AbbreviationdescriptionCzech language description
AIJN Carrier Fighter 
AUSN Plane from Brewster; Allied Aviation 
AIJNAF Plane from Aichi 
Aalternating current generator. 
A.E.F.American Expeditionary Force (WW I); or Allied Expeditionary Force (WW II) 
A/CAllis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
AARAir Action Report 
ABcrane ship. 
ABDadvance base dock. 
ABDAAmerican-British-Dutch-Australian Command. 
ABSDadvance base section dock. 
ACIOAir Combat Intelligent Officer 
ACMauxiliary mine layer. 
ACRarmored cruiser. 
ACVauxiliary aircraft carrier; or tender. 
ADdestroyer tender. 
ADGdegaussing ship. 
ADSMAmerican Defence Service Medal 
AEammunition ship. 
AEWairborne early warning (radar picket system). 
AFstore ship. 
AFDauxiliary floating dock 
AFDBlarge auxiliary floating dry dock (nsp.) 
AFDLsmall auxiliary floating dry dock (nsp.) 
AFDMmedium auxiliary floating dry dock (nsp.) 
AFScombat store ship. 
AGAuxillary Ship (target, Coastal Guard etc.) 
AGmiscellaneous auxiliary. 
AGCAmphibious Force Flagship 
AGCgeneral communications vessel; or amphibious force flagship (now 
AGDseagoing dredge. 
AGDEescort research ship. 
AGDSdeep submergence support ship. 
AGEHhydrofoil research ship. 
AGERenvironmental research ship. 
AGFmiscellaneous command ship. 
AGLlighthouse tender. 
AGMmissile range instrumentation ship. 
AGMRmajor communications relay ship. 
AGORoceanographic research ship. 
AGPmotor tornedo boat tender. 
AGRradar picket ship. 
AGSsurveying ship. 
AGSCcoastal survey ship. 
AGSLsatellite launching ship. 
AGSSauxiliary submarine. 
AGTRtechnical research ship. 
AHhospital ship. 
AHPevacuation hospital ship. 
AKcargo ship. 
AK(SS)cargo submarine. 
AKAAttack Cargo Ship 
AKAattack cargo ship (now LKA). 
AKDcargo ship, dock; or deep-hold cargo ship. 
AKIgeneral stores issue ship. 
AKLlight cargo ship. 
AKNNet Cargo Ship 
AKNnet cargo shim 
AKRvehicle cargo ship. 
AKSstores issue ship. 
AKVcargo ship and aircraft ferry. 
ALCoAmerican Locomotive Co., Auburn, N.Y. 
AMAir Medal 
AMCUcoastal minesweeper (underwater locator); or mine hunter. 
AMSmotor minesweeper. 
AMccoastal minesweeper 
AMhminesweeper, harbor. 
ANnet laying ship (now ANL). 
ANLnet laying ship (formerly AN). 
ANZACAustralian-New Zealand Force. 
AOAir Officer 
AOoiler; or fuel oil tanker. 
AOEfast combat support ship. 
AOGgasoline tanker. 
AOOAir Operating Officer 
AORreplenishment oiler. 
AOSSsubmarine oiler. 
APArmor Piercing (bomb)protipancéřová puma
APAattack transport (now LPA); or animal transport. 
APBself-propelled barracks ship; or artillery barge. 
APCcavalry transport; or small coastal transport (formerly APc) 
APDHigh Speed Transport (DD/DE conversion) 
APFadministrative flagship. 
APGsupporting gunnery ship. 
APHtransport fitted for evacuation of wounded, hospital transport 
APIArmor Piercing Incendiarydruh protipanceřového střelivo do kulometu
APLbarracks craft (nsp.). 
APMmechanized artillery transport. 
APNnonmechanized artillery transport. 
APPtroop barge, class A. 
APRrescue transport. 
APSmine laying submarine; or transport, submarine. 
APSStransport, submarine. 
APTtroop barge, class B. 
APVtransport and aircraft ferry. 
APYgiant Y boat. 
APbbase repair ship. 
ARrepair ship 
ARBbattle damage repair ship. 
ARCcable repairing ship. 
ARDauxiliary repair dock (nsp.). 
ARDCauxiliary repair dock, concrete. 
ARDMmedium auxiliary repair dry dock (nsp.). 
ARGinternal combustion engine repair ship. 
ARHheavy-hull repair ship. 
ARLlanding craft repair ship. 
ARMheavy machinery repair ship 
ARSsalvage ship. 
ARSDsalvage lifting ship. 
ARSTsalvage craft tender. 
ARVaircraft repair ship. 
ARVAaircraft repair ship (aircraft). 
ARVEaircraft repair ship (engine). 
ARVHaircraft repair ship (helicopter). 
ASsubmarine tender. 
ASPAntisubmarine patrol 
ASPBassault support patrol boat. 
ASROCantisubmarine rocket. 
ASSAcargo submarine. 
ASSPtransport submarine. 
ASWantisubmarine warfare. 
ATocean tug. 
ATAauxiliary ocean tug. 
ATCarmored troop carrier. 
ATFfleet ocean tug. 
ATLtank landing craft. 
ATOocean tug, old. 
ATRrescue tug. 
ATSsalvage tug. 
AVseaplane tender. 
AVBadvance aviation base ship. 
AVClarge catapult lighter. 
AVDseaplane tender (destroyer). 
AVGaircraft escort vessel., aircraft tender, general purpoise 
AVMguided missile ship. 
AVPsmall seaplane tender. 
AVRaircraft rescue vessel. 
AVSaviation supply ship. 
AVTauxiliary aircraft transport. 
AWdistilling ship. 
AWKwater tanker. 
AZairship tender (lighter than air). 
AirFleetAir Fleetletecké loďstvo IJNAF
AirFltAir Flotillaletecká flotila IJNAF
AmInt-American International Shipbuilding Corp., Hog Island, Pa. 
AreaAirFltArea Air Fleet ( Koku Kantai)oblastní letecká flotila
AtlasAtlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co., Mattoon, Ill. 
