48 45/01/31-45/04/06  45/04/06 81
KIA onboard Bush
Willis, Walter Michael; Ens, USN pil. VB-6 41/12  41/12/07 66
Willmarth, Kenneth; Ens, USN "M" division Vincennes 42/02/28-42/08/09  42/08/09 66
Willoughby, ; BrigGen, USArm LO SoWePacArea   19
Wilson, ; 2Lt, USAF pil. 90.BS   
Wilson, C.K.; Ltjg, USN staff CVG-12 45/01   84
Wilson, G.A.; Cdr, USN CO Colhoun II   26
Wilson, George; AOM, USN VB-3   30
Wilson, George B.; Cap, USN CO Alabama 42/08/16   66
Wilson, George R.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Chevalier, CO Colhoun II 44/07/08-Iceber   11,66,86
Wilson, James; CPM, USN Yorktown   01,
Wilson, John; Ens-Ltjg, USN pil. VF-3  42/02/20 37
Wilson, Ralph E.; Cdr-Cap, USN CO Buchanan/Watch-xEsper, OpOf 3rd Flt   38,81
Wilson, Robert L.; Cdr, USN CO Drexler 44/11/14 - 45/05/28  45/05/28 26,66
DD-847 Robert L. Wilson named to his honor
Wilson, W.F.; 1Lt, USMC CVMF-121 42/12/16-42/12/??   52
Wilson, W.J.; Ltjg, USN pil. TBM VC-82/Detach   70
Wilson, W.M.; Lt, USN CO LCI-456   25
Wilson, W.W.; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMF-121   48
Wilson, William; LtCdr, RIN CO minesweeper Bengal   71
Wiltse, L.J.; RAdm, USN ComScreen TF 38 43/11, ComCru TG 58.2/Hailst, ComCruDiv11/Forage, ComCruDiv10/Iceber   66,86,104
Wiltsie, Irwing D.; Cap, USN CO Liscome Bay 43/08/07-43/11/20  43/11/20 11,66
DD-716 Wiltsie named to his honor
Winfield, Murray; Lt, USN pil. VBF-17/Iceber 5.5 kills  80
Wing, R.C.; Lt, USN CO Kretchmer from 1943/12/13   66
Wingard, W.C.; Cdr, USN CAG-14 Forage-King2   81
Wingfield, John W.; Ltjg, USN pil. VS-2 DSM, NC 42/05/08MIA 37
DE-194 Wingfield named to his honorDSM,NC for "For extraordinary heroism and valiant disregard for his ownpersonal safety as pilot of a scouting plane in action against enemy Japaneseforces in the Coral Sea on 8 May 1942. With keen determination in pursuing hisobjective, Ensign Wingfield, when his bomb failed to release during hisinitial dive on an enemy Japanese carrier, gallantly returned to the scene ofattack without protection or support to complete his assigned mission"
Winchell, Albert Waldo; Mach, USN pil. VT-6(T-8)/xMid WIA 42/06/04  65
WIA 42/06/04
Winkle, Ralph; Sgt, USAF machinist 82.RS   61
Winn, E.K.; LtCdr, USN CO McCoy Reynolds   62
Winn, Walter C.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Wadleigh 43/10/19-?, ComDesDiv50 45/05/01-?   25,66,100
Winney, Justin W.; Lt, USN CO LST-242   25
Winslow, Walter G.; Ens, USN ?AO? Houston   7,53
Winston, Frank L.; Cdr, USN AO Essex 44/01, Franklin /Iceber  45/03/19 81
KIA onboard Franklin
Winston, Robert A.; LtCdr, USN CVF-31/Flint-Forage, CAG-31/Forage 5 kills  80
Winters, Ernest; Ens, USN pil. VB-15   29
Winters, Theodore Hugh; Cdr, USN CAG-16, CAG-19/King2 8 kills  19,80,81
Wintle, Jack William; Lt-LtCdr, USN Aide&FlagLt to ComSoPac 42/04-42/10, staff TF 67 42/10-42/11 NC 42/11/12 66
DE-266 and DE-25 Wintle named to his honor
Winward, E.; Lt, USN CO LST-643   25
