Last update: 22.02.2001

Personel List - Letter O
Name, RankUnitScoreKIASource
OŽBrien, F.K.; Cdr, USN CO APA Rutland   25
OŽBrien, John Murry; ACRM, USN VF-6/xMid   65
OŽBrien, Joseph J.; Lt, USN AdminOf VF-15   29
OŽCallaghan, Joseph T.; LtCdr, USN Chaplain Franklin CMH  26,66
CMH: "calmly braving the perilous barriers offlame and twisted metal to aid his men and his ship, Lt. Comdr. O'Callahangroped his way through smoke-filled corridors to the open flight deck and intothe midst of violently exploding bombs, shells, rockets, and other armament.With the ship rocked by incessant explosions, with debris and fragmentsraining down and fires raging in ever-increasing fury, he ministered to thewounded and dying, comforting and encouraging men of all faiths; he organizedand led firefighting crews into the blazing inferno on the flight deck; hedirected the jettisoning of live ammunition and the flooding of the magazine;he manned a hose to cool hot, armed bombs rolling dangerously on the listingdeck, continuing his efforts, despite searing, suffocating smoke which forcedmen to fall back gasping and imperiled others who replaced them."
OŽConnell, ; EM, USN Sealion 41/12  41/12/10 81
OŽConnell, J.J.; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMF-321   18
OŽConnell, John F.; 2Lt, USAF pil. 3.FS   53
OŽConnor, D.K.; LtCdr, USNR CO Overton   25
OŽDay, Jack; T/Sgt, USAF 24.FG   53
OŽDonnell, Emerett C.; Maj, USAF 14.BS   53
OŽDonnell, James B.; Lt, USN CO Rall 45/06/25-?   81
OŽDonnell, T.A.; Y1/c, USN VF-12 45/01   84
OŽDonovan, D.J.; Lt, USN pil. VC-71   22
OŽDowd, ; , USN pil.VP-?   63
OŽFlaherty, Frank Woodrow; Ens, USN pil. VS-6(S-5)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 65,106
POW 42/06/04, executed by drowning approx. 10days laterDE-340 OŽFlaherty named to his honor
OŽHare, Edward H. "Butch"; Ltjg-LtCdr, USN pil. VF-3,CVF-3, CAG-6 43/11/10-43/11/25 7 kills, CMH, NC, DFC, GS 43/11/25MIA 17,37,80,106
DD-889 OŽHare named to his honorCMH for "Action in air combat in defense of carrier off Rabaul; 20 Feb 1942Having lost the assistance of his teammates, Lt. O'Hare interposed his planebetween his ship and an advancing enemy formation of 9 attacking twin-engineheavy bombers. Without hesitation, alone and unaided, he repeatedly attackedthis enemy formation, at close range in the face of intense combinedmachinegun and cannon fire. Despite this concentrated opposition, Lt. O'Hare,by his gallant and courageous action, his extremely skillful marksmanship inmaking the most of every shot of his limited amount of ammunition, shot down 5enemy bombers and severely damaged a sixth before they reached the bombrelease point."