BUS Navy Bombing Plane 
BIJN Carrier Attack (Torpedo) Plane 
BUSN Plane from Beech; Boeing; Budd 
BThe letter 
B used as a prefix to a hull number indicates that the ship was bui 
B.C.British Columbia. 
B.W.I.British West Indies. 
BAKBritish cargo ship. 
BBGguided missile capital ship. 
BDEBritish escort ship. 
BLMballistic intercontinental missile. 
BMBoatsman Mate 
BPDSMSBasic point defense surface missile system. 
BPFBritish Pacific Fleet 
BSBronze Star 
BUEXPBureau Express Boiler. 
BUMODTBureau-modified Thorneycroft boiler. 
BUR4DRBureau-4-Drum Boiler. 
BUSHIPSBureau of Ships (now NSSC). 
BWBabcock & Wilcox Co., Boiler Div., Barberton, Ohio. 
BW2DRBabcock & Wilcox 2-drum boiler. 
BW2DRDBabcock & Wilcox 2-drum D-type boiler. 
BW2DSUBabcock & Wilcox 2-drum single-uptake boiler. 
BWABabcock & Wilcox Co., header-type boiler. 
BWA3DRBabcock & Wilcox 3-drum express-type boiler. 
BWHDRBabcock & Wilcox header-type boiler. 
BWSHCBabcock & Wilcox superheat control boiler. 
BWSXBabcock & Wilcox sectional exress boiler. 
Barberton Ohio). 
Beth-AlamBethlehem-Alameda Shipyard, Inc., Alameda, Calif. 
Beth-BklynBethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Beth-FairBethlehem-Fairfield Shipyard, Inc., Baltimore, Md. 
Beth-HingBethlehem-Hingham Shipyard, Inc., Hingham, Mass. 
Beth-SparBethelem-Sparrows Point Shipyard, Inc., Sparrows Point, Md. 
BethPac-SanFBethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp., San Francisco, Calif. 
BethPac-SanPBethlehem Pacific Coast Steel Corp., San Pedro, Calif. 
BethSb-WilmBethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Wilmington, Del. 
BethSt-BaltBethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div., Baltimore, Md. 
BethSt-QuinBethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div., Quincy, Mass. 
BethSt-StatBethlehem Steel Co., Shipbuilding Div., Staten Island, N.Y. 
BudaBuda Diesel Engine Co. 
Buff-BBuffalo Shipbuilding Co., Buffalo, N.Y. 
Buff-EBuffalo Shipbuilding Co., Erie, Pa. 
BuschBusch Sulzer Brothers Diesel Engine Co., St. Louis, Mo. 
CIJN Carrier Reconnaisance Plane 
CUSN Plane from Curtiss-Wright; Cessna; Culver 
Cprotected cruiser; commanding offlcer. 
C.O.commanding officer. 
C.Z.Canal Zone. 
C/BCooper Bessemer 
C/Ccontrolled-circulation boiler. 
C/ECombustion Engineering Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. 
C/SChief of Staff 
CACruiser Heavy 
CAheavy cruiser. 
CAGguided missile heavy cruiser. 
CAGCommander of Air Group 
CAPcombat air patrol. 
CASCUCommander Air Support Control Unitpozemní návodčí let. operací na podp. poz. vojsk
CASDCarrier aircraft service detachment 
CASUCarrier aircraft service unit 
CBlarge cruiser. 
CBClarge tactical command ship. 
CCbattle cruiser; or command ship. 
CCBcommand and control boat. 
CCSCombined Chiefs of Staff. 
CE2DRCombustion Engineering 2-drum boiler. 
CE2DRDCombustion Engineering 2-drum D-type boiler 
CEAGCommander of Escort Air Group 
CEDCombustion Engineering D-type boiler. 
CEHCummins Engine Co., Inc. 
CEHDRCombusion Engineering header-type boiler. 
CENTOCentral Treaty Organization. 
CFflying-deck cruiser. 
CFCcontrolled forced circulation. 
CGguided missile cruiser. 
CGCCoast Guard cutter. 
CGNguided missile cruiser (nuclear propulsion). 
CICCommand Information Center. 
CIOCombat Intelligent Officer 
CIWColumbian Iron Works, Baitimore, Md. 
CLCruiser Light 
CLAAAntiaircraft light cruiser. 
CLCtactical command ship. 
CLGguided missile light cruiser. 
CLKcruiser hunter-killer ship. 
CMCContinental Motors Corp. 
CMMChief Machinist Mate 
CMccoastal minelayer. 
CNOChief of Naval Operations. 
CPOChief Petty Officervrchni poddůstojník
CQMChief Quartemaster 
CRTChief Radio Technician 
CSscout cruiser. 
CSAConfederate States Army. 
CSACommander Support Aircraft 
CSNConfederate States Navy. 
CSSConfederate States Ship. 
CTBcoastal torpedo boat. 
CTFCommander Task Force. 
CTGCommander Task Group. 
CTMChief Torpedoman´s Mate 
CTUCommander Task Unit. 
CVAircraft Carrier - named by famous old USN ships or battles 
CVAattack aircraft carrier. 
CVANattack aircraft carrier (nuclear propulsion). 
CVBlarge aircraft carrier. named by famous battles, President 
CVEAircraft Carier Escort (named by sounds, bays & WWII battles 
CVEGCarrier Escort Air Group 
CVGCarrier Air Group (Fast Carriers) 
CVHAassault helicopter aircraft carrier. 
CVLAircraft Carrier Light - named by famous old USN ships or battles 
CVSantisubmarine warfare support aircraft carrier; or seaplane carrier. 
CVTtraining aircraft carrier. 
CVUutility aircraft carrier. 
CarDivCarrier ivision 
CarTransronPacCarrier Transport Squadron Pacific 
CharNaval Shipyard, Charleston, S.C. (formerly Navy Yard, Charleston). 
ChryChrysler Corp. 
CinCLantCommander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet. 
CinCPacCommander in Chief U.S. Pacific Fleet. 
ClBtcanal boat. 
