Last update: 22.02.2001

Personel List - Letter V
Name, RankUnitScoreKIASource
Valencia, Eugene A.; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-9/sect Flint-Detach 23 kills  28,41/5,80
Valinski, J.E.; ARM1/c, USN VF-12 45/01   84
Valiquet, Val; , USN pil. VBF-9   28
Valkenaar, John; 1Lt, USAF pil. 24.FG   53
Valkenburg, A.M.; LtCdr, KM CO -23 41/12/30-44/02/23   81
Valkenburgh, Franklin van; Cap, USN CO Arizona 41/12/07 CMH 41/12/07 16,81,66
DD-656 Van Valkenburgh named to his honorCMH: "For conspicuous devotion to duty, extraordinary courage and completedisregard of his own life, during the attack on the Fleet in Pearl HarborT.H., by Japanese forces on 7 December 1941. As commanding officer of theU.S.S. Arizona, Capt. Van Valkenburgh gallantly fought his ship until theU.S.S. Arizona blew up from magazine explosions and a direct bomb hit on thebridge which resulted in the loss of his life."
Vammen, Clarence Earl; Ens, USN spare pilot VS-6 42/04/28 - xMid DFC (posth.) 42/06/04MIA 65,81
DE-644 Vammen named to his honor
Van Antwerp, Lloyd W.; LtCdr, USN CVT-18 43/08/02-45/01/25   81
Van Buren, John James; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-6(B-13)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 37,65
van Deurs, George; Cap-Commo, USN CO Chenango 44/08-45/05/02, C/S of VAdm Oldendorf   70
Van Etten, R.L.; ARM, USN VB-16/xPhil   79
Van Mater, Blinn; Lt-Cdr, USN CO Anthony 43/02/26-44, CO Zellars 44/10/25-?   25,66
Van Voorhis, Bruce; Lt-LtCdr, USN NAS Anacostia 41/07-42/11, CVP-14 42/12-43, CVB-102 43-43/07/06 CMH 43/07/06 81,66
DE-1028 Van Vorhis named to his honorCMH:"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life aboveand beyond the call of duty as Squadron Commander of Bombing Squadron 102 andas Plane Commander of a PB4Y-I Patrol Bomber operating against the enemy onJapanese-held Greenwich Island during the battle of the Solomon Islands, 6July 1943. Fully aware of the limited chance of surviving an urgent mission,voluntarily undertaken to prevent a surprise Japanese attack against ourforces, Lt. Comdr. Van Voorhis took off in total darkness on a perilous700-mile flight without escort or support. Successful in reaching hisobjective despite treacherous and varying winds, low visibility and difficultterrain, he fought a lone but relentless battle under fierce antiaircraft fireand overwhelming aerial opposition. Forced lower and lower by pursuing planes,he coolly persisted in his mission of destruction. Abandoning all chance of asafe return he executed 6 bold ground-level attacks to demolish the enemy'svital radio station, installations, antiaircraft guns and crews with bombs andmachinegun fire, and to destroy 1 fighter plane in the air and 3 on the water.Caught in his own bomb blast, Lt. Comdr. Van Voorhis crashed into the lagoonoff the beach"
Vanasse, R.B.; Cap, USN CO AP Thurston   25
Vance, Josph Williams, Jr.; Ens-Ltjg, USN TO Parrott 41/02-42/07, liaison officer to RAN onboard Canberra 42/07-42/08/09 BS 42/08/09 66
DE-387Ltjg from 42/06/15
Vance, LeRoy W.; LtCdr, USN GO Missouri   
Vance, Reginald; Maj, USAF MacARthur´s AO   53
Vanderfield, D.; S/Ldr, USN CO 79.Sq   34
Vandevanter, Elliot; 1Lt, USAF pil. 14.BS   41/1,53
Vandiver, Norman Francis; Ens, USN pil. VB-6(B-14) 1940/06/28-xMid NC (posth) 42/06/04MIA 65,66
DER-540 Vandiver named to his honor
Vanzant, R.B.; Cdr, USN ComSubDiv201 41/12   81
Varian, Bertram Stetson, Jr.; Ens, USN pil. VB-6(B-18) 42/04/03-xMid NC (posth.) 42/06/04MIA 65,81
DE-798 Varian named to his honor
Varian, D.C.; Cdr, USN CO Luce 43/06/21-?, ??ComDesDiv??   25,66
Vasey, Lloyd R. "Joe"; Lt, USN XO Gunnel (5th patrol)   81
Vassey, C.L.; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMF-441   18
Vaughn, ; CPO, USN Hornet Boiler Room No.8   63
Vaughn, ; Lt, USN pil. VB-87 45/07   81
Vaughn, W.H.; Ens, USN pil. VF-2/Forage   80
Vaverick, George; CWT, USN DamageControlStation ??Yorktown??   01,
Veasey, A.C.; Cdr, USN CO Ingersoll/Hailst   104