OŽHearn, Matthew C.; Lt, USN GO Evans 45/05   81
OŽKane, Richard Hetherington "Dic; XO Wahoo 42/10-43/07 (patrol 2-5), CO Tang 43/10/15- CMH, 5xLM, 3xSC, 3xNC  10,62,82
OŽLeary, ; Cdr, USN ComSubDiv41 41/12   114
OŽNeil, Marlin; Cap, USN CO APA Leonard Wood   25
OŽNeil, Roger W.; Lt, USN MedOf Juneau /xGuadal   81
senior surviving officer
OŽNeil, S.B.; Maj, USMC CVMF-212 od 43/06   48
OŽNeill, ; , USN Electrician Astoria   
OŽNeill, Edward J.; Lt, USN ComDiv3/XO VF-8/xMid   65
OŽNeill, Guy E., Jr.; LtCdr, USN CO Gunnel 44/07/14-44/11   81,82,86
OŽNeill, M.G.; Lt, USN pil. FM-2 VOC-1/Mike1   70
OŽNeill, R.A.; LtCdr, USN CVC-90/Mike1 - Iceber   70
OŽNeill, Robert A.; Lt, USN pilot Indianapolis 42/08   81
OŽRegan, W.V.; Cap, USN CO wolfpack "Mickey Finns" 44/07   6,66
Oakley, Thomas Benjamin "Ben", Jr; Cdr, CO Growler 44/05-44/11 (patrols 9-11), CO wolfpack BenŽs Busters  44/11/??MIA 6,81
Oba, Rinnzo; SM, IJNAF pil. B5N Zuikaku/xSCruz   37
Oba, Seici; Cdr, IJN CO RO-105, RO-49, I-162, CO I-53 45/07   19,86,81
Obajashi, Sueo; Cap-RAdm, IJN CO Zuiho 41/12-xMid - xSCruz, ComCarDiv3 xPhilip-King2, ComCarDiv1 44/12-?   37,11,74,86,114
Obari, Kanici; Lt, IJN CO RO-108 44/05  44/05/26 81
Obata, C.; Cap, IJN CO Jamashiro 41/12   114
Obeirne, F.; Cap, USN CO Breton/Iceber   70
Obenour, G.W.; Ens, USN pil. VF(N)-41/King2   80
Obert, David L.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 17.FS   53
Obrist, C.H.; Lt, USN CVC-14/Stale2   70
Ocuka, ; Ens, IJN Tone   
Ocuka, En; Lt-LtCdr, IJN CO I-20 43/11  43/11/18MIA 27,81
Ocuka, Miki; Cap, IJN CO Nagato 45/04/27-45/07/24  45/07/24 64
Ocuka, Zenzaburo; WO, IJAAF pil. 11.sentai   53
Ocuki, Reiciro; Lt, IJNAF pil. D3A Zuikaku/xEasSol   37
Ocuki, Tamekici; NA1/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai   53
Oda, Kiici; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. A6M Sorju 9 kills 44/12/10 53
9 kills
Oda, T.; Cap, IJN ComSubDiv4 41/12-?   114
Oda, Toru; NA1/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai   53
Odagiri, ; Cdr, IJN 1stOf StrFor2   19
Odum, Joseph Roy; FM, USN Meredith 42/10  42/10/15 81
DE-670 Odum named to his honor
Oe, Ranji; Cap, IJN ComDesDiv12/xMid   74
Oestreicher, Robert G.; 1Lt, USAF pil. 33.FS   53
Oexle, Charles W.; Cap, USN CO Windham Bay 44/05/03-?   66
Ofstie, Ralph A.; Cap-RAdm, USN CO Essex 43/11-44/08/10, ComCarDiv26 from 44/08, CTG 32.7/Stale2,CTU 77.4.3/Mike1   19,29,70,104
Ogane, Hisao; LtCdr, IJN CO RO-100 43/11  43/11/25 81
Ogata, Eiici; Ens, IJN Kamikawa Maru   53
Ogata, Kaoru; Ens, IJN Sanjo Maru   53
Ogata, Tomoe; Cdr, IJN CO Arare 41-42/07/05, CO Akizuki 43/10/08-44/10/25   99
Ogawa, ; NA1/c, IJNAF Kamikawa Maru   53
Ogawa, Hirashi; Cdr, IJN XO Sorju   01,
Ogawa, Joiciro; LtCdr, IJN CO Kisaragi 41/12-41/12/11  41/12/11 99