Wirth, John L.; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-31 14 kills  20
Wirth, T.R.; Cdr, USN XO Portland/xGuadal   81
WIA 42/11/13
Wirtz, P.L.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Zane/Watch, CO McDermut 43/11/19-?   8,66
Wiseman, Osborne Beeman; Ltjg-Lt, USN pil. VB-3 1941/03-xMid NC (posth.) 42/06/04 01,37,66
DE-667 Wiseman named to his honor
Wiseman, Osborne Beeman; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-3(B-16)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 65
Wismer, Stanley; GM2/c, USN Laffey II /Iceber  45/04/16 81
Witaker, Reuben I.; LtCdr, USN CO Flasher   6,62
Witers, ; RAdm, USN COmSubPac   6
Withers, Thomas; RAdm, USN ComSubScoutForPac & CTF 7 41/12-42/04/10, ComSubForPac 42/04/10-?   114,85
Witherspoon, W.W.; StaffSgt, USMC pil. VMSB-231 42/08 - 42/10   79
Withington, Frederic Stanton; LtCdr-Cdr, GO Indiana 42/04/30-43/01/01, XO Indiana 43/01/01-44/01/11   112
Witmer, Robert M. "Bob"; Lt, USN pil. VBF-12/Iceber   84
Witomski, Stanislas J.; Maj, USMC CVMF-211 44/10/20-45/01/30, CVMF-521 od 45/06/07   33
Witte, Karl B.; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMF(N)-533/Iceber   80
Witter, Jean Carter; Ens, USN San Francisco 42/08-42/11/13  42/11/13 66
Woelfel, J.C.; Cdr, USN CO Porterfield 43/10/30-?   25,66
Wogan, Thomas L.; Lt-Cdr, USN CO S-34 41/12, CO Tarpon, Besugo 44/06/19-45/01, wolfpack   6,81,86,114
Woie, Carl H.; Ens, USN pil. VT-51   02
Wojcik, T.P.; Maj, USMC CVMF-211 44/05 - 44/10/20   48
Wolf, Cornelis de; , KM quartermaster O-16   7
Wolf, Fritz E.; LtCdr, USN CVF-3 Detach-Iceber   28,80
Wolf, John T.; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-2 7 kills  20,80
Wolfe, Richard Frederick; Ens, USN pil. VB-5/xMid   65
Wolfe, William; Ens, USN pil. VF-12/Iceber   84
Wollen, ; , USN pil. VF-3   37
Wolverton, Tom; Cdr, USN ComRP Boise   8
Womble, J.P.; Commo, USN ComTaskFlot2 45/06/24-?   113
Wood, ; ?RAdm, USN ChiefProcurator USN   19
Wood, Albert Harold; Ltjg, USN pil. VS-8/xMid/xSCruz   37,65
Wood, D.J.; ARM1/c, USN VT-12 45/01   84
Wood, Ernest W.; Cdr, USN CVF-27+CAG-27/Forage  44/06/19 19,80
Wood, F.W.; Cap, USN CO APA Darke   25
Wood, H.; Ltjg, USN pil. VS-2   37
Wood, Hunter, Jr.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Smith/xSCruz, CO Hazelwood 43/06/18-?   8,25,66,104
Wood, Chester C.; Cap, USN ComDesRon64 45/01-45/11   81
Wood, James; Lt, USN pil. VF(N)-90/Detach   106
Wood, James J.; Lt, USN pil. VF(N)-12 45/01-Iceber  45/05/02MIA 80,84
Wood, L.O.; Cdr, USN CO Laws 43/11/18-Forage   25,66
Wood, Leighton; Cap, USN CO Montpelier 42/09/09-?   27
burried 42/06/11 at Efate
Wood, Lester O.; Lt, USN XO William B.Preston 42/02   53,66
Wood, R.W.; Cdr, USN CO Owen/Hailst   104
Wood, Thomas Junior; Ens, USN PO/pil. Div2 VB-8/xMid   65,1
Woodbury, Willard G.; Cap, USAF pil. 92.BS   01,
Woodhull, Roger; Lt, USN pil. VS-5/xCoralS, XO VS-5 42/08   37,79
Woodman, William E.; Ens, USN pil. VS-8 (xMid - xSCruz   65,63