ComAirComander of Air Forcevelitel letectva
CortDivEscort Division 
CortRonescort squadron. 
CraigCraig Shipbuilding Co., Long Beach, Calif. 
CrampWm. Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
CresCrescent Shipyard, Elizabethport, N.J. 
CruDivCruiser Division 
Cur.Curtis-type turbine. 
Cwt.hundred weight. 
DIJN Carrier Bombing Plane 
DUSN Plane from Douglas; McDonnell 
DIJNAF Plane from Showa Comp. 
D.r.Dahlgren rifle. 
D.sb.Dahlgren smoothbore. 
DANFSDictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships. 
DASHdrone antisubmarine helicopter. 
DBDepth Bombhlubinná nálož
DCODamage control officer 
DDEantisubmarine destroyer. 
DDGguided missile destroyer. 
DDRradar picket destroyer. 
DEDestroyer Escort 
DECcontrol escort vessel. 
DEGguided missile escort ship. 
DERradar picket escort ship. 
DEWDistant Early Warning System (a radar network across upper North America). 
DFDivision Flagship 
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross 
DLGguided missile frigate. 
DLGNuided missile frigate (nuclear propulsion). 
DMdestroyer minelayer; or light minelayer (now MMD). 
DMShigh-speed minesweeper; or destroyer minesweeper. 
DMZDemiltarized Zone. 
DeLDe Laval Steam Turbine Co., Trenton, N.J. 
DeL-FBDe Laval & Farrel-Birmingham. 
DeL-FalkDe Laval & Falk. 
DeL-GEDe Laval & General Electric. 
DeL-WesDe Laval & Westinghouse. 
DesDivDestroyer Division. 
DesRonDestroyer Squadron. 
DiehlDiehl Manufacturing Co., Bridgeport, N.Y. 
DivOfDiving Officer 
EIJN Reconnaisance Seaplane 
EUSN Plane from Bellanca; Gould; Piper; Edo 
EAGexperimental miscellaneous auxiliary. 
EBCoElectric Boat Co., Groton, Conn. 
EDElectric Dynamic Co., Bayonne, N.J. 
EIWHDREdgemoor Iron Works header-type boiler. 
EO Engineering Officer  
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival 
ETOEuropean Theatre of Operation 
ElSpecCoElectric Specialty Co., Stamford Conn. 
EllElliot Motor Co., Jeannette, Pa. 
EllMachEllicott Machine Corp., Baltimore Md. 
EnterEnterprise Engine and Foundry Co., San Francisco, Calif. 
ExideExide Electric Storage Battery Corp., Philadelphia, Pa. 
FKoku Kantaioblastní letecká flotila IJNAF
FUS Navy Fighter 
FIJN Observing Seaplane 
FUSN Plane from Grumman; Fairchild Canada 
FAKoku Gunarmáda IJAAF
FASTFast At Sea Transfer equipment. 
FBHikodanbrigáda IJAAF
FB-FalkFarrel-Birmingham & Falk. 
FB-FarrelBirmingham Co., N.Y. 
FB-WesFarrel-Birmingham & Westinghouse. 
FBMfleet ballistic missile. 
FCCutailetka IJAAF
FCMFire Controlman 
FCOFighting Control Officerdůst. kontroly stíhací ochrany
FDHikoshidandivize IJAAF
FDLfast deployment logistics ship. 
FDOFighter Direction Officer 
FDSFighter Direction Ship 
FFForce Flagship 
FHHikotairoj IJAAF
FLFlight Leadervedoucí sestavy
FMFairbanks Morse diesel, reverse gear drive (manufactured by Fairbanks Morse & Co 
FRHikosentaipluk IJAAF
FRAMFleet Rehabilitation And Modernization 
FRUPACFleet Radio Unit Pacific 
FSGFire Support Group 
FSch.F. Schichau Gmbh., Elbing, Germany. 
FWFoster Wheeler Corp., Mountaintop, Pa. 
FW2DRFoster Wheeler 2-Drum Boiler. 
FW2DRSFoster Wheeler 2-Drum Superheat Control Boiler. 
FWA3DRFoster Wheeler 3-Drum Express-Type Boiler. 
FWHFoster Wheeler Header-Type Boiler. 
FWPFSFoster Wheeler Pressure-Fixed Supercharged Boiler. 
FWSFDFoster Wheeler Single-Furnace D-Type Boiler. 
FWSHCFoster Wheeler Superheat Control Boiler. 
Falk-DeLFalk & De Laval. 
Falk-FBFalk & Farrel-Birmingham. 
Falk-GEFalk & General Electric. 
Falk-WesFalk & Westinghouse. 
FedFederal Shipbuilding & Drydock Co., Kearny, N.J. 
Fiat-FiatSan Giorgio, Ltd., Turin, Italy. 
FltBtryfloating battery. 
FltFFleet Flagship 
ForeFore River Ship and Engine Co., Quincy, Mass. 
GUS Navy Transport Plane (single engine) 
GIJN Medium & Heavy Bomber 
GUSN Plane from Goodyear 
GIJNAF Plane from Tokjo Gasu Denki Comp. 
G.g.Gatling gun. 
GDEB-GrotGeneral Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Div., Groton, Conn. 
GDEB-QuinGeneral Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Div., Quincy, Mass. 
GEGeneral Electric Co., Schenectady, N.Y. 
GFGroup Flagship 
GMGeneral Motors Corp., Cleveland Diesel Division, Cleveland, Ohio. 
GMGold Medal 
GMGunner´s Mate 
GOGunnery Officer 
GPGeneral Purpoise (bomb)víceúčelový
GSGold Star 
GenStfGeneral Staffgenerální štáb
GouldGould Storage Battery Co., Trenton, N.J. 
GulfGulf Shipbuilding Corp., Chickasaw, Ala. 
GunDiv Gunboat Division  
HHomon Kantaioblastní flotila IJNAF
HUS Navy Plane with rotor 
HIJN Flying Boat 
HUSN Plane from Howard; Hall-Aluminium 
HIJNAF Plane from Hiro 
HBMHis (Her) Britannic Majesty's. 