Ogawa, Kategoro; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai   53
Ogawa, Nobuki; Cap, IJN ComDesDiv8/xMid   74
Ogawa, Ruita; Lt, IJNAF pil. A6M Akagi   01,
Ogawa, Shoici; Lt, IJNAF AssAO Kaga, CO D3A AG AII (Kaga)/xMid   01,53,74
Ogawa, Tsunajoshi; Cdr, IJN CO I-33 42/09, CO I-42 44/03  44/03/23 81
Ogilvie, ; MM, USN Sealion 41/12  41/12/10 81
Ogura, Masami; LtCdr-Cdr, IJN CO Micishio 41/12-42/08/15, CO Takanami 42/08/31-42/12/01  42/12/01 99,103
Ohara, Hiroshi; NAP3/c-NAP2/c, IJNAF pil. A6M Akagi, 14.shotai Shokaku   37,53
Ohashi, Fudzito; Cap, IJNAF CO Citose kokutai/xMid   19,104
Ohashi, Kacuo; Cdr, IJN CO I-13 45/07-45/08  45/08/01MIA 19,81
Ohashi, Kacuo; LtCdr, IJN CO I-156/xMid   104
Ohashi, Nafikacu; , IJNAF pil. B5N Kaga 41/12  41/12/07 104
Ohashi, Susumu; Ens, IJNAF pil. Ohka   19
Ohashi, T.; Cap, IJN ComGunDiv14 41/12-?   114
Ohira, Joshio; Lt, IJNAF CO 7th cutail, Mihoro kokutai 41/12   53,104
Ohira, Tadeo; Cap, IJAAF 70.cutai   53
Ohishi, Jashio; Lt, IJNAF pil. A6M Zuikaku   20
Ohishi, Kaname; Cap, IJN ComDesDiv??? 41/12   104
Ohkuma, M.; VAdm, IJN ComNavDistr Ominato 41/12-?   114
Ohkura, ; PO, IJNAF pil. 253.kokutai   20
Ohmori, Shigetaka; PO1/c, IJNAF pil. A6M Shokaku  42/10/26 20
Ohnae, Toshikazu; Cap, IJN Staff 1stFlt   03
Ohta, S.; Cap, IJN ComSubDiv19 41/12   114
Ohta, Takeshi; LtCdr, IJN CO I-172 42/11  42/11/10 81
Oikawa, Koisho; RAdm, IJN ComMainEscortCommand, od 44/08 C/S NavGenStaff   6
Oishi, ; Cap, IJN SenStaffOf StrFor1   01,
Oishi, Genciki; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai 42/03  42/03/14 81
Oizumi, ; 1Lt, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   53
Ojagoici, ; Cap, IJN ComGuardFor56   11
Ojama, Toshio; , IJNAF pil. D3A Akagi 41/12  41/12/07 104
Ojomada, Shoici; LtCdr, IJN CO Juzuki 42/07/10-43/10/20   99
Oka, Iwao; , IJNAF pil. D3A Kaga 41/12  41/12/07 104
Oka, Jukio; CPO, IJN I-47 44/11   100
Oka, Micio; Cap, IJN ComDesDiv22 44/02   99
Okabe, Kenji; NAP2/c-NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. A6M 1.shotai Shokaku, 601.kokutai 15 kills  15
15 kills
Okabe, Sada; LtCol, IJAAF 12.hikodan   53
Okabe, Takeshi; LtCdr, IJN CO RO-116 44/05  44/05/24 81
Okada, Dzisaku; Cap, IJN CO Kaga 41/12-42/06/04  42/06/04 01,114
Okada, Hideo; LtCdr, IJN CO I-176 44/05  44/05/16 81
Okada, Keisuke; Adm, IJN do 41 C/S NavGenStaff   19
Okada, Seici; Lt-LtCdr, IJN CO Junagi 42/04/15-43/05/23, CO Hatakaze 43/06/25-44/03/01   99
Okada, Tamecugu; Cap, IJN CO Tone 41/12-xMid, CO Dzunjo 42/07/20-43/02/12   37,99,114
Okajama, Noboru; LtCdr, IJN CO I-351 45/07  45/07/14 81
Okajima, Kijokuma; Lt, IJNAF CO A6M Zuikaku/xCoralS   37,104
Okamoto, G.; Cdr, IJN ComSubDiv6 41/12-?   114
Okamoto, Harutoshi; LtCdr, IJNAF CO 253.kokutai   81