Veeder, William S.; LtCdr, USN CO McCall xMid-42/08   81
Vejtasa, Stanley Winfield; Lt, USN pil. VS-5/xCoralS, CO Reaper7 VF-10/xSCruz 10,25 kills over, NC  04,,37
10,25 kills over, NC
Velasquez, Edward; AOM?, USN VT-8/xEasSol   37
Velle, Rudolph William; MoMM, USN Gunnel (6th patrol)  MIA 81
Venter, ; Lt, USN ComRP Pensacola   8
Vereeke, M.H.; Lt, USN CO LCI-994   25
Vetter, ; Cap, USN PlansOfPhibFor5   25
Vian, Philip L.; RAdm, RN ComCarRon1 44/12-45/06, CTG 57.2/Iceber   40,86
Viccelli, Henry; Col, USAF CO 70.FS   61
Vick, Jefferson; GM, USN Yorktown   01,
Vieweg, W.V.; Cap, USN CO Gambier Bay/Stale2-King2   39,70
Vigeant, G.J.; Ens, USN pil. FM-2 VC-93  45/06/15 81
Vigors, Timothy A.; 2Lt, FAA CO 453.Sq (F2A) 41/12   7,104
Villamor, Jesus; Cap, Phil pil. 6.Sq/F   20
Villani, John S.; S1/C, USN Pringle 43/08  43/08 81
Vilmer, Louis; ARM, USN VC-10/King2   81
Vincent, W.C.; Lt, USN CVC-60/Flint,CVT-60/Persec-King2   70
Vineyard, Merriwell W.; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-2/Forage 6 kills  80
Vineyard, Merriwell W. "Tex"; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-2/King2 6 kills  20,80
Virden, Frank; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Frazier 42/03/17-43/06, CO Knapp 43/09/16-Hailst   85,66,104
Visser, Richard G.; Cdr, USN CO Daly 43/03/10-Cotta   85,66
Vita, Harold E. "Worthy Hal"; Lt, USN pil. VF-9 1943-King2, VF-12/Iceber 6 kills  80,84
Voelker, Robert; ARM3/c, USN VT-12/Detach   84
Voge, R.C.; LtCdr, USN CO Sailfish 41/12-42   81
Vogel, John E.; 2Lt, USAF pil. 17.FS   53
Vogie, ; , USN Staff SubForPac   6
Vogt, J.; Ens, USN pil. VS-6 41/12/07  41/12/07 79
Vogue, ; , USN CO Sailfish   6
Volcansek, M.J.; Cap, USMC CVMF-222   48
Volpi, Ray A.; Ltjg, USN pil. FM-2 VC-3/King2   70
Voltz, Robert F.; Ltjg, USN pil. TBM VC-81/King2-Mike1   70
Voorhest, Homer; Lt, USN pil. VF-15/VB-15 ??   29
Voorhis, Bruce Avery, van; LtCdr, USN CVB-102 43/07 CMH 43/07/06 81
CMH:"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidityat the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as SquadronCommander of Bombing Squadron 102 and as Plane Commander of a PB4Y-I PatrolBomber operating against the enemy on Japanese-held Greenwich Island duringthe battle of the Solomon Islands, 6 July 1943. Fully aware of the limitedchance of surviving an urgent mission, voluntarily undertaken to prevent asurprise Japanese attack against our forces, Lt. Comdr. Van Voorhis took offin total darkness on a perilous 700-mile flight without escort or support.Successful in reaching his objective despite treacherous and varying winds,low visibility and difficult terrain, he fought a lone but relentless battleunder fierce antiaircraft fire and overwhelming aerial opposition. Forcedlower and lower by pursuing planes, he coolly persisted in his mission ofdestruction. Abandoning all chance of a safe return he executed 6 boldground-level attacks to demolish the enemy's vital radio station,installations, antiaircraft guns and crews with bombs and machinegun fire, andto destroy 1 fighter plane in the air and 3 on the water. Caught in his ownbomb blast, Lt. Comdr. Van Voorhis crashed into the lagoon off the beach"
Voris, ; , USN MedOfCAG-3   28
Voris, Albert; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-1   20
Voris, Roy M. "Butch"; Lt, USN pil. VF-2/Forage 7 kills  20,80
Vorse, Albert O. "Scoop"; Lt-LtCdr, USN pil. VF-2/xCoral, VF-3, CO Red5 VF-6, CAG-80/Detach 10.5 kills  37,80
Vose, James Everett "Moe"; Lt-Cdr, USN pil. Div1/FO VB-8/xMid, CVB-8/xSCruz, CVB-16   6,37,65,79
Vose, William C.; Cap, USN CO Vicksburg 44/06/12-?   38,66
Vought, ; Ltjg, USN pil. VB-6/VS-6   37
Vraciu, Alexander; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-6/Flint, VF-16/Reckle, VF-20/Mindoro 19 kills  20,80
downed 44/12/14 - 5 weeks fought withguerillas
Vries, W.M. de; Lt, KM CO Evertsen   7
Vroome, R.L.; Maj, USMC pil. VMF-121, CVMF-121   48,52
Vytlacil, Nicholas; Cap, USN CO Indianapolis 43/01-43/02   85