HHHarlan and Hollingsworth Corp., Wilmington, Del. 
HIJMSHis Imperial Japanese Majesty's Ship. 
HKHunter Killer - ASW patrol operations 
HKGHunter Killer Group (Antisubmarine patrols) 
HLR. L. Hawthorne, Leslie and Co., Ltd., Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. 
HMASHis (Her) Majesty's Australian Ship. 
HMCSHis (Her) Majesty's Canadian Ship. 
HMMSHis Majesty Motor Ship 
HMNZSHis (Her) Majesty's New Zealand Ship. 
HMSSHis Majesty Steam Ship 
HNMSHer Netherlands Majesty's Ship. 
HORCHooven, Owens, Renschler Co., Hamilton, Ohio. 
HPHorse Powerkoňská síla
HTHumphreys and Tenant, Ltd., London, England. 
HUKHunter/Killer; offensive ASW. 
HercHercules Motor Co., Canton, Ohio. 
HwGbtHunter-wheel gunboat. 
HwStrHunter-wheel steamer. 
IFFIdentification Friend or Foe 
IFSinshore fire support ship (now LFR). 
IOIntelligent Officer 
IXunclassified miscellaneous auxiliary ship. 
IrcFltBtryironclad floating battery. 
IrcGbtironclad gunboat. 
IrcRamironclad ram. 
IrcSlpironclad sloop. 
IrcStFltBtryironclad steam floating battery. 
IrcStrironclad steamer. 
JUS Navy Multipurpoise Plane 
JIJN Land Based Fighter 
JUSN Plane from North American 
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff. 
JHendyJoshua Hendy. 
JoinPacships arrival to Pacific Ocean area 
JoinIndships arrival to Indian Ocean area 
JTFJount Task Force. 
KIJN Training Plane 
KUSN Plane from Fairchild; Fleetwings 
KIJNAF Plane from Kawanishi 
KAcontraction of AKA (attack cargo ship). 
KIAKilled in Action 
KoppKoppers Manufacturing Co. 
LUS Navy Glider 
LIJN Transport Plane 
LUSN Plane from Bell; Columbia; Langley 
LBPpersonnel landing boat. 
LBSsupport landing boat. 
LBVvehicle landing boat. 
LCLetter of Commendation 
LC(FF)landing craft, infantry (gunboat). 
LCAassault landing craft. 
LCAPlocal combat air patrol. 
LCBlanding craft vehicle. 
LCCamphibious comand ship (formerly AGC). 
LCC(1)landing craft, control Mk I. 
LCC(2)landing craft, control Mk II. 
LCFFlak Landing Craft 
LeftIndships departure from Indian Ocean area 
LeftPacships departure from Pacific Ocean area 
LCILanding Craft Infantry 
LCI(G)Landing Craft Infantry (Gun) 
LCI(L)landing craft, infantry (large). 
LCI(M)landing craft, infantry (mortar). 
LCI(R)landing craft, infantry (rocket). 
LCMlanding craft, mechanized. 
LCM(2)landing craft, mechanized, Mk II. 
LCM(3)landing craft, mechanized, Mk III. 
LCM(6)landing craft, mechanized, Mk VI. 
LCM(8)landing craft, mechanized, Mk VIII. 
LCP(N)landing craft, personnel (nested). 
LCPLlanding craft, personnel (large). 
LCPRlanding craft, personnel, ramped. 
LCR(L)landing craft, inflatable boat (large). 
LCR(S)landing craft, inflatable boat (small). 
LCS(S)(1)landing craft, support (small) Mk I. 
LCS(S)(2)landing craft, support (small) Mk II. 
LCSLlanding craft, infantry (support). 
LCSRlanding craft, swimmer reconnaissance. 
LCTlanding craft, tank. 
LCUlanding craft, utility. 
LCVlanding craft, vehicle. 
LCVPlanding craft, vehicle, personnel. 
LFRinshore fire support ship (formerly IFS, LSMR). 
LFSamphibious fire support ship. 
LHAamphibious assault ship (general purpose). 
LKAamphibious cargo ship (formerly AKA). 
LMLegion of MeritUS vyznamenání
LOLaiason Officerspojovací důstojník
LPAamphibious transport (formerly APA). 
LPDamphibious transport dock. 
LPHamphibious assault ship. 
LPRamphibious transport, small (formerly APD). 
LSDdock landing ship. 
LSFFflotilla flagship (amphibious). 
LSIlanding ship, infantry (giant
LSI(G)landing ship, infantry (gunboat). 
LSI(L)landing ship, infantry (large). 
LSI(M)landing ship, infantry (mortar). 
LSI(R)landing ship, infantry (rocket). 
LSMmedium landing ship. 
LSM(R)medium landing ship (rocket), (now LFR). 
LSOLanding Signal Officer 
LSS(L)support landing ship (large) Mk III. 
LSTtank landing ship. 
LSTHlanding ship, tank (casualty evacuation). 
LSTSlanding ship (utility). 
LSUlanding ship (utility). 
LSVlanding ship, vehicle. 
LTlarge tug (Army). 
LVAassault landing vehicle. 
LVTlanding vehicle, tracked. 
LWTamphibious warping tug. 
Lht.lighthouse tender. 
Loranlong range navigation [system]. 
LufkinLufkin Foundry & Machine Co. 
MIJN Special Plane 
MUSN Plane from Martin; Eastern 
MIJNAF Plane from Micubishi 
M.C.Maritime Commission. 
M.C.E.Maritime Commission Emergency Ship Program (Liberty ships). 
M.C.V.Maritime Commission Victory Ship Program (Victory ships). 
M.D.A.P.Mutual Defense Assistance Program. 
M.S.C.Military Sealift Command (formerly MSTS). 
MACMilitary Airlift Command. 
MAPMilitary Assistance Program. 
MASGMarine Air Support Group (composed of four MCVG) 
MBmotor boat 
MCVGMarine Carrier Air Group 
MHMedal of Honornejvyšší US vyznamenání
MHAminehunter, auxiliary. 
MHCminehunter, coastal. 