Okamoto, Juzo; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai, 6.kokutai 9 kills 42/10/11MIA 20,53
9 kills
Okamoto, Minou; Cap, IJNAF Com Kikumiza Butai   19
Okamoto, Shigeru; Ens, IJNAF pil. A6M Zuiho  42/10/26 37
Okamura, Motoharu; Cap, IJNAF CO Ohka Units   19
Okamura, Takeo; , IJNAF pil. A6M Rjudzo, Tainan kokutai   20
Okawa, Tojonobu; SM1/c, IJNAF pil. D3A Zuikaku   37
Okawara, H.; LtCdr, IJN ComSubchDiv1 41/12-?   114
Okazaki, Itaru; Ens, IJN kaiten I-370 45/02/21  45/02/21MIA 81
Okazaki, Masaki; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai   53
Okazaki, Shigeo; NAP3/c-NAP2/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai   53
Oki, Joshio; NAP1/c, IJNAF CO 3.shotai/2.cutai Tainan kokutai   20,37
Okihara, Hideja; Lt, IJN NO Mucu   64
Okijama, Kijokuma; Lt, IJNAF CO 11.shotai/1.cutai A6M Zuikaku   37
Okoci, ; VAdm, IJN ComSoWeAreaFlt   03
Okuda, Noboru; Maj, IJAAF CO 47.sentai   32
Okugawa, Noboru; NAP1/c, IJNAF CO 13.shotai A6M Rjudzo   37
Okujama, Coici; SgtMaj, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   53
Okuma, Jio; Cap, IJN CO Mizuho 41/09/05-42/05/02   99
Okumija, Masatake; Cdr, IJN AO StrFor2   19
Okumura, Munejuki; 1Lt, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   53
Okura, Tomasaburo; Cap, IJN CO Cujo 42/11/25-43/12/06  43/12/06 99
Olander, Edwin L.; 1Lt-Cap, USMC pil. VMF-214 5 kills  48
5 kills
Old, Francis Paxton; Cap, USN CO Indiana 45/05/01-45/12/05   112
Oldendorf, Jesse Bartlett; RAdm-VAdm, USN ComCruDiv4 44/01-Reckle, ComBatRon1 44/12, CTG 53.5/52.17/77.2, CTF 51/31,79, 95, 32   9,105,112
VAdm from 44/12
Oliver, R.M.; Cap, USN CO Sargent Bay from 45/03/15 - Iceber   70
Oliver, Robert J.; Lt, USN RAdm SpruanceŽs Aid   01,
Oliver-Bellasis, R.; Cap, RN CO Euryalus   
Olney, A.C.; Cap, USN CO Altamaha, CTG 11.1   70
Olsen, ; 2Lt, USMC pil. VMF-115   18
Olsen, Elliot; LtCdr, USN CO Grayling 41/03/01-42/10 (patrols 1,2,3)   19,82
Olsen, Charles Eugene; Cdr, USN ComAdvNavBaseRussels   25
Olsen, Roger I.; LtCdr, USN CO Angler from 43/10/01-44/06?   80,66
Olsen, S.A.; Cap, USN CO APA Arthur Middleton   25
Olszewski, Edward W.; Ltjg, USN pil. VOC-1/Iceber   70
Omahe, ; Cap, IJNAF Ž44 - Marianas   41/5
Omaiti, Sata; PO, IJNAF pil. kami 45/04   84
Omi, Heiciro; PO, IJN JamamotoŽs Chief Steward   01,
Omori, ; rtn, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   56
Omori, Sentaro; RAdm-VAdm, IJN ComDesRon1 41/12-42/05, ComLandForAttu, ComCruDiv5/xEmpAug   11,30,104
Omori, Shigeru; Ens, IJNAF kamikaze, CO Kongo Butai 23   19
Omori, Shigetaka; NAP1/c, IJNAF CO 18.shotai A6M Shokaku/xEasSol/xSCruz 13 kills 42/10/26 37
13 kills
Omori, Shokici; SgtMaj, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   53
Omori, Takeshi; PO1/c, IJN HA-? /Sydney 42/05/31   81
Omura, Macutora; , IJNAF pil. A6M   20