Woodruff, William; Lt, USN Naval Service Unit   79
Woods, John; SM, RAN Perth   19
Woods, LaMar O.; Ens, USN night pilot VF-12/Iceber  45/05/02MIA 84
Woods, Louis E.; BrigGen, USMC ComAirBase Henderson   8
Woods, Thomas A.; Ens, USN pil. VB-15   29
Woods, Wilbur L.; ARM1/c, USN VB-8/xMid   65
Woodside, D.D.; AMM1/c, USN pil. VT-8(Det)   22
Woodside, Milton H.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 20.FS   53
Woodson, C.P.; Cap, USN CO AKA Whiteside   25
Woodson, Jeff Davis; Ltjg, USN pil. Div1 VT-8(T-5) 41/09/02 - xMid NC (posth.) 42/06/04MIA 65,66
DE-359 Woodson named to his honor
Woodson, Richard T.; ARM2/c, USN VS-8/xMid/xSCruz   37,65
Woodward, D.C.; Cdr, USN CO APA Windsor   25
Wooldridge, Edmund T.; Cap, USN CO New Jersey 45/01/26-45/09/15   81
Woolery, Edward R.; 2Lt, USAF pil 3.FS   53
Woollen, William Stone; Ltjg-LtCdr, USN pil. VF-42,VF-3(F-23)/xMid, CVC-96/Iceber   37,65,70
Wordell, Malcolm T.; Cdr, USN CVF-44 + CAG-44/King2   29,80
Worley, Harry; , USN pil. VB-9   28
Worley, M.S.; Lt, USN XO VC-83, CVC-83 from 45/04/22   70
Worthington, Joseph M.; LtCdr-Cap, USN CO Benham/xEasSol, ComDesRon? 45/03   01,85,104
Worthington, R.R.; Lt, USN CO PC-581   25
Worthington, Robert K.; Cdr, USN CO Balao 45/03   86
Wotherspoon, Alexander S.; Cap, USN CO Louisville 43/07, CTU 53.1.2, ComTranDiv47   25,85
Wray, Robert; 1Lt, USAF pil. 34.FS   53
Wrenn, George Leroy; Ens, USN pil. VF-72/xSCruz 5,25 kills  20,37
5,25 kills
Wright, Carleton H.; RAdm, USN ComCruDiv4, ComCruTF11, CTF 67   19
Wright, Jack; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-16/xPhil   79
Wright, James W.; ARM3/c, USN VT-8/xMid   65
Wright, Jerrauld B.; Cap-RAdm, USN CO Santa Fe Flint-King2, CTG 51.2, 51.19/Iceber   25,81,104
Wright, Noell A.; , USAF 22.BG   59
Wright, Richard Lee; Ens, USN pil. VF-42, VF-3(F-9)   37,52,65
Wright, Spencer D.; Lt, USN pil. VF-71   37
Wright, W.A."Ham"; LtCdr, USN CIU   01,30
Wright, W.L.; LtCdr, USN CO Sturgeon 41/12-42   81
Wright, William E.; CEM, USN Hammann   01,
Wurtele, Carl; Cap, USAF pil. 92.BS   01,
Wurtsmith, Paul B.; Col, USAF CO 49.FG, ComFighterCommand5   61
Wyat, Ben H.; Cap, USN ComEscortCarrGrp TF 18   8
Wyatt, Ben H.; Cap, USN CO Chenango, CTG 18.2/xRennel, ComCarDiv22 43/02/25 - 43/03/07   70
Wyatt, Oscar D.; 2Lt, USAF pil. 17.FS   53
Wyckoff, J.M.; LtCdr, USN CO MSF Chief   25
Wyffels, Lawrence Edward; Carp, USN Enterprise 1936-42/10/26 SS /posth 42/10/26 66
DE-6 Wyffels named to his honor
Wykes, James J.; Ens, USN pil. VT-51   02
Wylie, J.C.; LtCdr, USN XO Fletcher xGuadal   81
Wylie, J.C.; LtCdr, USN XO Fletcher /xGuad   81
Wylie, William N.; Lt-LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO R-15 41/12, CO Scorpion 42/10/01-43/10, CO Stormes 45/01/27-?   82,66,114
Wyman, Eldon P.; Ens, USN "F" (fire control) division Oklahoma 41/12  41/12/07 66
Wyroba, Edward J.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 342.FS/348.FG 1 kill  33
1 kill