MINYMare Island Naval Shipyard 
MMminelayer, fleet. 
MMAminelayer, auxiliary. 
MMCminelayer, coastal. 
MMDminelayer, fast (formerly DM). 
MMFminelayer, fleet. 
MONmonitor (new riverine warfare type). 
MSmotor ship. 
MSAminesweeper, auxiliary. 
MSBminesweeping boat. 
MSCmine countermeasures ship 
MSCminesweeper, coastal (nonmagnetic). 
MSCOminesweeper, coastal (old). 
MSDminesweeper, drone. 
MSFminesweeper, fleet (steel hull). 
MSIminesweeper, inshore. 
MSLminesweeping launch. 
MSMminesweeper, river. 
MSOminesweeper, ocean (nonmagnetic). 
MSRminesweeper, patrol. 
MSSminesweeper, special (device). 
MSTSMilitary Sea Transportation Service (now Military Sealift Command). 
MTBRonMotor Torpedo Boat Squadroneskadra torpédových člunů
MarAdMaritime Administration. 
MedOfMedical Officer 
MinDivmine division. 
MinFlotmine flotilla. 
MinLantMine Force Atlantic. 
MinPacMine Force Pacific. 
MinRonmine squadron. 
MoranMoran Brothers Co., Seattle, Wash. 
Mssh.Mosher-type boiler. 
NUS Navy Training Plane 
NIJN Fighting Seaplane 
NUSN Plane from Naval Aircraft Factory 
NIJNAF Plane from Nakajima 
N.E.I.Netherlands East Indies. 
N.G.New Guinea. 
N.I.Northern Ireland. 
N.S.Nova Scotia. 
N.W.I.Netherlands West Indies. 
NAP1/cNaval Air Pilot 1st Class (IJNAF)nejvyšší podd. hodnost IJNAF (odpov. ?CPO?)
NAP2/cNaval Air Pilot 2nd Class (IJNAF)2. nejvyšší podd. hodnost IJNAF (odpov ?PO1/c?)
NAP3/cNaval Air Pilot 3rd Class (IJNAF)3. nejvyšší podd. hodnost IJNAF (odpov ?PO2/c?)
NARNaval Auxiliary Reserve. 
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration 
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization. 
NATSNaval Air Transport Service. 
NCNavy Cross 
NICBNiclausse-type boiler (built by the Stirling Co., 
NLSENew London Ship and Engine Co., Groton, Conn. 
NMNavy Medal 
NNNewport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Newport News, Va. 
NNVNational Naval Volunteers. 
NONavigating Officer 
NOBNaval Operating Base. 
NORNormand-type boiler. 
NOTSNaval Overseas Transportation Service. 
NRsubmersible research vehicle (nuclear propulsion). 
NROTCNaval Reserve Officers Training Corps. 
NSSCNaval Ship Systems Command (formerly BUSHIPS, now part of NavSea). 
NUCNavy Unit Commendation 
NYSbNew York Shipbuilding Corp., Camden, N.J. 
NYdNavy yard. 
NYd-PensaPensacola Navy Yard, Pensacola, Fla. 
NYd-WashWashington Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. 
NaSuCoNational Supply Co. 
NaTranNational Transit Pump & Machine Co., Oil City, Pa. 
NavSeaNaval Sea Systems Command (formerly NSSC and Naval Ordnance Systems Command). 
NavSydnaval shipyard. 
NavSyd-BklynNew York Naval Shipyard, Brooklyn, N.Y. (formerly New York Navy Yard) 
NavSyd-BosBoston Naval Shipyard, Boston, Mass. (formerly Boston Navy Yard) 
NavSyd-CharlCharleston Naval Shipyard, Charleston, S.C. (formerly Charleston Navy Yard) 
NavSyd-HuntHunters Point Div., San Francisco Bay Naval Shipyard, San Francisco) 
NavSyd-LBeachLong Beach Naval Shipyard, Long Beach, Calif. 
NavSyd-MIMare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, Calif . 
NavSyd-NorfolkNorfolk Naval Shipyard, Norfolk, Va. (formerly Norfolk Navy Yard) 
NavSyd-PearlPearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (formerly Pearl HArbor Navy Yard 
NavSyd-PhilPhiladelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pa. (formerly Philadelphia Navy Yard) 
NavSyd-PortsPortsmouth Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, N.H. (formerly Portsmouth Navy Yard) 
NavSyd-PugetPuget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton; Wash. (formerly Puget Sound Navy Yard) 
NeafieNeafie and Levy Ship and Engine Building Co., Philadelphia, Pa. 
NilesNiles Tooi Works Div., General Machinery Corp. 
NordbNordberg Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
OUS Navy Observing Plane 
OUSN Plane from Lockheed 
OICOfficer in Charge. 
OOOrdnance Officervýzbrojní důstojník
OODOfficer of the deckpalubní důstojník
OTCOfficer in Tactical Command. 
PUS Navy Patrol Plane 
PIJN Land Based Bombing Plane 
PUSN Plane from Piper; P-V Engineering; Spartan 
PIJNAF Plane from Nippon Comp. 
P.I.Philippine Islands. 
P.Q.Province of Quebec. 
P.R.Puerto Rico. 
P.r.Parrott rifle. 
PAcontraction of APA (attack transport). 
PACVpatrol air cushion vehicle. 
PARPROPeacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program. 
PBMtwin-engine patrol bomber seaplane, known as
PBRriver patrol boat. 
PBYtwin-engine patrol bomber seaplane, known as
PCsubmarine chaser (173'). 
PCCcontrol submarine chaser (173'). 
PCEpatrol escort 
PCECcontrol escort (180'). 
PCERpatrol rescue escort. 
PCFpatrol craft, inshore. 
PCHpatrol craft (hydrofoil). 
PCOPredestined Commanding Officerpředurčený velící důstojník
PCSpatrol craft, submarine. 
PCSCcontrol submarine chaser (136'). 
PEeagle boat. 
PFpatrol escort; or frigate. 
PGpatrol gunboat. 
PGHpatrol gunboat (hydrofoil). 