Ona, Shirou; LtCdr, IJN CO Harusame 43/07/10-43/11/05 (under repairs all the time)   99
Onikura, Shingenori; , IJNAF pil. D3A Kaga 41/12  41/12/07 104
Onishi, Takajiro; RAdm-VAdm, IJNAF C/S AirFlt11, CO AirFlt1   7,13
Onishi, Toshio; , IJNAF pil. B5N Kaga 41/12  41/12/07 104
Ono, ; 1Lt, IJAAF 11.sentai   53
Ono, ; Cdr, IJN IO StrFor1   01,
Ono, ; Sgt, IJAAF pil. 77.sentai   53
Ono, Jasushi; LtCdr, IJN CO I-165 45/06  45/06/27 81
Ono, Kazujuki; NAP1/c, IJN kaiten I-58 45/07/28  45/07/28 81
Ono, Kosuka; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai   53
Ono, Masasaki; NAP1/c, IJN kaiten I-367 45/05/27  45/05/27 81
Ono, Riojiro; Cap, IJN ComSubDiv19/xMid   74
Ono, Shin; Ens, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai   53
Ono, Shirou; Cdr, IJN CO Jamagumo 43/08-44/10/25  44/10/25 99
Ono, Takadzi; Cap, IJN ComLandFor Kiska+CO Kiso/xMid   
Ono, Takejoshi; , IJNAF pil. Tainan kokutai   20
Ono, Tosjo; NAP3/c-NAP2/c, IJNAF pil. 4.kokutai   37
Onoshi, S.; RAdm, IJN ComSubRon7 41/12-?   114
Onozaki, Hiroshi; Cap, IJAAF 59.sentai   53
Onslow, R.R.J.; Cap, RN CO Hermes   
Ookuma, Jasunosuke; LtCdr, IJN CO Samidare 44/07/02-44/08/25  44/08/25 99
Oonishi, Joshikaru; LtCdr, IJN CO Asanagi 43/10/20-44/05/22  44/05/22 99
Oosako, Azuma; Cdr, IJN CO Jugumo 43/05/25-43/10/06  43/10/06 99
Orcutt, Kenneth C.; AOM2/c, USN VC-85/Iceber   70
Orita, Tsuneo; Cdr-Cap, IJN CO Hamakaze 41-42/07/20, CO Teruzuki 42/08/31-12/12, ComTranGrp x Kula Gulf, ComDesDiv30 43/07, ComDesDiv32 44/06  44/06/07 11,99
KIA onboard Hajanami
Orita, Zenji; Cap, IJN CO I-47, Com Amatake Butai   19
Orr, E.B.; LtCdr, USN DivOf Rasher 43/11   81
Orser, Lynn; Lt, USN XO Pompanito 45/01- (patrol 5   81
Orth, John; Ltjg, USN pil. VF-9/Detach 6 kills (all at night), NC  80
Osanai, Suekici; Ens, IJNAF pil. A6M Zuikaku n Shokaku/xSCruz   37
Osano, Shigeo; , IJNAF pil. 201.kokutai   19
Osawa, K.; Cap?, IJN ComSubchDiv64 41/12-?   114
Osberg, Carl August; Ens, USN pil. VT-3(T-9)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 65,81
DE-538 Osberg named to his honor
Osborn, D.R.; Cap, USN CO Duluth 44/09/18-?   38,66
Osborne, Edgar G.; Lt, USN LSO Hornet   12,63
Oshi, Fuci; Cap, IJNAF ComAirFlt3   29
Oshima, Icitaro; Cap, IJN ComDesDiv32 44/11   29,99
Oshoja, Muneici; NAP3/c, IJNAF pil. Tainan kokutai   53
Osler, Paul G.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CO Edwards 43/04-43/11, CO Harlan R. Dickson 45/02/17-?   85,66,104
Osmus, Wesley Frank; Ens, USN pil. VT-3(T-12)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 65,81
DE-701 Osmus named to his honor
Osterloh, Erwin H. "Sam"; Cdr, USN MedOf Hornet   01,
Ostrander, A.T.; LtCdr, USN CO ARS Preserver   25
Ostrom, C.H.; LtCdr, USN CVF-21   52