PGMmotor gunboat. 
PHPurple Heartpurpurove srdce-vyzn. za zranění v boji
PIRAZpositive identification and radar advisory zone. 
POAPacific Ocean Area 
POWPrisoner of Warválečný zajatec
PRriver gunboat. 
PRParachute Riggerbalič padáků
PTmotor torpedo boat. 
PTCmotor boat subchaser. 
PTFfast patrol craft 
PTOPacific Theatre of Operation 
PUCPresidential Unit Citation 
PYpatrol vessel converted yacht. 
PYc.patrol vessel converted yacht (coastal). 
PalmN. F. Palmer, Jr., and Co., New York, N.Y. 
PhMPharmacist Mate 
PhMPharmacist´s Matepoddůstojník zravotní služby
PhibRonamphibious squadron. 
PnlPnlri misile system. 
PuseyPusey & Jones, Wilmington, Del. 
QIJN Antisubmarine Plane 
QUSN Plane from fa Bristol 
QIWQuintard Iron Works, New York, N.Y. 
RUS Navy Transport Plane (multiengine) 
RIJN Land Based Reconnaisance Plane 
RUSN Plane from Ryan;Interstate;Aeronica;Am.Aviatio 
R and Rrest and rehabilitation. 
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force. 
RAFRoyal Air Force. 
RANRoyal Australian Navy. 
RAPCAPRadar Picket Combat Air Patrolboj. hlídka nad loděmi předs. radarového průzkumu
RCrevenue cutter. 
RCAFRoyal Canadian Air Force. 
RCNRoyal Canadian Navy. 
RCSRevenue Cutter Service. 
REMRadio Electrician Mate 
RIOfRadio Intelligent Officer 
RNRoyal Navy. 
RNNRoyal Netherlands Navy. 
RNZNRoyal New Zealand Navy. 
RaORadar Officer 
RaT2/cRadar Technician 2nd class 
ROKRepublic of Korea. 
RPRescue Parties 
RPRadar Picket 
RUReciprocating (Skinner Unaflow). 
Reg.Regulus missile system. 
RichRichmond Locomotive Works, Richmond, Va. 
RidgRidgeway Dynamo and Electric Co., Ridgeway, Pa. 
RoachJohn Roach and Sons, Chester, Pa. 
SUS Navy Scout Plane 
SIJN Night Fighter 
SUSN Plane from Sikorski; Stearman; Schweizer 
SIJNAF Plane from Sasebo Comp. 
S.r.Sawyer rifle. 
S1/cSeaman 1st Class 
SACEURSupreme Allied Commander, Europe. 
SACLANTSupreme Allied Commander, Atlantic. 
SACMEDSupreme Allied Commander, Mediterranea 
SARSearch and Rescue, sea air rescue. 
SCsubmarine chaser (110'); or cruiser submarine. 
SCAJAPShipping Control Administrator, Japan. 
SCCcontrol submarine chaser (110'). 
SCOTCHScotch fire tube boiler. (All others are water tube.) 
SEALSea Air and Land (Naval Special Forces). 
SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization. 
SFKoku Sentailetecká flotila IJNAF
SFSquadron Flagship 
SFfleet submarine. 
SHAEFSupreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces. 
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe. 
SINSShips Inertial Navigational System. 
SMmine laying submarine. 
SMeMShips Messman 
SNAPanti-snooper air patrol. 
SNASPSearch Navigational Anti-Submarine Patrol 
SOPA Senior Officer Present Afloat  
SPmotor patrol boat. 
SSSilver Star 
SSsubmarine; or merchant steamship. 
SSAcargo submarine. 
SSBfleet ballistic missile submarine. 
SSBNfleet ballistic missile submarine (nuclear powered). 
SSCcruiser submarine. 
SSGguided missile submarine. 
SSGNguided missile submarine (nuclear powered). 
SSKantisubmarine submarine. 
SSNsubmarine (nuclear powered). 
SSOsubmarine oiler. 
SSPsubmarine transport. 
SSRradar picket submarine. 
SSRNradar picket submarine (nuclear powered). 
SSSstrike support ship. 
SSTtarget and training submarine (sp.). 
SUBROCsubmarine rocket. 
ScFrscrew frigate. 
ScGbtscrew gunboat. 
ScSlpscrew sloop-of-war. 
ScStrscrew steamer. 
ScTugscrew tug. 
SchBgschooner barge. 
SenOffSenior Officer 
Sg.shell gun. 
SgtSergeantčetař IJAAF
SgtMajSergeant Majorrotný IJAAF
SlpWsloop of war. 
SlvBgsalvage barge. 
SoPaAreaSouth Pacific Area 
SoWePaAreaSouth West Pacific Area 
StBrigsteam brig. 
StFr.steam frigate. 
StRamsteam ram. 
StTBtsteam torpedo boat. 
StTugsteam tug. 
StratAirForStrategic Air Force 
Stwstern wheel. 
StwGbtstern wheel gunboat. 
StwRamstern wheel ram. 
StwStrstern wheel steamer. 
SubBaseSubmarine Base 
SubDivsubmarine division. 
SubFlotsubmarine flotilla. 
SubchDiv Subchaser Division  
SubRonsubmarine squadron. 
SunSun Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co., Chester, Pa. 
SupSuperior Marine Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Swside wheel. 
SwGbtside wheel gunboat. 
SwRamside wheel ram. 
SwStrside wheel steamer. 
SwTugside wheel tug. 
TUS Navy Torpedo Plane 
TUSN Plane from Northrop; Taylorcraft; Timm 
Tprefix indicating M.S.C. (MSTS) ship. 
T.Maritime Commission standard type. 
TBtorpedo boat. 
TBStalk between ships. 
TCAPTarget Combat Air Patrolvzdušné krytí poz. jednotek
TFTask Force. 
TGTask Group. 
THORNThornycroft-type boiler. 
TLLtank lighter. 
TLLWtank lighter (medium tank-well type). 
TOTorpedo Officer 
TRgeared turbine drive. 
TUTask Unit. 
Tal.Talos missile system. 
Tar.Tartar missile system. 
Ter.Terrier missile system. 
TransRontransport squadron. 
Trigg.Wm. R. Trigg Co., Richmond, Va. 
TroyTroy Engine & Machine Co. 
UUSN Plane from Chance Vought 
U.K.United Kingdom. 
UDTunderwater demolition team. 
UIWUnion Iron Works, San Francisco, Calif. 
UIWHDRUnion Iron Works header-type boiler. 
UNUnited Nations. 
UN-CRUniversal Cruiser. 
USAUnited States Army. 
USAACUnited States Army Air Corps. 
USAAFUnited States Army Air Forces. 
USAFUnited States Air Force. 
USAMCUnited States Army Medical Corps. 
USANFUnited States Auxiliary Naval Force. 
USATUnited States Army Transport 
USCGUnited States Coast Guard. 
USCGRUnited States Coast Guard Reserve. 
USCGSUnited States Coast and Geodetic Survey. 
USCSUnited States Coast Survey. 
USMCUnited States Marine Corps 
USMCRUnited States Marine Corps Reserve. 
USMCWRUnited States Marine Corps Women's Reserve. 
USMSUnited States Motor Ship 
USNUnited States Navy 
USNAUnited States Naval Academy. 
USNRUnited States Naval Reserve. 
USNRFUnited States Naval Reserve Forces. 
USNSUnited States Naval Ship. 
USRCSUnited States Revenue Cutter Service. 
USRMUnited States Revenue Marine. 
USSUnited States Ship. 
USSBUnited States Shipping Board. 
USSSUnited States Steam Ship 
VUSN Plane from Vultee; Canadian Vickers; Vega 
V.I.Virgin Islands. 
VBBombing Squadron USN 
VBNavy bombing plane; Navy dive bombing squadron. 
VBFNavy bombing-fighting aircraft, Navy bomber-fighter squadron. 
VBTbombing, torpedo plane. 
VCVictoria CrossViktoriin kříž - nejvyšší vyznamenání VB
VCcomposite aircraft squadron. 
VCSCruiser Scouting Squadron 
VDphotographic squadron (aircraft). 
VFNavy fighter plane, Navy fighter squadron. 
VF(M)fighter plane (two engine). 
VF(N)Navy night fighter squadron. 
VFBfighter bombing plane 
VGlight transport plane (single engine). 
VGFescort-fighting squadron. 
VGSUS Navy Armed Scouting Squadron 
VGSescort-scouting squadron. 
VHambulance plane, Navy rescue squadron. 
VJutility plane, Navy utility squadron. 
VMBMarine medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron (land based and seaplane). 
VMBFMarine fighter bomber squadron. 
VMDMarine photographic squadron. 
VMFMarine fighter squadron. 
VMF(N)Marine fighter squadron (night). 
VMJMarine utility squadron. 
VMOMarine observation squadron. 
VMO(AS)Marine observation squadron (artillery spotting). 
VNtraining squadron. 
VOobservation plane; Navy battleship observation squadron. 
VOCUS Navy Observing Squadronpozorovaci peruť
VOGNavy observation plane squadron. 
VOGHDRVogt header-type boiler. 
VPpatrol plane; Navy patrol squadron. 
VPBpatrol-bombing plane, Navy medium and heavy patrol bomber squadron 
VPTpatrol-torpedo plane. 
VRtransport plane; Navy transport squadron. 
VSscouting plane; Navy shore based scouting squadron. 
VSBscout-bombing plane. 
VSOscout observation plane. 
VTtorpedo plane, Navy torpedo bomber squadron. 
VT(N)Navy night torpedo bomber squadron. 
VTBtorpedo bombing plane. 
VogHenry Vogt Machine Co., Louisville, Ky. 
WUSN Plane from Waco; Canadian Car and Foundry 
WIJNAF Plane from Kjushu Comp.(former Watanabe) 
WAVESWomen Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Service, 
WFBWhite-Forster-type, boiler (manufactured by Babcock and Wilcox Co. 
WIWWashington Iron Works, Seattle, Wash. 
WLwater line. 
WMWhite and Middleton Co., Springfield, Ohio. 
WOWarrant Officerdustojnický zástupce, čekatel
WSAWar Shipping Administration. 
WTDFwater-tube single-furnace boiler. 
WWIWorld War I. 
WWIIWorld War II. 
Wes-DelWestinghouse & De Laval. 
Wes-FBWestinghouse & Farrel-Birmingham. 
Wes-FalkWestinghouse & Falk. 
WestPacWestern Pacific. 
WintWinton Engine Corp., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Xsubmersible craft (sp.). 
xKuantabattle of Kuantan (December 1941) 
xJavaSbattle of the Java (February 1942) 
xMidwaybattle of Midway June 1942 
xEasSolbattle of Eastern Solomons (August 1942) 
xSCruzbattle of Santa Cruz (October 1942) 
xTassafbattle off Tassafaronga (December 1942) 
xEmpAugbattle off Empress Augusta Bay (November 1943) 
xKolombbattle off Kolombangara (July 1943) 
xKulabattle off Kula Gulf (July 1943) 
xSurigabattle off Surigao Strait (October 1944) 
xPhilipbattle off Philippine Sea (June 1944) 
xSibuyabattle off Sibuyan Sea (October 1944) 
xCaStGebattle off Cape St. George (November 1943) 
xBalikpbattle off Balikpapan (January 1942) 
xCoralSbattle off Coral Sea (May 1942) 
xSavobattle off Savo (August 1942) 
xEsperbattle off Cape Esperance (October 1942) 
xGuada11st battle off Guadalcanal (November 1942) 
xGuada22nd battle off Guadalcanal (November 1942) 
xRennelbattle off Rennell Island (January 1943) 
xVelLav1st battle off Vella Lavella (August 1943) 
xVelLa22nd battle off Vella Lavella (October 1943) 
xLeytebattle off Leyte (October 1944) 
xEnganobattle off Cape Engano (October 1944) 
xKomandbattle off Komandorski Island (March 1943) 
xBismarbattle off Bismarck Sea (March 1943) 
Xprefix for aircraft designation meaning prototype (f.e. XF4F-1) 
XMAPsweeper device. 