Ostrom, Rexford J.; LtCdr, USN CEAG-24+CVF-24/Iceber - 45/04/10  45/04/10 70
Osugi, Morikazu; RAdm, IJN ComSpecBaseFor Cing Tao 41/12-?, ComDesRon10 43/11   99,114
Osumi, Fumio; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai   53
Ota, ; , IJN CO I-53   6
Ota, ; , IJN CO I-153 45/08   
Ota, Gengo; Ens, IJNAF CO 3.shotai D3A 2.kokutai   37
Ota, H.; Cdr, IJN ComSubchDiv21 41/12-?   114
Ota, Juso; Lt, IJNAF Toko kokutai   53
Ota, Minoru; Cap, IJN ComSpecNavLandFor2   01,
Ota, Seiici; , IJNAF pil. D3A Akagi 41/12  41/12/07 104
Ota, Toshio; NAP1/c-WO, IJNAF pil. Tainan kokutai 34 kills 42/10/21MIA 20
34 kills
Otake, Hisao; Cap, IJN ComSubDiv20 41/12-42/0?   81,114
Otami, Torao; Cap, IJNAF kamikaze, Com Fugaku Butai   19
Otani, J.; Cdr, IJN ComDesDiv13 41/12-?   114
Otani, Masuzo; Cap, IJAAF pil. 64.sentai   53
Otani, T.; Cdr, IJN OpOfCentrFor x Leyte   19
Otawa, Tacuja; CPO, IJNAF pil. Sorju   01,
Otis, Russell; Lt, USN pil. VF(N)-90/Detach   106
Oto, Masanao; Cap, IJN ComFuelGrpMainFor & CO AO Kjokuto Maru x Midway   01,104
Otsuji, Shuici; Lt-LtCdr, IJN CO Asanagi 42/10/10-43/10/20, CO Jugiri 43/10/25-43/11/25  43/11/25 99
LtCdr from 42/11/01
Otsuka, ; Ens, IJN Tone   19
Ottinger, George; Maj, USMC CAG-84  45/03/24 50
Outerbridge, William W.; Lt-Cdr, USN CO Ward, OŽBrien II   12
Outlaw, Edward C.; LtCdr-Cdr, USN CVF-32+CAG-32 Reckle-King2 6 kills  80,81
Oveland, G.I.; Lt, USN pil. VF-24   29
Overbaugh, R.C.; AMM3/c, USN VT-12 45/01   84
Oversech, H.E.; Cap, USN CO San Francisco/Flint,Forage   25
Overton, Edward W. Jr; Lt, USN roj VF-15   29
Overton, William A.; LtCdr, USN CO Catfish from 45/03/19   81
Owada, Noboru; Cap, IJN CO Katori 41/12-xMid   74,114
Owen, Donald C.; Cap, USMC pil. VMF-121 5 kills  52
5 kills
Owen, Edward M.; LtCdr, USN CVF-5 43/08-44/02 8 kills  80
Owen, P.M.; Lt, USN CO LST-31   02
Owen, P.O.L.; LtCdr, RAN intendant Perth   7
Owen, T.B.; LtCdr, USN XO Bush 45/02/12-?   81
Owens, James Charles, Jr.; Lt, USN ComDiv2/XO VT-8(T-9)/xMid  42/06/04MIA 37,65,81
DD-776 James C. Owens named to his honor
Owens, Robert C.; Maj, USMC CVMF-215 od 43/12/05 do 44/02   18,48
Owens, Seymour D.; Cdr, USN CO Norman Scott 43/11/05-44/07/24  44/07/24 25,66
DD-767 Seymour D. Owens named to his honor
Owens, Walter P.; Lt, USN pil. TBM VC-4/King2   70
Owsley, ; Cdr, USN MedOf Enterprise   8
Ozaki, Jukio; NAP1/c, IJNAF pil. B5N Shokaku/xSCruz   37
Ozaki, Juriharu; NAP2/c, IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai   53
Ozaki, Shimazu; , IJNAF pil.   20
Ozaki, Takeo; LtCdr, IJNAF 1.kokutai   53
Ozawa, Dzisaburo; VAdm, IJN CincSouthFlt 41/12-?, Com3rdFlt, ComForA + ComCarDiv1 xPhilip, ComMainFor x Leyte   11,86,114
Ozeki, Jukiharu; , IJNAF pil. 3.kokutai 14 kills 44/10/25MIA 53
14 kills
Ozeki, Toshikacu; Lt, IJNAF CO 3.cutai 4.kokutai   37