YUSN Plane from Consolidated-Vultee 
YIJNAF Plane from Yokosuka Comp. 
Yprefix for aircraft designation meaning pre-production planes (f.e. YF4F-1) 
Ygun-Y-type depth charge projector. 
YAash lighter. 
YAGmiscellaneous auxiliary (service craft). 
YAGRocean radar station ship. 
YARYarrow-type boiler. 
YCopen lighter (nsp,). 
YCDfueling barge. 
YCFcar float (nsp.). 
YCKopen cargo lighter. 
YCVaircraft transportation lighter (nsp.). 
YDfloating crane (nsp.). 
YDGdistrict degaussing vessel. 
YDTdiving tender (nsp.). 
YEamunition lighter. 
YFcovered lighter (sp.), or freight lighter. 
YFBferryboat or launch (sp.). 
YFDyard floating dry dock (nsp.). 
YFNcovered lighter (nsp.). 
YFNBlarge covered lighter (nsp.). 
YFNDdry dock companion craft (nsp.). 
YFNGcovered lighter (special purpose) (later YFNX). 
YFNXlighter (special purpose (nsp.) (formerly YFNG). 
YFPfloating power barge (nsp.). 
YFRrefrigerated covered lighter (sp.). 
YFRNrefrigerated covered lighter (nsp.). 
YFRTcovered lighter (range tender). 
YFTtorpedo transportation lighter. 
YFUharbor utility craft (sp.). 
YGgarbage lighter (sp.). 
YGNgarbage lighter (nsp.). 
YHambulance boat. 
YHBhouse boat. 
YHLCsalvage lift craft, heavy (nsp.). 
YHTscow, heating. 
YLAopen landing lighter. 
YLLCsalvage lift craft, light (sp.). 
YMdredge (sp.). 
YMLCsalvage lift craft, medium (nsp.). 
YMPmotor mineplanter. 
YMSauxiliary motor minesweeper. 
YMTmotor tug. 
YNnet tender (boom). 
YNGgate craft (nsp.). 
YNTdistrict net tender. 
YOfuel oil barge (sp.). 
YOGgasoline barge (sp.). 
YOGNgasoline barge (nsp.). 
YONfuel oil barge (nsp.). 
YOSoil storage barge (nsp.). 
YPpatrol craft (sp.). 
YPDfloating pile driver (nsp.). 
YPKpontoon stowage barge. 
YRfloating workshop (nsp.). 
YRBrepair and berthing barge (nsp.). 
YRBMrepair, berthing, and messing barge (nsp.). 
YRBM (L)submarine repair, berthing, and messing barge (large). 
YRCsubmarine rescue chamber. 
YRDHfloating dry dock workshop (hull) (nsp.). 
YRDMfloating dry dock workshop (machine) (nsp.). 
YRLcovered lighter (repair). 
YRRradiological repair barge (nsp.). 
YRSTsalvage craft tender (nsp.). 
YSstevedoring barge. 
YSDseaplane wrecking derrick (sp.). 
YSPstowage pontoon. 
YSRsludge removal barge (nsp,). 
YTharbor tug. 
YTBlarge harbor tug. 
YTLsmall harbor tug. 
YTMmedium harbor tug. 
YTTtorpedo testing barge. 
YVdrone aircraft catapult control craft (sp.); or seaplane barge. 
YVCcatapult lighter. 
YWwater barge (sp.). 
YWNwater barge (nsp.). 
YdYard (Navy). 
ZRrigid airship. 
ZRSrigid airship (scouting). 
avgasaviation gasoline. 
bhp.brake horsepower. 
blr.breach-loading rifle. 
bombuilders old measurement. 
bp.between perpendiculars (length). 
compos.composite drive (2 diesel engines, electric drive; 2 diesel engines, geared driv 
d/ddiesel direct. 
d/ediesel electric. 
dc.depth charge. 
dcp.depth charge projector. 
dcp. (hh.)depth charge projector (hedgehog-type). 
dct.depth charge track. 
dd.dry dock. 
ddd.diesel direct drive. 
de/rdiesel-electric reduction. 
ded.diesel electric drive. 
derd.diesel electric reduction drive. 
det.diesel electric tandem motor drive. 
dgd.diesel geared drive. 
dlt.double reduction-locked train. 
dp.displacement; or dual purpose (guns). 
dph.depth of hold. 
drd.diesel reduction drive. 
ehp.estimated horsepower. 
ew.extreme width of flight deck. 
ffull load (displacement). 
f.t.fire-tube (Scotch-type boiler). 
fathomlenght unit = 6 feets (1,83 m) 
glgalon(US)=3,785 l ;galon(UK)=4,546 lgalon - objemová jednotka
gr.gross (tonnage). 
hor3horizontal triple-expansion. 
ihp.indicated horsepower. 
ip.intermediate pressure. 
lbpound = 0,4536 kglibra - jednotka hmotnosti
lbp.length between perpendiculars. 
lp.low pressure. 
ltlight (displacement). 
mg.machine gun. 
mis. ln.missile launcher. 
mlr.muzzle-loading rifle. 
motmotor generator. 
mphmiles per hour. 
n.normal (displacement). 
posthposthumouslyposmrtně, in memoriam
r. pivt.rifled pivot gun 
recip3reciprocating, triple expansion. 
rf.rapid fire. 
rkt.rocket launcher. 
s-gsingle & double reduction gears. 
sb.smooth bore. 
seabeeconstruction battalion. 
sectaircraft sectionroj letadel
shp.shaft horsepower. 
srsingle reduction gears. 
td.turbine direct drive. 
ted.turbine electric drive. 
terd.turbine electric reduction drive. 
tl.trial (speed). 
trp.troop capacity. 
tt.torpedo tubes. 
unrep.underway replenishment. 
vt2vertical double-expansion. 
vt3vertical triple-expansion. 
vt4vertical quadruple-expansion. 
wt.water-tube boiler.